Trail Gear Review – Petzl e+LITE 7

This is the best little headlamp I have ever used! The Petzl e+LITE weighs less then one ounce and has a battery life up to 45 hours. The LED works real well for any race that starts in the dark, you can clip the light to the rim of your hat and leave it on until night time returns, you won’t even know it is there. I would not rely on this light for the full night leg of a race but I would leave it on your hat or in your pack for a back up light. The e+LITE has a red LED that blinks up to 45 hours if you need rescued in the backcountry, great feature for safety! I will be starting the Bear 100 with this lite in two weeks!

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Leland Barker needs some volunteers for the BEAR 100 if you want to hang around the mountains during the fall colors! Leave a comment or contact Leland through the Bear web page.

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