First Endurance recovery drink-Ultragen

Recovery Drink Comparison Chart – This is one training supplement that will help your body keep up with it’s demands.

Athletes train with the purpose of improving performance. Training sessions are designed to stress the body beyond its baseline homeostatic condition. The specific adaptations that occur because of training depend on the type of training, the intensity of training, the individual and the pre/during and post workout nutrition. [See Energy and Electrolyte Drink Comparison for nutritional considerations during training.} Work is done during training, and almost every system in the body is involved with that work. Aside from the obvious muscular, circulatory, and respiratory systems, the nervous system, skeletal system, integumentary system, and digestive systems are all hard at work during training. Calories are consumed, heat is generated, fluids and electrolytes are lost, free-radical oxidative stress is generated, and tissues are broken down. All of these systems need to be restored before the next training session. If training continues without adequate recovery, then overtraining results and the athlete’s performance begins to decline. The length of time it takes to recover properly can be minimized if the appropriate nutritional building blocks are consumed immediately following a training session (within 30 minutes has been supported as the optimal timeframe by the literature). Nutritional deficiencies may even prevent recovery from ever happening, and thereby an optimal performance is never attained. read more >>

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