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Pinhoti 100 – 2009

Looks like the southern goats are ready to rumble through the Talladega National Forest for a point to point 100 miler.This is the second annual run for the race and who else but Speedgoat Meltzer is there ready set the standard. Last years win was over 20 hours, I’m sure that will change. Looking forward […]

Protein and Amino Acid for endurance athletes

Introduction: A protein is any one of a large number of organic compounds that make up living organisms and are essential to their functioning. First discovered in 1838, proteins are now recognized as predominant ingredients of cells, making up more than 50 percent of the dry weight of animals. The word protein is coined from […]

100 mile racing tip 1

Check this out, I paced John Maack at the 2007 Wasatch 100 and this guy really had his drop bags worked out! No they were not bags he used orange 5 gallon buckets! Yea, buckets, what a great ideal! Here are the immediate advantages I noticed; Easy to spot your drop bag (bucket) at the […]

Speed Goat Trail Running Tip 1

Karl Meltzer and Scott Mason share another trail running tip on uphill running. This tip can help with those 100 milers with a ton of climbing! Three scrapes~ Speed Goat Coupon Now Available! With your purchase use coupon code 1UX-1-UJENB to receive 10% off on trail running shoes and accessories from

100 Mile racing tip~ WasatchSpeedGoats 14

What to do with empty gel packs during a 100 mile race? When I was running the Bighorn 100 this year I discovered the convenience of putting those empty gel packs under my water bottles inside my Nathan Pack! This works real slick, they are easy to pull out and dispose of at the aid […]

WasatchSpeedGoat racing tip 4

Runners spend way to much time digging through their drop bags at aid stations. You should be able to run a 50k without any drop bags as long as there is aid stations with the basic fluids and snacks. On a 50 miler you should only need one drop bag with some xtra gu or […]

Meltzer/Mason running with biking gloves 2

I was taught from day two to wear bike gloves in the rugged Wasatch Range, Meltzer clued me in after my first endo down Grandier Peak. I was racing Karl down a steep pitch when I caught a toe and launched 10 feet through the air only to plunge to the ground hand first. After […]

Blister Management 2

NOTES FROM THE GOATS: I’ve got blisters on my blisters, isn’t that from a Beatles album? In the first days of ultrarunning your feet are tender and you can end up with some big blisters during those 100 mile races. I used to have mole skin, second skin and all kinds of remedies for those […]


WSG 100 Mile Training Tip

Did you ever got the yawns during the night section of a 100 mile run. It’s always puzzling when you begin to run with your mouth wide open yawning like you haven’t sleep for a day or so. The yawning seems to be a limited cycle, as if your body is trying to remind you […]

Keeping time at a 100 miler 2

When the Wasatchspeedgoats run a 100 mile trail race, they race the clock to win down time. Always try to keep your d/t under 60 minutes for 100 miler. WSG Training tip: keep moving and never sit down at an aid station. Bahaha!! Two scrapes! WSG – WHSG

WSG 100 Mile Training Tip 2

Never leave your drop bags with the crew! Imagine you are coming into an aid station to pick up your night time gear, your crew gets a flat tire and misses you at the aid station. Wow, what do you do now? I always rely on the aid station folks to have my bags, they […]