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Hoka Bondi & Evo FREE Shipping!

The new line up of Hoka OneOne Running Shoes are live and ready for you to FLY! I just ran the Antelope Island 50 in the EVO...sweet shoe, a little stiffer then the Bondi but all the cushion with a little snugger fit. Evo runs a little large but has a second insole to fill foot volume in the shoe!

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Hoka OneOne Bondi B LIVE at Wasatch Speed Goat 2

Now’s  your chance to try the brand Karl Meltzer used to trek the entire Pony Express Trail (1840 miles) , Hoka OneOne Bondi is flying of the shelves at our local retailers!  Mountains Plus has both styles available now,

  • Comfort and cushioning: 2.5x the EVA volume and 30% softer than standard running shoes
  • Rolling up: Rockering profile. Metaflex mechanism.
  • Stability: Foot bucket sit into the midsole
  • Lightweight design: 290 grams per shoe (UK Size 8)

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Invasion of the HOKA 12

Jemez weekend is upon us and here comes the Hoka’s, Melter and Mermoud will be sporting the latest in trail shoe design ! I had the chance to bounce around in the Hoka’s for a moment and I must say “wow”!  The new trail shoe design reminds me of the ski industry when fat skis hit the scene, (hero skis) now we have hero trail shoes?

Mafate Limited Edition

By using an EVA 30% softer and increasing its total volume to 2.5 times that of a typical trail running shoe, we allow for more cushioning than any other shoe on the market today, dissipating up to 80% of the shock associated with heal striking when running..Read more>>>

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La Sportiva Trail Running shoe sale

The Wasatch Speed Goat Mountain Racing Team protect their hooves with the sleek La Sportiva Trail Shoes,  if your favorite La Sportiva Trail Shoe is not on sale, go ahead and use the Speed Goat Coupon..

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Hardrock 100 and Go Pro head cam gear review 3

Virginia’s pass is one of the coolest aid stations I have ever seen and this year It will be on film! Travis Ott from Gary Fisher Bikes sent me a GoPro head cam that fits on your head just like a head lamp. The headband is well designed so the waterproof TV camera doesn’t bounce when you run!. This will be a blast filming sections of the course and documenting the good and bad times of the Hardrock 100! 

GoPro  Helmet Hero Video Camera

Three Scrapes for Hardrock! I hope the snow melts!

Toe Bang ~ Montrail Vitesse 6

Toe nail management is crucial to any trail runner who sprints down steep terrain. If you run 6 or 7 Ultra’s a year you will always end up with layers of D/T/Nails.. I have become such an expert on the removal process, when to remove, how many days I need to heal before the next race, it’s never a problem. Thanks to the Montrail Vitesse for being around for so long, the toe box on the Vitesse allows you to dance through the scree fields and bomb the steep terrain with confidence. I couldn’t imagine running 2000 miles a year with a million combined Verticle in any other shoe.

Wasatchspeedgoat- SM

Montrail Vitesse

The Montrail Nitrus 10

Looks Like Montrail come out with another killer trail Shoe!!

“The NITRUS moves trail runners another step forward with a faster ride and better forefoot flexibility. The breathable and light-weight upper is reinforced with ultra-tough monofilament mesh for protection without bulk. A multi-density midsole and Terrahex shock absorption technology transitions smoothly from road to trail. Runners of all ability levels will enjoy the fast, stylish, and well-balanced ride.”


Montrail at Moosejaw


Need a winter trail running shoe? Try the Continental Divide, is like cruising with studded snow tires on your feet ! This shoes fit’s like a ski boot and dance’s like a slipper ! Leave a shoe review in comments, and we will post your experience.

Karl Meltzer & Scott Mason – Montrail/Nathan Ultrarunning Team

The Montrail Vitesse 1

Any one who has run long trail races knows about the Montrail Vitesse. This shoe has been around almost as long as we been trail running. We used to run in Nike trail running shoes in the early 1990’s and nothing has compared to the smooth, soft ride of the Vitesse. Shortly after running in the Vitesse, we were hooked. We felt they were broken in from the start. Now save a new pair for evey race and break them in as we run the 100 milers. It is uncommon for a shoe company to keep the same model for more then a few years. We are proud to announce the Vitesse will be on market for 2007, a new color will be out for 2008. To all those ultrarunners who were concerned it may leave the market, have no fear…it’s back and here to stay. We are hoping to work a deal and create a speedgoat discount for all who order through our site. Happy Trails! Enjoy the ride!

Wasatch Speedgoats

Mt. Olympus, S.L.C. UT.