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Race results from trail runners all over the world.

2010 Speedgoat 50k in the books

Kevin Schilling and Keri Nelson take the Goat Leg!

Local runner Kevin Schilling hangs on for the win finishing just in front of Nick Clark to earn the Goat leg and $500.00 in cash! On the women side Keri Nelson dominated the nannies to win by over a half hour, nice run! The Wasatch Mountains were glad the see the Wasatch Speed Goats show up, Deb Pero, Monica Ochs, Mark Cosma, Cory Johnson, Tom Remkes and volunteers Sandy White, Dave Hunt..scrape on!


1.  Kevin Schilling  5:43.20  Course Record
2.  Nick Clark  5:46.38
3.  Nick Pedatella  6:08.17
4.  Luke Nelson  6:18.06
5.  Karl Jarvis  6:26.14


1.  Keri Nelson  6:10.11
Course Record
2.  Becky Wheeler  6:40.09
3.  Sarah Evans  7:23.46
4.  Missy Miller  7:26.10
5.  Suzanne Lewis  7:29.15

Full Results>>>

Oil Creek 100 Miler 15

What a great day in the Pennsylvania woods! Tom Jennings put on a triple header of trail races at the Oil Creek State Park, 50k, 50 miler and a 100 miler. This was a first year event but you would have never known by the great aid stations, course markings and overall organization of the event. The trail was a fast technical runnable course, but you had to be careful with those little up and downs (17,833 vertical), they wore you out as the day went on.

OC 100 009cj

I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel after running the Wasatch 100 just 30 days ago, but it turns out I was able to hang on for a 21:50 finish – 7th place, I’ll take that on tired legs..! Race Results

Wasatch 100 – 2009 8

The Wasatch 100 dished out some serious heat but it didn’t effect Meltzer or Roes as those two both broke the old course record. Rose crossed the finish line in 18:30 and Meltzer in 19:12, amazing times for the two top dogs of the day. On the woman’s side Besty Nye and Mandy Hosford both finished under the Cheetah time of 24 hours with course records, well done ladies! 2009 Wasatch 100 results.

Pot Bottom – Last aid station mile 93

Photo by Jason-Tara Moreland

Great job Wasatch Speed Goats ! We had five runners in the field, Dave Hunt age 50 finished his 6th Cheetah, amazing! Other goats were my favorite rival Tom Remekes, Jim Skaggs and super Nannie Jodie Chase who traveled from Phoenix to post a Cougar “under 30 hour” finish. I was out to run a PB at Wasatch while the splits were right on until the melt down after Millcreek, nothing like a little nap in the woods to get it back together. Once I left Pole Line Pass I  smoked the last 20 miles to finish in a PB of 27:19..Time to recover and get ready for the Inaugural Oil City 100.

Katcina Mosa 105k 3

That’s the distance Suzanne Lewis and I covered during the Katcina Mosa 100k.

What a day in the Utah Mountains with massive vertical and extreme heat, a perfect trainer for the upcoming Wastch 100. The day started at 3am to avoid some of the heat as the field cruised along I hooked up with Ultra runner Suzanne Lewis, we ran near each other all day until mile 45 aid station where the fun began.

The aid station volunteer gave us updated directions which sent us off course to climb a exposed heated rocky 1500 vertical foot climb, the time the four wheelers caught us we were part way to Daniels Summit. Hot, demoralized and a long way from any aid stations we were sad to say the least. Once we were back on course we lost about an hour on the field and Suzanne was well out of first place, so we chugged along staggering around the oven with no water in search of the next aid. Once we reached mile 52 we chugged a ton of fluids and jogged to the finish laughing about the day. Nothing like a good adventure, look for Suzanne to redeem at the Wasatch 100.


Katcina Awards

Sproston and Meltzer win Massanutten 1

Ms. Amy Sproston returns to Massanutten to defend her title, mission accomplished!! Amy was running an incredible pace all day and won in a time of 24:59:55. Amy mentioned she was cooked for the last two climbs and still rolled to victory after surging all day and night!

As far as the men hats off to Mike Mason who ran a incredible race  just 20 seconds behind Redpath for a 3rd a place finish..20:43:04! Nice run on the wet rocks both Amy and Mike!! Way to go Goats!!

Full Wasatch Speed Goat race reports to come!

Then there’s Mr. Meltzer who just posted his 24th 100 mile victory, congratulations! Karl mentioned he wanted to run 18 and 1/2 half hours, his time was 18:29:57 !! 10 scrapes!

Red Hot 50k race report 6

The Red Hot was cold but the times were hot as Dave Mackey (3:58:50) and Timmy Parr (3:59:33) both broke the course record held by Kyle/Antoine. As the field took off Mackey and Parr put the hammer down and Master runner Karl Meltzer burned off a few competitors to finish third (4:13:14), his fastest time yet.

Nice run by fellow Speed Goats Tim Long, Tom Remekes, Cory Johnson and 10 scrapes to Chris Boyack who posted a 5:19:13, way to keep the motor running Chris, Goat of the day.

Karl Meltzer and Scott Mason replenishing carbs post race.
Karl and Scott carbo loading..
photo by Goat TLong
1.  Anita Ortiz  4:48.27
2.  Samantha Sigle  5:07.40
3.  Helen Cospolich  5:10:12

Tim Barnes wins Otter Creek Trail Marathon 1

Tim Barnes Assistant Team Director for the Wasatch Speed Goat Mountain Racing Team decided to run fast and won the Otter Creek Trail Race. Nice Job!! Tim and I met through the web page and teamed up to assemble the coolest trail running team around..

Pictures by

Tim also manages the Trail Store in Kentucky, if your ever in the neighborhood stop by and say hi!

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Carpenter takes the cash…. 1

Yes sir, one of the best trail runners ever shows up at the North Face Challenge to take the cash, his closet rival Ulli Steidl was unalble to hold off the surging Matt Carpenter who still has the leg speed. I ran Pike’s Peak Marathon the year those two had a show down on Matt’s home turf, guess who won that race??? Congrats to Matt and Kami Semick for taking the prize… 3 scrapes!!

Good to see Kyle still has some competition out there, nice run Karl Meltzer who just finished the AT Adventure!!

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Hardrock 100 – finish

My Hardrock 100 splits were fast enough the last 35 miles  my wife and kids missed the finish, thanks for the photo !!!

Scott Mason of Heber City, Utah., runs the final stretch of the race toward the rock. The 101 mile course served up 66,000 combined vertical. Feeling tough?

Hats off to long time training partner and friend Karl Meltzer , Karl had to call it quits for the AT record due to injuries, 20 scrapes for the man…….

Hardrock 100 – Saun Jaun Mountain Tour 7

A tour it was for the Wasatch Speed Goat Mountain Racing Team as I spent over two weeks in the San Juan’s acclimating for the ultimate foot race. The picture below is mile marker 90.5 coming into Cunningham aid station, my goal was to give this marker a tap on the way by to my first Hardrock finish, mission accomplished!

35:16 for 16th place.

Three scrapes for the whole team and everyone who raced this grueling event!

Full report coming after my hooves heal!

Squaw Peak 50 Miler

Squaw Peak 50 ended up being one of the craziest 50 milers I’ve ever run! The race started out with lot’s of rain as we climbed our first ascent we entered the snow zone! Yes it dumped 2 – 4 inches of snow in the morning then the sun came out and we all got to enjoy the MUD! From the winner on down every one’s time was about an hour slower with all the slip sliding we did. I had the pleasure of running with Jean Coulter who eventually took the lead  as we cruised down windy pass! Nice job Jean, see you at the Speedgoat 50k, the Wasatch 100 warm up!

There was another stellar performance from Master WasatchSpeedGoat Dave Hunt, he really enjoys the big vertical and posted a 5th place finish. Dave gives credit to his pacer and teammate Bryon Powell who was fired up for the task! Three scrapes to the masters winner.

Photo – Julie Mason

Scott Mason – mile 50

Check this out, Cheryl Meltzer Karl’s wife ran her first 50 as Karl paced her from mile 26 to the finish, they passed a total of 31 runners the last 24 miles. Nice coach/pacer to have along side!

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Coyote Two Moons Ultras – 100 miler 8

Two moons of madness, thats what director Chris Scott put on for Easter! The inaugural ultra offered both 100 mile and 100k distance; I ran the 100 miler only to discover the course to be tough as or even tougher then the Wasatch 100. The vertical included 7 massive out and backs off this huge ridge that towers over the cool town of Ojai, California. The Wasatch 100 course gives you chances to recover on those short climbs unlike the Two Moons which sends you straight up or down with no mercy. The out and backs were any where from 12 to 16 miles long with 6 – 8,000 combined vertical. When I reached the ridge for the last time Chris Scott was in a full Easter Bunny suit handing out peps to the runners. These guys will certainty entertain you while you suffer through one of the toughest 100’s around! Warning, this course will crack your will if you are not prepared!

The race was a experiment for me! I was injured and only ran 9 times since last October, I always rest November December and hit it hard in January, but the thirty feet of snow and the AC separation halted all training until March 1st. I decided not to race but Karl Meltzer said, “what do you have to lose?” So I told Chris I will be there. I remember the year Meltzer had a budging disk and didn’t run all summer, sure enough he lined up for the Wasatch 100 and won it! That was the real “off the couch 100” which convinced me I could at least finish! My result was 30:16, 11-12th overall?. Go figure ~

SUPER THANKS to the boys at Frozen Valley and Cozy Dell aid station, these guys pulled me out of the swamp and gave me some hot soup when the temp was 24 degrees! Thanks to Cheryl Meltzer for kicking me out of Cozy Dell aid were things were getting ugly before the last 4,286 ft. climb of the night! This race was mind over fitness levels for me.

Race diagram, very deceiving! Check out Karl Meltzer’s results, he destroyed the course!;

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Todd Braje wins Way too Cool 50k 2

Top four men all break the seven minute mile pace! Imagine trying to hang with this crew for a 50k! Nice run Todd and another Skaggs showing up near the top rounded out by the timeless Scott Jurek!

1. Todd Braje 3:32:12
2. Erik Skaggs 3:34:17
3. Dan Olmstead 3:35:05
4. Scott Jurek 3:35:09

Looks like Suzanna Beck (3:55:22) winner of the Red Hot 50k beat Ann Trason’s record by almost 4 minutes! Suzanna was the odds favorite for the women! Check out full results for the Way too Cool 50k !

Speed Goat of the Year 2

Keep the votes coming, I am going to leave the polls open until February 2nd which is Hard Rock 100 lottery day! For all you 100 mile junkies the mighty Hard Rock will be posting the 2008 field this weekend!
Another big event is the Rocky Raccoon 50 and 100 coming up this weekend in Huntsville, Texas. My pick is Anton Krupicka (riding the wind) for the 100 miler!! What is your pick for the 50 and 100?


Trail Run Gear

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Endurance Challenge 50 Mile Championship 1

li Steidl wins the Northface 50 Mile Challenge over the Matt Carpenter! Wow! With 10,000 dollars on the line Uli and Matt ran close the first 44 miles and Uli was able to burn Matt off the last 6 miles to win a thrilling race! I raced Pikes Peak two years ago and watched Matt beat Uli on the technical mountain race but the less technical California course played into Uli’s hand as he won the biggest paying Ultra of the year!

Uli Steidl’s race report



Wasatch Speed Goat

Bear 100 21

The Bear gets slayed!

After three attempts at the Bear 100, I have finally raised the bar a little. It helps to go with fresh legs. Cool temps, a 30MPH tailwind…that’s right, a tailwind, and dry conditions left the record of Hal Koerner to get chomped up and thrown away. Negative splits didn’t hurt either, 19:35-19:15. I think the older I get the longer it takes me to get warmed up.

It may be the last running of the Bear on this particular course as a new one is slated for next year. The Rogue Valley Runner may have to return next year to set a new mark as my plans are a mystery. Leland Barker put on a stellar performance running second in 20:54, Jared Campbell was solid as always about an hour behind and David Goggins finished his 9th 100 of the year with one to go

On the Women’s side, WasatchsRunningCenter standout Milada Copeland defended her Bear title in just over 27 hours. It was a crazy race, When I finished it was 68 degrees, the last 12 hours of the race were run in a snowstorm, pays to be quick at this one!

Scott Jurek repeats at Spartathlon

Is he Ultrarunner of the year yet? Of course with a road win overseas, he is a shoe-in to win it. Doesn’t matter how many hundreds you win….all about performances of the year. I willl now rest as Scott takes on the loop da loop at acrosstheyears24hour and determines if he can get dizzy…go get it Scott! Is there 166 miles in you?


Valmir Nunez crushes Jurek’s record at Badwater 2

Valmir Nunez crushes Jurek’s record at Badwater

All the way from Brazil, Valmir Nunez ran an incredible time on a somewhat cool day at Badwater last week. The evening temp dropped to a chilly 93 degrees allowing the runners to escape the standard 100 plus temps which normally plague the race. Valmir ran 22:51. Same time as Scott’s run at Spartathlon last year………Hmmmmm, what a coincidence. Same mileage, same time, more heat. Strange things are happening this year. 3 scrapes for Valmir! Baaaahhhhhhh


The Capitol Peak 50 mile

The Capitol Peak 50 mile, 55K, and Relay results are now posted on the website: The weather was finally nice to everyone out there, especially those who returned from suffering in last year’s snow madness, and the previous year with the “thorny carwash”! All I can say is… it’s about time! Hopefully the weather is this nice this same time next year!! There were record breaking performances on all levels, which I posted I a new link on the website. Van Phan broke her own course record by 51 minutes, with a time of 8:58. And Jim Kerby, after winning Mt Si 50, 6 days previous, also came and claimed the Capitol Peak crown and broke the course record with a time of 7:31. The 55Km also saw outstanding performances with Allison Hanks setting a new course record of 6:12, and John Berta setting a new course, beating the entire field by almost an hour, with a time of 4:58. John Berta was also the “First to the Peak”, which was the first to summit Capitol Peak at about mile 22 and then finished. We also would like to recognize our 1st seniors who were Max Welker in the 50 mile and Kent Holder in the 55Km. The 2-person relay “Team Slow Boy” which included Benjamin Chafflin and Tom Maciukena, proved their name wrong, by running just shy of the relay course record in a time of 7:13. And as far as I know, all Capitol Peak repeaters PR’ed by a long shot! Congratulations to everyone who finished or gave it their best to attempt in this year’s Capitol Peak Ultras!

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Mad City 100k, US Championships 10

CROWTHER WINS ANOTHER BIG ONE! A relatively unknown to most…until Sunmart, Greg Crowther wiped out a stellar field to win the US Championship 100K at Mad City in 7hrs 14min. Scott Jurek put together another solid performance running 7:32. Kevin Setnes rounded out the top 3 and smoked the older boys running 7:50. Julie Udchacon won the womens race and finished 4th overall in 8:09. The next three finishers were women making them the real winners of all! Crowther takes home $2000 making him the richest Ultrarunner on earth with the exception of Yannis Kouros, the WGUR. Looks like Crowther is in the running for Ultrarunner of the Year…Meltzer better get moving! Congrats to all! 3 scrapes! baaahhhhhh!

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Chuckanut 50k race results 2

NOTES FROM THE GOATS:KYLE SKAGGS CHUCKS UP ANOTHA AT THE CHUCKANUT 50K! Kyle Skaggs continues to fly under the radar to win another Ultra in a closely contested race coming from behind on the last leg to beat Matthew Simms at the tape by a scant 2:20, running 4:10.13. Hal Koerner rounded out the top five finishing in 4:20 with Josh Mulkey and Mike Wedemeyer just in front. Melanie Bos won the women’s race in a fast time of 4:58. The conditions were wet and muddy with driving rain the entire race. Uli Steidl’s record stands firm at 3:42! We don’t think Uli’s record will fall any year soon, He’s too fast!

Three scrapes for Kyle and Melanie!

WasatchSpeedGoat “Get High” 50k Race Application

Copper Canyon, Old Pueblo 50, Way to Cool 50k 16

A FEW RACE NOTES FROM THE DESK OF THE GOATS. Scott Jurek returned to Copper Canyon to run with the indians and turned out a stellar performance winning the 47 mile adventure in a scant 6:32. Scott donated his winnings back to the locals, he wasn’t able to bring corn back to Seattle from Mexico. Hal Koerner came close to taking down Brandon Sybrowsky’s record at the Old Pueblo 50 mile running 7:15 and change making it the third fastest time along the mexican border. Lewis Taylor had a great run in the mud as did Beverly Anderson-Abbs to win the Way Too Cool 50K in 3:41 and 4:19 respectively. Next up will be Scott Mason running with the Buffalos on Antelope Island next weekend. Snort, Snort, two scrapes! Wahsatchspeedgoat!

« WasatchSpeedGoat “Get High” 50k Application

Meltzer and Africa prevail at Red Hot 2

On a Red Hot day in Moab, Utah this past weekend, a stellar field showed up to chase a Speedgoat. A few runners were trapped on their adventure from Denver when 100mph winds closed I-70 and sent a few runners home. Meltzer and Hector Martinez (a 2:18 road marathon to his credit) played cat and mouse for the first 20 miles until the real hill up to Gold Bar Rim pushed Hector back. Karl took off on the more technical terrain and prevailed in 4:25. Torrid Torrence closed hard to finish second in 4:44 using his “local knowledge” to stay on the well marked, but hard to follow route from Gold Bar to Poison Spider. Africa threw in another of her stellar performances…textbook style finishing near 5 hours. Cheryl Pfeil, in classic form finished her longest run of 34 miles in socks only from mile 26 to 34 to take home the fresh pair of La Sportiva shoes. We’ll have full results posted as soon as we know. 3 scrapes for Karl, Cheryl and Darcy! baaaaaahhhhhhh!!!

10 of 16

ESTES and MOEHL don’t HURT at H.U.R.T. 100! 2

Matt Estes and Krissy Moehl smashed course records at the HURT 100 this past weekend. Benign course conditions made it even faster running 20:43 and 26:15. As Matt always does, ran a smart race and very even splits through the 5 laps, while Krissy ran controlled all the way in her first 100 without a pacer. Meltzer got bored after 100k and had to settle for the 100k record running 12:37. It was ultimately Matt’s day and Karl really had no chance of chasing Matt down once he got away. Matt’s performance will go down as one of the best in 2007, even though it is only January. Look for Matt to go for his 2nd Massannutten win in May!
Congrats to both!

Wahsatchspeedgoat…Matt gets 3 scrapes!

Meltzer’s 2006 record breaking season 1

Check out the notes from the greatest Ultrarunning season ever!

The Year 2006 started off with a bang. With the financial support I needed from Red Bull and talk of breaking 24 hours at the HURT 100, I had to go for it. The record was previously held by Mike Sweeney at 24:50. With little rain the entire week, the course was somewhat benign and proved to be the case running 22:16. Jim Kerby and Bev Abbs put up a fight early but couldn’t levitate as well over the mud finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively. Fellow Speedgoat, Scott Mason and I decided to get out of town and head to the American River Track Meet 50 mile in Auburn, CA. It was just that, a boring flat road race, 17th was all I could muster up running 7:23. From this point on, it was all about the 100 milers. Massannutten came next. I expected the race to be between myself and Matt Estes, the current record holder at 18:12. A Korean named Sim Jae Duk showed up as the mystery man, and he was. Sim and I battled all day up through 75 miles with Matt not far behind. Sim never let up and cranked the record running 17:40. I ran one of my best races running 17:58 also under the record. Matt finished third in another stellar performance at 18:27. Three weeks later a training run at the Squaw Peak 50 proved just that taking second to Allen Bellshaw. My favorite run the Hardrock 100 was run textbook style in 27:07, only 28 minutes off my record of 26:39. With a solid time at Hardrock I had to run Leadville to complete the Rocky Mountain Slam, so I headed to the mining Goliath of a town and finished 8th with the last 13 miles being a death march due to fried quads. It certainly made me think what was next to come was not possible. I proved myself wrong winning the Wasatch 100 in a a hard fought battle with local Jim Huffman in 20:18 only 35 minutes off my record of 19:43. Next, and to complete the Rocky Mountain Slam was the Bear 100, only 13 days after Wasatch. A snowstorm plowed into the course and changed the route, but in textbook fashion again just cruised to win in 20:35. I planned on ending my season here, but feeling so well in early October I decided to run one more at San Diego and see what could happen. Josh Brimhall and I ran tight early then I slowly pulled away at halfway (7:18) I could not believe the 50 mile split was that fast. I turned back around and hammered home running scared from Josh and smoking my previous record (17:24) running a super-fast 15:48. It was my 5th 100 mile win of 2006, thus breaking the all-time record for most 100 mile wins in a calendar year. At this point I thought it was over until a vacation with Cheryl’s family in Southern Utah the next week changed plans one more time. The Javelina Jundred was November 4th, again only two weeks after San Diego. I was in the neighborhood at the end of our RV adventure so I entered at the last minute. I figured I had nothing to lose. The course is somewhat flat so all I had to do was keep running. Joe Kulak mentioned to me if I break his course record of 15:47 he would send me a 6-pack of Philly’s finest Ale. I proved to be quite thirsty and prevailed winning with my fastest 100 ever finishing in 15:25. Six 100 mile wins in a calendar year should be untouchable for a while. I hope to finally win the Ultrarunner of the Year voting, and along with the USATF vote, it would be the first time in quite some time a runner could win both nominations. Baaaaaahhhhhh -Wahsatch Speedgoat