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Wasatch SpeedGoat Trail Running Blog 2018

It’s been about 4 years since I’ve had time to maintain and post content about my favorite sport = Trail Running! The Wasatch SpeedGoat Trail Running Blog has been live since 2006. Now that my wife and I are empty nesters, it’s time to rev up the blog and commit to a full time trail runner once again. Super stoked to feel the vibes on the trails along with the beauty and peace I find within the mountains. Stay tuned for updates from the Utah’s mountains and desert trail running scene.




  Scrape on!




Altra Zero Drop: Repetition

20131219-155331.jpgA few weeks ago Altra Zero Drop sent me a pair of their new high cushioned shoe called the repetition, it comes out this coming January. This shoe is mean. It’s made as a road shoe but I’ve found it works great on most any trail. I’ve tried them on some rocky Arizona trails, up American Fork canyon on the ridge trail, and I wear them a lot at my cross country practices. The size fits pretty true. The tread is killer, the deep grid system digs into all surfaces. This shoe has the traditional Altra toe box which is shaped to let your toes spread to put less stress on your joints. The one problem I had with them is the laces. They were super long, so I tried tucking them into the lacing system farther down. I suggested to them to try out a quick lacing system with the slide tightening laces. (Seen on most Hokas now) I highly recommend these shoes. I’ve loved them so far. I’ve only got about 150 miles on them and I can tell they can handle hundreds of more.

Gear Review posted by Justus Fitzsimmons, Wasatch Speed Goat Ultra Running Team

goat (2)

Justus Fitzsimmons – New writer for the WSG Team

My names is Justus Fitzsimmons, Scott asked me to help the Wasatch Speed Goat blog to post race results and updates about the trail running scene! Here’s a little about myself. I’m 16 years old and I live in Lehi, Utah. I’m pretty new to ultra running. I’ve run and finished Antelope Island 50k, Squaw Peak 50 miler, and the gut wrenching speed goat 50k. I run cross country for my high school. I met Scott while helping at speed goat 50k last year and I paced him through part of Wasatch 100. And that’s how I got hooked into this! Hopefully I will be able to post a lot of stuff. But with school and work it can be pretty hard!

Also, I’m a second year team member for the Wasatch Speed Goats!


Fellow Trail Runner from across the pond, Keith Godden has a great site for the global endurance scene! Click the banner to visit Keith’s site.

Ultramarathon running races, training & resources for ultra running enthusiasts! Trail, mountain, desert, 24 hour & other ultra long distance endurance events.

Hoka Bondi & Evo FREE Shipping!

The new line up of Hoka OneOne Running Shoes are live and ready for you to FLY! I just ran the Antelope Island 50 in the EVO...sweet shoe, a little stiffer then the Bondi but all the cushion with a little snugger fit. Evo runs a little large but has a second insole to fill foot volume in the shoe!

Get FREE Shipping for Hoka OneOne Running Shoes at Mountains Plus!

James Bonnett Joins Wasatch Speed Goats

Yes…how cool, I raced against James Bonnett at Zane Grey when he was 14 years old, now James is a Wasatch Speed Goat and he’s back on the trail after a two-year hiatus.

I was having a pint of beer with James today in Park City and he signed up for the Speedgoat 50k, James will line up with Nick Clark, Max King and some friends from across the pond!! Speedgoat 50k will be one of the best races for 2012!

James Bonnett Running Times

Scrape On!!

TrailRunner “One Dirty Magazine” Blog

Yes…TrailRunner Magazine is launching a new blog, news, opinions and trail running stories directly from the single track! Stay tuned, the Wasatch Speed Goat Ultra Running Team will be posting a very informative article about the history of the only web based ultra running team around!! Scrape on!!

Speedgoat 50k welcomes International Skyrunning Federation

The Speedgoat 50k is always full of surprises…this year our fellow trail runners from across the pond are coming to race July 28th at Snowbird Ski Resort, NICE! If you want to compete against top trail runners like Killian Jornet, Max King, Nick Clark sign up NOW before we sell out!

Ultra SkyMarathon® Series

USA: Speedgoat 50K – Snowbird, Utah – July 28
ITALY: Trofeo Kima UltraSkyMarathon® – Valmasino, Sondrio – August 26
SPAIN: Cavalls del Vent – Cadi-Moixeró Natural Park – Pyrenees – September 29
FRANCE: La Course des Templiers – Millau, Grands Causses – October 28

Click the Goat Man to registrar…

2012 Wasatch Speed Goat Ultra Running Team

I wanted to start off by thanking long time and original sponsor for providing goat skins for the team, they reached out to exclusive partner STOIC brand for the shirts, shorts and socks, sweet..Stoic thanks for the skins! This years line up includes a few new goats to the heard…scrape on for 2012!!

2012 Wasatch Speed Goat Ultra Running Team

Here’s one bad ass running resume, welcome new Nannie, Dirt Diva, Catra Corbett!

> Name: Catra Corbett aka Dirt Diva
> Age; 47 years young 😉 I get better with age.
> Home: Fremont Ca, Sierra Madre Ca. and of course Yosemite.
> Work: Whole Foods Market Cupertino Ca. Nutrition Sales and “Get Fit” trainer
> Training mileage: 80-120 miles a week. Plus 4 hours of Crossfit, P90x or Insanity per week.
> Favorite place to train- The Ohlone wilderness trail. I live one
> mile from the trail head to Mission peak so run out my door to the
> trail.
> I also train 5 days a month in Yosemite during the Spring and Summer.
> Why I started running: To stay clean & sober. I truly believe
> if I didn’t find running I would still be a drug addict. Clean going on
> 16 years.
> 100 mile PR- 22:09
> 100k PR- 12:30
> 50m PR- 8:44
> 50K PR- 5:30
> Marathon PR- 3:50
> 24 hour PR- 110 miles
> Speed records:
> John Muir trail (overall) double 424 miles 12 days 4 hours & 57 min.
> John Muir trail (2nd fastest female) 212 miles 5 days 15 hours & 55min.
> Tahoe rim trail 165 miles ( 2nd fast woman’s time 72 hours
> Pacific crest trail hiked 2,000 miles of it in 07 was trying for
> the woman’s record. Got sick so had to stop with 600 miles to go. Hope
> to be back in 2013
>  Recognized
> Achievments:>
> 1st Person to run a 100 mile course on The
> Ohlone Wilderness – 4/01-5/02
> Member of 1st Female team to have run the Tahoe Rim Trail – 165+ miles – 6/01
> 1st Female to have finished the Las Trampas 50k. – 2/00 – 2/01
> 1st female to complete all four days of The Coyote Four Play – 4/01
> 1st Person to run a 100 mile trail run (starting and finishing) in Yosemite
> Valley – 7/02, 6/03
> 1st Place female Mt. Diablo, 50m – 4/00 – 8/01- 4/02 2nd Place female at Hurt
> 100m – 1/01
> 3rd Place female at Hurt 100m – 1/02 4th Place female at Massanutten 100m –
> 5/01
> 3rd Place female at Massanutten 100m – 5/02
> Only person to have run 100 miles with a rock climb in the middle – Nutcracker
> (5 pitches)
> Yosemite Valley – Catra’s Chaos – 10/02
> 20 th Place female Marathon des sables 4/03
> 1 st person to run 131 miles on the Ohlone trail 5/10, 5/11
> 1 st place team U.S Rogaine 24 hour National Championships mixed 11/11
> Goals:
> To run 733 miles from Badwater to Tahoe.
> To climb El Cap and run a solo 100 miles in Yosemite after
> To break the female unsupported  speed record on The John Muir Trail – 221 milesTo break the female record on High Sierra trail 72 milesto break the Tahoe rim trail unsupported record
> Racing Experience:
> Over 250 Marathons and Ultra’s combined –
> since 1996
> I have run 100 miles 80 times race and or solo runs 😉
> Next Year’s Races:
> I plan  on running 20+ Ultra’s
> including:
> Hurt 100, Rocky road 100,
> Labor of love 100, Ohlone wilderness 131 (solo), San Diego 100. Western
> states 100 (?) Headland 100, Wasatch 100, Javelina 100.
> I
>  am also working with a documentary film crew for a 733 mile run I am
> doing starting end of July. I will run the Badwater course to Mt.
> Whitney, John Muir trail to Yosemite, Yosemite to Tahoe trail and finish
>  with the Tahoe rim trail. No one has done this 😉
> This is just a partial list of what I have done and plan to do. I will also run some other ultras next
>  year from 50k-100k and plan on doing a race out of the country don’t know which one yet. So far I have run 15 ultras this year. 7 of them were 100 milers.
> I just ran my
>  Birthday run in December 15th it was a  47 hour run through the
>  wilderness. Each year I add an hour to my run for age. I ran 129 miles during the 47 hours.
> Here is a list of planned races for 2010
> January;HURT 100, Fremont Fat ass 50k
> Febuary:11- Saratoga Fat ass 50k, 18th- Rocky Road 100m
> March: OC 100k ? , 18- LA Marathon, 31-Old Goats 50m
> , 31 Coyote springs 100m
> April:7-American river 50m, 21st- Labor of Love 100m, 28-Railroad Marathon.
> May;5- Miwok 100k, 12- Massanutten 100m, 20th- Ohlone 100m
> June:9- SanDiego 100m, 23- Western States 100m
> July;26- 733 mile run starting in Death Valley. Badwater, John Muir trail, Tahoe Yosemite trail & Tahoe rim trail
> Sept:    The Bear 100
> October:13- Twin Peaks 50m 19- Yellowstone Tetons 100
> November:12- Javelina 100m
> December:5- Ridgecrest 50k, 20- 48 hour B-day run
> “Life’s a journey not a destination”

Rocky Raccoon 100 Miler

Heading to Texas to run the Rocky Raccoon 100 miler, 5-20 mile laps, looks like I’ll be crossing that bridge 5 times 🙂

I’ve never run a flat 100 miler before, I’m sure this will whip me into shape for the upcoming race season! Looking forward to running with Wasatch Speed Goat Team Mate Beth Simpson-Hall…

This will be a fun race to cruise in my Hoka Bondi-B, the cush ride…!!

Wasatch Speed Goats partner with the Goat 2

Wasatch Speed Goat Mountain Racing Team partners exclusively with, the other goat. 🙂 For 2012 the WSG will be sporting all new goat skins (brand to announced)… Stay tuned for  the final roster for the largest and only web based trail run team around. The Goats will be roaming the globe trekking through several mountain chains…enjoying the views!

Speedgoat 50k 2012 Registration opens Jan. 1st

Let the fun begin, sign up now for the toughest 50k around and enjoy a day of trekking through Snowbird’s gnarly terrain. Each year there’s a new surprise,  massive snow fields, steeper vertical, longer finish…what’s next?

Speedgoat karl’s 100 Mile Blend Coffee

YouTube Preview Image

The Date for the 2012 Speedgoat 50k will be July 28, at 6:30 am.

Entries will go online at Ultrasignup on January 1 to reserve a spot.  This year we are limited to 300 billies and nannies.  Still only 11,600′ of climb.  AT least $1000 to the winner, maybe more!

Speedgoat 50k 2012 1

OK…Let the madness begin, registration opens January 1st for the toughest 50k around! This year were letting 300 runners registrar for the event! If you have what it takes bookmark the date so you can pay to abuse yourself July 28th at Snowbird Ski Resort… 🙂 I’ll have a cold one at the finish line, SCRAPE ON!


Click the Goat man to registrar… 1/1/2012! Stay tuned for 2012 Wasatch Speed Goats..bahahaha!

Oil Creek 100 – 2011 3

Heading back home to see my parents and run the Oil Creek 100, one of my favorite events, trekking through the PA. woods for a 21 hour work out. 100 miles 17,627′ elev gain – 32 hour limit – 5 AM Saturday to 1 PM Sunday.

Tom Jennings and his volunteers run some of the funnest aid stations I’ve ever seen, can’t wait to see the scary pumpkins on the 3rd lap, or was I hallucinating?

Happy Trails…


Speedgoat 50k…snow fun!

Here’s a preview for Saturday’s Speedgoat 50k…Karl and I finished marking the course which has been altered due to heavy snow pack.  No worry a new thrill every year…ropes on little cloud,  new types of vertical.  Run well…

Sharpen your hooves for this one!!

Voted “Utah’s Best Race” 2011

Bighorn 100 – 2011 Snow and Mud?

Sounds like Bighorn 100 could be a snowy muddy mess, I heard rumors the course may change due to heavy snow pack and rain. Five feet of snow at mile 18 aid station? I’ve seen so many races canceled and effected by inclement weather it makes you wonder what’s up with mother nature? Anyways time to strap on my LaSportiva Wildcats, action traction all the way! I used my Wildcats last year at the UTMB mud fest and I was able to bomb the muddy downhills with confidence, while  many runners were tip toeing around the mud in their Salomon’s.

Quote from fellow Trail Runner Phil Lowery:

Phillip Lowry I’ve been keeping a spreadsheet of the burgess jct and 9300′ snotels. Today, 46 inches at 7880′, 75 inches at the turnaround. No question the course will be changed.


Collegiate Peaks Trail Run 1

Off to Buena Vista, Colorado to run a fast 50 miler, 400 runners will line up Colorado’s best Ultra for 2009!

As my season starts out slow due to the heavy snow pack in Utah, I’ll use this race to launch my season which goes off now until October.. Oil Creek 100.  The ascents all look runnable with long fast downhills, sounds like a good race to work on leg speed! Look forward to running with Jodie Chase, Chris Boyack and old team mate Tim Long. How could I forget old friend and long time running colleague Todd Salazar.

Speedgoat 50K Best of Utah 2011

The fifth running of the Speedgoat 50k is just around the corner and the marvel of madness won Best of Utah for  Ultra Trail Running by Salt Lake – City Weekly,  for those of you who’ve experienced and supported such a grueling event, scrape on!


Click on goat man to registrar >>

Best Ultra Trail Running

The SpeedGoat 50K
It takes a certain kind of fanatic to run a 50K (just over 31.7 miles). To trail run that distance and do it climbing over 20,000 combined feet, you have to be part goat. The SpeedGoat is a rigorous yearly trail run that covers the expanse of Snowbird Resort. This race is for berserker trail runners who welcome the challenge of ascending the 11,051-foot summit of Mount Baldy, at the 9-mile mark dropping back down to the roughly 8,000-foot starting elevation and then hoofing it back up to 11,000 feet to the summit of Hidden Peak at the 26-mile mark. The 2011 race is July 30, but if you can’t get in shape in time, it’s not too soon to start sharpening your hooves for the 2012 race.


Antelope Island Buffalo Run

Antelope Island Buffalo Run
25K, 50K, 50-mile, 100-mile
March 25-26, 2011

I was running  Antelope Island this weekend and must have seen over 50 trail runners out there training for the big event! Teammate Jim Skaggs has put together one of the biggest events there is with runners from 4 events trekking along side the Buffalo’s…I’m used to seeing them in the daylight but it might be a little scary at night as I plan on running the inaugural 100 miler Jim added to his list of distances.

Stay tuned for race updates>>>


Hoka OneOne Bondi B LIVE at Wasatch Speed Goat 2

Now’s  your chance to try the brand Karl Meltzer used to trek the entire Pony Express Trail (1840 miles) , Hoka OneOne Bondi is flying of the shelves at our local retailers!  Mountains Plus has both styles available now,

  • Comfort and cushioning: 2.5x the EVA volume and 30% softer than standard running shoes
  • Rolling up: Rockering profile. Metaflex mechanism.
  • Stability: Foot bucket sit into the midsole
  • Lightweight design: 290 grams per shoe (UK Size 8)

Buy Now…Free Shipping!


Speedgoat 50k – Registration Opens Jan. 1st

Speedgoat 50k – Registration opens Jan. 1st, If you got what it takes sign up for the toughest 50k around! Snowbird Ski Resort host the 5th annual 50k trail race which takes place entirely with in the resort.  This is a post graduate trail race with over 20,000 combined vertical starting at 8000 feet above sea level.  Start training and sign up NOW,  race limit 250 runners. The race will sell out be sure to sign up early..sharpen your hooves! Race takes place July 30th, 2011 6:30 A.M.

Race Details


CLICK on the mutant Goat to enter..

Scrape on!

Meltzer finishes PONY EXPRESS with 105 mile leg 3

The man himself continues to raise the bar as he says..finishing the Pony Express Trail with a 105 mile leg in 20:23, what the hell? For us mortals imagine running about 50 miles a day for 39 days and throwing down a 105 leg at the end to just for the fun of it, unbelievable. I talked to Karl this morning before starting his trek back to Utah..he mentioned one day he ran about 23 miles or so stopped played 9 holes of golf and banged out another 27 ..gezzzz. OK, next time I boob to myself at a 100 miler I better think twice, well done Karl,..10 scrapes!


Karl Meltzer’s Challenges on Red Bull Human Express (Video)


Wednesday morning September 14th Karl Meltzer heads out for another long journey… trekking the  Pony Express Trail with the support of Red Bull.  Starting in Sacramento Meltzer plans on covering 50 miles a day for the next 45 days…(roughly) all the way to St. Joseph, MO. I’ll be tracking Karl at  Once he arrives in Utah I’ll jump on the express through the Uinta Mountains, stay tuned for updates.

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the Pony Express

UTMB 2010 2

Wow,  imagine lining up for the biggest event of your life and having it canceled 20k into the race due to a landslide in Italy..the mental let down and disappointment was unmeasurable.

As I entered the Saint-Gervais aid station (20k) there where runners everywhere on their phones standing around in the pouring rain?  I went weaving through the runners to leave the aid station and was stopped to learn race over, time immediately slowed down as I stood there in the pouring rain stunned in disbelief.  I began searching for my team mates Cory Johnson and Jodie Chase to figure out what was next, the dream was over.

So we picked our chins off the ground and took trains back to Chamonix to watch the CCC runners finish from a local pub. After several pints of beer with Cory and my crew who drove from Germany to help with the race, Gus and Lindsey, I received a text from my old team mate Bryon Powell (2:45 a.m.),  make up race bus leaves for Coumayeur, Italy at 6:30 a.m.  My first thought was I’m mentally spent, there is no way I can get myself back up for another race with two hours sleep and beer for breakfast.  Despite the obvious I talked Cory to get out of bed put on our wet shoes and go try again.

So we go to Coumayeur to start the race and the TDS runners were there with fresher legs and a normal night sleep? In fact I didn’t even know how the long the race was at this point until Mike Wolfe (2nd place) told me were running the last part of the UTMB, a 100k.  off we went, the first 20 miles really stunk and then my pole broke,  so I sucked it up in the rain and mud pushed on with one pole and passed dozens of people all day to complete the toughest 100k run ever in 16.5 hours?  It’s really hard to tell how well we did with two groups of runners all combined in one result..?

Anyways, game over.

Hats off to the UTMB Race Staff for pulling together the second race..I’ll be back !

Annual National Trail Running Day

I’ll be on a plane to France for the UTMB, but for the rest of you go get it!

2nd Annual National Trail Running Day set for August 21st, 2010 Atlanta, GA – June 28th, – Trail runners across the country participated in National Trail Running Day last year, having over 5,000 participants run Trail Races, plan Group Trail Runs, and perform Trail Maintenance. Trail Running is a relatively new sport that involves runners running on hiking trails, mountain bike trails, deserts, forests, creek beds, rocky terrain, heavily rooted terrain, and everything else that isn’t road. A recent study conducted by the Outdoor Industry Association reported in 2009 4.8 million Trail Runners in the United States, with 13.1% of them trying it for the first time! That is why the Trail Running Industry has announced it is coming together to celebrate the Second Annual National Trail Running Day to promote the awesome sport of Trail Running! National Trail Running Day will be used to celebrate the benefits of Trail Running with runners taking to the trails of varying difficulties and distances, connecting with nature and the environment, slowing down their lives and getting back to the basics. For more experienced runners, Trail Running offers a more technical version of road running that allows runners to challenge themselves. The fact is, everyone can enjoy Trail Running and National Trail Running Day is a great way to increase awareness of the sport! National Trail Running Day began in 2009 by a former Army Officer, Chris Barber, who began Trail Running soon after re-deploying and separating from the United States Army. Chris had trouble dealing with the new decisions he faced in his rapidly changing life and found clarity in Trail Running. Trail Running provided Chris a way to slow-down and fully comprehend the life decisions that laid ahead of him. These decisions were very different from the ones he faced leading a Platoon of 30 men during combat missions in Iraq. Those were quick decisions where he considered his soldiers’ well-being first. Now he had to make long-term decisions that only affected him. Trail Running was familiar and comfortable to Chris; while in the Army he ran on trails every morning with his entire unit. So Chris decided to start his civilian days with a Trail Run to help ease the transition to a civilian life. That is why Chris developed the first ever National Trail Running Day and Go to the official National Trail Running Day website, to register your event and see what it’s all about. For more information contact, Chris Barber at or 404.877.8781.

2010 Speedgoat 50k in the books

Kevin Schilling and Keri Nelson take the Goat Leg!

Local runner Kevin Schilling hangs on for the win finishing just in front of Nick Clark to earn the Goat leg and $500.00 in cash! On the women side Keri Nelson dominated the nannies to win by over a half hour, nice run! The Wasatch Mountains were glad the see the Wasatch Speed Goats show up, Deb Pero, Monica Ochs, Mark Cosma, Cory Johnson, Tom Remkes and volunteers Sandy White, Dave Hunt..scrape on!


1.  Kevin Schilling  5:43.20  Course Record
2.  Nick Clark  5:46.38
3.  Nick Pedatella  6:08.17
4.  Luke Nelson  6:18.06
5.  Karl Jarvis  6:26.14


1.  Keri Nelson  6:10.11
Course Record
2.  Becky Wheeler  6:40.09
3.  Sarah Evans  7:23.46
4.  Missy Miller  7:26.10
5.  Suzanne Lewis  7:29.15

Full Results>>>

Speedgoat 50k – New Start/Finish Line 2

Speedgoat 50k is just 11 days away! We will start and finish at Snowbirds Gad Valley which is entry 1 of the resort.  Hang on for some spectacular views, terrain and the best trail running arena in the states..Sharpen your hooves..!!

Speed Goat Coupon Now Available!
With your purchase use coupon code 1UX-1-UJENB to receive 10% off on trail running shoes and accessories from Restrictions Apply *

Hardrock 100 Weekend 4

Tomorrow morning is the start of the toughest 100 trail race of all, the Hardrock 100.. Like many fellow trail runners I didn’t get in the race but was top ten on the waiting list..Good luck to all the runners and looking forward to watching fellow team mates Tom Remkes, Cory Johnson and Steve Pero trek their way through the San Jauns, scrape on! Looks like Granny Nannie Deb Pero got in the race, nice go get them Deb!


Karl, keep it upright and roll out another great Hardrock, #6 !!

Hardrock LIVE!

Wasatch Affiliates – Outsource Program Management 1

Outdoor Industry Association Press Release:

Mountains Plus Outdoor Gear, long time on-line retailer of outdoor gear announced the addition of Scott Mason as the new Affiliate Manager. Scott will be working closely with Affiliates and the Avantlink Network to enhance the program and provide unparalleled service.

“We are really happy to have Scott on board,” says Erik Viafore, President of MPGear.  “Scott has extensive experience in our industry, knows many of our affiliates personally and is vested in the same interests as many our customers.  We’re confident that his involvement will be a huge win for everyone involved in our Affiliate Programs.”

Mason a long time Ultra runner and sponsored athlete has founded the most visible web based trail team called the “Wasatch Speed Goat Mountain Racing Team” and is Assistant Director for the Speedgoat 50k Trail Race “toughest 50k around”.


Merchants: If you would like to team up with the best of the best ? Please contact Scott Mason to partner with to offer the best Outdoor Industry Affiliate Program Management possible.

Mountains Plus Partners with Speedgoat 50k

Long time on-line retailer Mountains Plus partners with Speedgoat 50k for this months upcoming race! The Speedgoat 50k takes place at Utah’s Snowbird Ski Resort on July 31st and is one of if not the best trail running arena you’ll ever see! Where else in the US can you ride a tram and watch your runner trek up 11,000 feet of vertical climb, run through tunnels and slide down glaciers.  Hang on for a couple new surprises, as always!

We’re proud to be the equipment provider of choice for many avid adventure racers, ultralight backpackers, trail runners and other outdoor enthusiasts.