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Katcina Mosa 100K Mountain Run 1

The Wasatch 100 warn up is less the 5 days away!! A bit of a sleeper but the Katcina Mosa 100k hands out a whopping 17, 404 feet of vertical gain. Wasatch Speed Goat Dave Hunt has owned this race for years as he always pulls off a Cheetah performance at Wasatch the following month. I am looking for this to be my final tune up for Wasatch, 3 scrapes!! This years Speedgoat 50k winner Eric Storeheim will be lining up with for another win!!

Should be a hot steep day on the trails!

Speedgoat 50k – 2009 2

The temperatures heated up so did the competition for first place as Luke Nelson lead early to the top of  Mary Ellen Gulch but was taken over by local runner Eric Storeheim who never looked back (6:12)! Eric runs for Wasatch Runnng Center the best local trail store around..10 scrapes for Eric! On the woman’s side Mandy Hosford started fast and never slowed down until she finished in just over 7 hours, nice run Nannie!

Full results to come…

Photo by Pure Light Images

Meltzer leading Hardrock – 26th 100 miler win just in sight? 7

Karl Meltzer is cruising through the Hardrock 100 and just crossed the slot at Virginia’s pass with about a 41 minute lead!! Karl and I just ran Bighorn three weeks ago and he’s back out there to to win the toughest foot race around..!! 50 Scrapes..


Karl Meltzer-Bighorn 100

26th 100 mile win is just in sight for Karl ? If you know a 100 mile ultrarunner  who’s run at this level for this long leave a comment..


New record for this direction?  Jurek was 26:08:34 50 SCRAPES!