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Ultragen by First Endurance

This is the one product that has changed my race seasons by leaps and bounds!!

Robert Kunz, MS

The hard training we do on the bike is only the stress that we impose, and is only half of the training equation. To get the most out of that hard training, we need to recover and let our body adapt and come back even stronger. Ultragen recovery drink by First Endurance can be a critical component of your recovery plan.

The Importance of Recovery
When I was younger, my ideal weekend consisted of pounding out hours and hours on the bike each morning and then trying to do the same the next day. I rather enjoyed that feeling of utter exhaustion in between and at the start of following rides, and looked at it as a sign of good training. It was only a few years and degrees later that I put the training-recovery spiral together and realized the importance of proper recovery, both physical and dietary, as an important component of overall training.

Think of a rubber band analogy. If you want to have the hardest snap of the band (training), you also need to pull the band back (recovery) as much as you can. One does not exist in a vacuum without the other.

Dietary Recovery
You have probably heard of the following two terms bandied about before, but let’s define two of the most important concepts in dietary recovery:

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Antelope Island Buffalo Run 1

Buffalo Run has become one of the largest Ultra’s around, with over 400 runners competing in three different races Jim Skaggs has this race dialed. Meltzer and I keep the runners feed and hydrated at the Lower Frary Aid Station, we had everything from Natural lite to Dog food !

The 50 miler had two runners break the seven hour mark, Nick Pedatella who won in a fast time of 6:43:01.7 was pressured by a charging Hiroki Ishikawa who finished in 6:45:40.6. Nice run!! On the woman’s side we had Milada Copeland who tactfully pulled in to first place after she left our aid to win in a time of 8:55:46.4.

NEXT SPEEDGOAT AID STATION: SQUAW PEAK 50, MILE 29.5. Look for Timber the giant wolf dog..