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Matt Carpenter at 44 – Pushing the limits 5

Here is the MAN of high altitude running, Matt has the highest Vo2 max ever recorded by a runner (above 90), higher than Lance Armstrong. I watched Matt float by me at Pikes Peak and the Fila races in Aspen Colorado years ago. I also lined up with Matt at the Leadville 100 as he took off  to return over Hope Pass miles in front of the field. Amazing..

Follow this link and watch Matt’s interview with the New York Times……20 scpapes for Matt

I ‘d like to see Him and Kyle duke it out at Hardrock..

Amy Sproston wins Guatemala 50 miler 1

Wasatch Speed Goat Amy Sproston breaks the 7 hour barrier at the Guatemala 50 miler. Nothing like a little international flavor for the goats, hooves on the pavement?  Ouch..

“50 miles on roads felt like 2 road marathons back to back. I hit mile 25 at 3:25, and managed to hang on and run the second half in 3:31 to finish 50 miles in 6:56, which was good for the overall win, and was 12 minutes faster than the previous (overall :) ) course record. Was definitely an experience; I had the pleasure of being accompanied by 2 radio station mini-vans following me and blasting a mix of Latin pop and race updates.” A.S.

10 Scrapes for Amy, heal those hooves after that pavement…

Pacheco, Semick Named 2008 Runners of the Year 2

Jorge Pacheco of Los Angeles and Kami Semick of Bend, Oregon have been voted the 2008 UltraRunning Magazine North American ultra marathoners of the year.

Pacheco edged Kyle Skaggs of Glenwood, New Mexico by three votes, 185-182, in the closest vote in the award’s 28-year history. Pacheco won six of the eight races he competed in during the year, including the 135-mile Badwater Ultra across Death Valley in July and the Rocky Raccoon 100-Mile run in Huntsville, Texas in February.

Kyle’s Hardrock was mind bending but not enough? Wow!

Semick won five races during 2008, and placed second in the IAU 100km World Championships in Italy. She was the winner of two of North America’s most competitive events, the Miwok 100km race and The North Face Challenge 50 Mile, both in northern California. Badwater and Umstead 100 Mile winner Jamie Donaldson of Littleton, Colorado polled a close second, with Eugene, Oregon’s Susannah Beck third.

1. Jorge Pacheco, 41, Los Angeles, CA (7) 185
2. Kyle Skaggs, 23, Glenwood, NM (7) 182
3. Michael Wardian, 34, Arlington, VA (5) 152
4. Anton Krupicka, 25, Colorado Springs, CO (1) 109
5. Scott Jurek, 35, Seattle, WA 86
6. Mark Lundblad, 39, Swannonoa, NC 85
7. Hal Koerner, 32, Ashland, OR 70
8. Leigh Schmitt, 36, Conway, MA 52
9. Erik Skaden, 36, Folsom, CA 34
10. Todd Braje, 32, McKinleyville, CA 33

1. Kami Semick, 41, Bend, OR (10) 217
2. Jamie Donaldson, 34, Littleton, CO (7) 199
3. Susannah Beck, 40, Eugene, OR (3) 147
4. Suzanna Bon, 44, Sonoma, CA 90
5. Connie Gardner, 45, Medina, OH 82
6. Nikki Kimball, 37, Bozeman, MT 79
7. Bev Anderson-Abbs, 44, Red Bluff, CA 52
8. Devon Crosby-Helms, 25, Seattle, WA 50
9. Anne Riddle Lundblad, 41, Swannonoa, NC 34
10. Prudence L’Heureux, 38, Tahoe City, CA 30

Pacheco, Semick Named 2008 Runners of the Year

2008 Runner of the Year Kami Semick at the Miwok 100K (Joe McCladdie photo)

10 Scrapes for all the nominees!

Red Hot 50k race report 6

The Red Hot was cold but the times were hot as Dave Mackey (3:58:50) and Timmy Parr (3:59:33) both broke the course record held by Kyle/Antoine. As the field took off Mackey and Parr put the hammer down and Master runner Karl Meltzer burned off a few competitors to finish third (4:13:14), his fastest time yet.

Nice run by fellow Speed Goats Tim Long, Tom Remekes, Cory Johnson and 10 scrapes to Chris Boyack who posted a 5:19:13, way to keep the motor running Chris, Goat of the day.

Karl Meltzer and Scott Mason replenishing carbs post race.
Karl and Scott carbo loading..
photo by Goat TLong
1.  Anita Ortiz  4:48.27
2.  Samantha Sigle  5:07.40
3.  Helen Cospolich  5:10:12

Moab’s Red Hot 50k 2

The Red Rock of Moab will be hosting a group of trail runners for a day of exercise! That’s my approach since I’m buried in several feet of snow, the training has been limited. With a long season ahead, Bighorn, Wasatch 100 and a few others this is a great chance to enjoy the day and keep the throttle about 80%.


Look forward to seeing some fellow Speed Goats as Tim Long just came off his rippin victory at Ghost Town.

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Carbohydrates for Endurance – First Endurance 1

Intro: Energy for endurance exercise is fueled primarily by fats and carbohydrates, with carbohydrate utilization increasing as the intensity of the exercise increases. Thus, carbohydrates are crucial to competitive endurance exercise performance. In addition to food based carbohydrates, there are many different energy supplements marketed for sport, which are available in a variety of forms. These carbohydrate supplements are available as a result of demand based upon experimental and research based evidence, but understanding when your body needs carbohydrate in which amount depends on three key areas: capacity, conversion and type.

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