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Pocatello 50 Mile Trail Run 3

A scenic and challenging 50 mile solo or relay (2 or 3 person) race .

A much needed trail race has showed up for the 50 mile distance in Pocatello, Idaho; Jared Campbell and Ryan McDermott have taken trail running a new direction.

“50 Mile Trail Run in its solo and relay format.  This unique format will hopefully be appealing to a broad audience of runners given the various length options.  The relay format will also foster a “team-effort” approach, which will hopefully motivate friends to train together and push themselves to get ready for this event”

In addition the race directors have:

“Also unique to this event is that it will be the first ever “carbon neutral” trail race, made possible by us donating to the “Renewable Energy Campaign” operated by the University of Utah (  We intend to donate enough to cover the commuting done by the runners and volunteers.  In addition, proceeds from the race will be used to make a donation to various local charities/foundations, including the Pocatello Cross Country Ski Foundation for their Junior Team (”

C-ya there May 23rd, 2009 6:00 A.M. Sharp

Tim Long-Wasatch Speed Goat wins Ghost Town 38.5 6

Wasatch Speed Goat Tim Long had the sharpest hooves of the day holding off Andy Jones-Wilkins by 5 seconds the win the Ghost Town 38.5. This is racing at it’s best as Tim and Andy both crushed the record by 45 minutes but Tim had the turbo hooves to kick it to the line first! 10 scrapes for Tim!

Tim Quoted “Trust me, everyone heard about the Crosslites I wore and my Nathan race vest that allowed me to run through the aid stations like they were snake pits.”

Tim Long

Oil Creek 100 Trail Runs 4

Here we go east coast goats, a new 100 mile trail race hits the circuit. My home town of Oil City, Pa. is hosting a new trio of trail races put on by Tom Jennings. This race takes place October 10-11, 2009, Tom is hosting a 50k, 50 miler and a 100 miler at the Oil Creek State Park which was the site for the worlds first commercial oil well. I grew up in Oil City camping and running around these woods with our Wasatch Speed Goat Logo designer Dave Marczak. (10 scrapes for Zak!!!).


Thanks  Tom for putting on another needed trail race as these 100 milers are all turning into the lottery process…

Oil Creek 100 Trail Runs

2009 Wasatch Speed Goat Mountain Racing Team 8

Wasatch Speed Goats 2009



Olga Varlamova

Amy Sproston

Monica Ochs

Kelly Ridgeway

Deb Pero

Beth Simpson-Hall

Jody Chase


Scott Mason

Tim Barnes

Dave Hunt

Jim Skaggs

Chris Boyack

Tim Long

Clarence Mason

Mike Mason

Peter Lubbers

Brennen Wysong

Sandy White

Cory Johnson

Tom Remekes

Rob Youngren

Bedford Boyce

Steve Pero

Mark Cosmas

Larry Hall

Tim Barnes wins Otter Creek Trail Marathon 1

Tim Barnes Assistant Team Director for the Wasatch Speed Goat Mountain Racing Team decided to run fast and won the Otter Creek Trail Race. Nice Job!! Tim and I met through the web page and teamed up to assemble the coolest trail running team around..

Pictures by

Tim also manages the Trail Store in Kentucky, if your ever in the neighborhood stop by and say hi!

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Hardrock and Wasatch application time 1

If your a Hardrock or Wasatch runner, it’s time to send over those applications and wait for the lotteries to take place in early February!! The two toughest 100’s are ready to fill their rosters through the agonizing lottery process,, trail running has become so popular it’s seems there’s room for another tough 100 .. Wasatch 100 has followed suit with the Bear 100 and the race will begin on Friday instead of Saturday, only in planet Utah…

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