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Ultra-Trail Du Mount-Blanc – 2010 1

Registration opens December 23rd for the ultimate trail race!!

It’s time to cross the pond and run the ultimate trail race, Ultra-Trail Du Mount-Blanc. I’ve heard the stories from Meltzer and team mate Mike Mason describing the event, it sounds like my type of course with gnarly endless vertical. 2010 could shape up to be a fun year in Chamonix  if the Wasatch Speedgoats can get in the race along with the mystery man?

Nice finish Krissy Moehl 2009 female champion – Ultra-Trail Du Mount-Blanc

Wasatch Speed Goats 2010 2

As 2010 is just around the corner the Wasatch Speed Goat Mountain Racing Team enters it’s third year and has quickly become one of the most diversified and visible trail teams out there!!

This years line up of sponsors includes the very best products trail running has to offer. Long time sponsor Nathan Packs continues to provide hydration packs for the goats and First Endurance third year sponsor will be fueling the goats with the very best sports nutrition products available. Again top on line retailer keeps the goats moving with their giant catalog of gear.

Returning sponsor La Sportiva has stepped it up and become a marquee sponsor 2010!

New for this year we would like to welcome Drymax socks the sweetest socks I have ever run in and hats off to Green Layer, they’ll be providing the goat skin!! Welcome back everyone’s favorite electrolyte tablet NUUN.



The Chimera 100K / 100 Miles – Meltzer goes for #6

Old Goat Trail RacesMeltzer off to the Chimera

100 miler as he tries to post his 6th 100 mile win of the season, sick.. Masters runner Speedgoat Meltzer never seems to slow down. Karl posted 6 – 100 mile wins two years ago and I really didn’t think he would try it again. Meltzer mentioned his hooves are sharp and he’s ready to climb the 24,000 vertical for his 7th 100 of the year and maybe 6th win??. Good luck and 10 scrapes!!

Mason and Meltzer tossing swag at the 2009 Speedgoat 50k..

Green Layer “If only your skin were made of this” Secret Stash SALE

Long time supporter of the Wasatch Speed Goat Mountain Racing Team has stashed up to 25% discounts off over a 1000 items for black Friday and Cyber Monday, check out the finest gear there is…

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You know your an Ultrarunner if….

After 15 years of Ultra running my wife has seen it all, her friends at work have heard it all, so they handed her a hard copy of 110 savoy statements that “You know your and ulltrarunner if”.. I laughed my a** off knowing this applies to all my fellow trail runners. So each week I though I would share a few of these statements written by various authors.
  • You spend more time in the drug section than the food section of the local market.
  • You wonder why they don’t make all running socks a dusty brown color.
  • You have more dirt on your shoes then your garden.
  • You think that flagel and ibutrophin belong on the breakfast table.
  • You get more phone calls at 5AM than at 5PM.
  • You don’t recognize your friend with their clothes on.
  • You have more buckles then belts.
  • You postpone your wedding because it will interfere with your training.
  • You keep mistaking your boss for Norm Klein.
  • 6AM is sleeping in.
  • Your feet look better with out toenails.
  • Your ideal of a fun date is a 30-mile training run.
  • You’re tempted to look for a bush when there’s a long line for the public restroom.
  • You don’t think twice about eating food you’ve picked up off the floor.
  • You can expound on the virtues of eating salt.
  • You develop an unnatural fear of mountain lions.



If you enjoy self-inflicted abuse this is the race for you, 22,000 feet of combined verticle at beautiful Snowbird Ski Resort, the ultimate areana for a trail running event. Let your crew take the tram and watch you run the toughest 50k around. Registration opens January 1st!

Pinhoti 100 – 2009

Looks like the southern goats are ready to rumble through the Talladega National Forest for a point to point 100 miler.This is the second annual run for the race and who else but Speedgoat Meltzer is there ready set the standard. Last years win was over 20 hours, I’m sure that will change. Looking forward to watching  team mate Tim Barnes run his first 100, scrape on!

I lost track of how many 100’s Meltzer won so far this year, 5?

Sharpen those hooves!

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Oil Creek 100 Miler 15

What a great day in the Pennsylvania woods! Tom Jennings put on a triple header of trail races at the Oil Creek State Park, 50k, 50 miler and a 100 miler. This was a first year event but you would have never known by the great aid stations, course markings and overall organization of the event. The trail was a fast technical runnable course, but you had to be careful with those little up and downs (17,833 vertical), they wore you out as the day went on.

OC 100 009cj

I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel after running the Wasatch 100 just 30 days ago, but it turns out I was able to hang on for a 21:50 finish – 7th place, I’ll take that on tired legs..! Race Results

Karl Meltzer – Moab Running trip October 8-13, 2009

No tired legs for Karl Meltzer as he won the Grindestone 100 just three weeks after the grueling Wasatch. Karl finished in a time of 18:46:26, does he ever get tired? Now it’s time for Karl to get back on the trails  for a 5 day tour of  Moab starting October 8th..

moab Arches National Park Balanced Rock sunset

Note from the Goat himself:

Now that I have completed my 100th Ultra, I am ready to share!  Come join us for a magical week of running in one of my favorite locations, Moab, Utah! We will have a great time running, playing and experiencing the beauty of Moab and the surrounding area.  Each day we will run a new and incredible trail and then enjoy the sites and fun around Red Rock country.  Come see why Moab is one of my most cherished running areas on Planet Earth.

If you need a last minute excursion, make your plans today to join us on my personal favorite trails that will simply blow your mind!  Guaranteed to exhaust and exhilarate you in every way.

The trip is all inclusive:  You get to Salt Lake City International airport on the 8th and we cover the rest for you.

We pick you up at the airport and provide you with;  Transportation, Lodging, Food, entertainment and excellent Coaching!  Just bring your running gear and you will be ready to rock and roll!  Belly laughs included at no extra charge.

We are offering a special deal for our first trip.  Tell us what you want and we’ll create an adventure!

Are you ready to create amazing stories to share with your family, friends and co-workers?

Cheers!  -Karl

Wasatch 100 – 2009 8

The Wasatch 100 dished out some serious heat but it didn’t effect Meltzer or Roes as those two both broke the old course record. Rose crossed the finish line in 18:30 and Meltzer in 19:12, amazing times for the two top dogs of the day. On the woman’s side Besty Nye and Mandy Hosford both finished under the Cheetah time of 24 hours with course records, well done ladies! 2009 Wasatch 100 results.

Pot Bottom – Last aid station mile 93

Photo by Jason-Tara Moreland

Great job Wasatch Speed Goats ! We had five runners in the field, Dave Hunt age 50 finished his 6th Cheetah, amazing! Other goats were my favorite rival Tom Remekes, Jim Skaggs and super Nannie Jodie Chase who traveled from Phoenix to post a Cougar “under 30 hour” finish. I was out to run a PB at Wasatch while the splits were right on until the melt down after Millcreek, nothing like a little nap in the woods to get it back together. Once I left Pole Line Pass I  smoked the last 20 miles to finish in a PB of 27:19..Time to recover and get ready for the Inaugural Oil City 100.

Lake Erie Endurance Swim Record – Shattered 4

Long time college friend Randall Mcelwain set his sights on a endurance swim across Lake Erie, he trained all summer and was determined to take down the record of 11:53 from Long Point to Freeport Beach, Pa. Randy sent me an e-mail asking for some endurance nutrition ideals, I mentioned the EFS Liquid Shot by First Endurance, this will keep your electrolytes in line and deliver even energy througout the swim.

I am the new Long Point, OT to Freeport Beach , PA record holder with a time of 11:23. The record was broken by exactly 30 minutes with the former holder there to witness. The swim was great except for the 2-4 foot waives the entire crossing.

Hey, the First Endurance EFS Liquid Shot was great.  I took it on the hour and my strength was did not waiver the entire swim.  Not a single cramp in my Arms and Shoulders.

Thanks for the advice!

10 Splashes for Randy !!

Mountain Lion spotted on Park City trails 8/5/09 14

Watch out
Here is a Mountain Lion Story
At around 7:15 this morning, my dog met a mountain lion in the brush on the connector trail between Queen Esther Drive and Snowtop.  The cat was about 3 switchbacks up from the bottom, and was within 30 yards of me.  I did not see the cat, but he and my dog had an altercation.  The cat was growling and making high pitched cat screaming noises.  They were LOUD; I have never heard anything quite like it.  My dog was going nuts barking, and I was screaming as loud as I could trying to get him to come back to me.  Between my dog barking, and me screaming, the cat must have decided to take off.  I was able to get my dog to come back to me.  I am so thankful he didn’t chase, and he is unhurt.

I looked on-line, and cats that are that close to humans are probably tracking.  My dogs and I had made a lot of noise on both the way up to the top of Snowtop and back, and that cat was really close.  I have two 100 lb dogs (one was on a leash), and so that may have been lucky for me.  Someone alone or with a smaller dog may have been in trouble.
Wilderness guy said making a lot of noise is the best thing to do  and keep the dogs on leash.


Katcina Mosa 105k 3

That’s the distance Suzanne Lewis and I covered during the Katcina Mosa 100k.

What a day in the Utah Mountains with massive vertical and extreme heat, a perfect trainer for the upcoming Wastch 100. The day started at 3am to avoid some of the heat as the field cruised along I hooked up with Ultra runner Suzanne Lewis, we ran near each other all day until mile 45 aid station where the fun began.

The aid station volunteer gave us updated directions which sent us off course to climb a exposed heated rocky 1500 vertical foot climb, the time the four wheelers caught us we were part way to Daniels Summit. Hot, demoralized and a long way from any aid stations we were sad to say the least. Once we were back on course we lost about an hour on the field and Suzanne was well out of first place, so we chugged along staggering around the oven with no water in search of the next aid. Once we reached mile 52 we chugged a ton of fluids and jogged to the finish laughing about the day. Nothing like a good adventure, look for Suzanne to redeem at the Wasatch 100.


Katcina Awards

Katcina Mosa 100K Mountain Run 1

The Wasatch 100 warn up is less the 5 days away!! A bit of a sleeper but the Katcina Mosa 100k hands out a whopping 17, 404 feet of vertical gain. Wasatch Speed Goat Dave Hunt has owned this race for years as he always pulls off a Cheetah performance at Wasatch the following month. I am looking for this to be my final tune up for Wasatch, 3 scrapes!! This years Speedgoat 50k winner Eric Storeheim will be lining up with for another win!!

Should be a hot steep day on the trails!

Speedgoat 50k – 2009 2

The temperatures heated up so did the competition for first place as Luke Nelson lead early to the top of  Mary Ellen Gulch but was taken over by local runner Eric Storeheim who never looked back (6:12)! Eric runs for Wasatch Runnng Center the best local trail store around..10 scrapes for Eric! On the woman’s side Mandy Hosford started fast and never slowed down until she finished in just over 7 hours, nice run Nannie!

Full results to come…

Photo by Pure Light Images

Meltzer leading Hardrock – 26th 100 miler win just in sight? 7

Karl Meltzer is cruising through the Hardrock 100 and just crossed the slot at Virginia’s pass with about a 41 minute lead!! Karl and I just ran Bighorn three weeks ago and he’s back out there to to win the toughest foot race around..!! 50 Scrapes..


Karl Meltzer-Bighorn 100

26th 100 mile win is just in sight for Karl ? If you know a 100 mile ultrarunner  who’s run at this level for this long leave a comment..


New record for this direction?  Jurek was 26:08:34 50 SCRAPES!

Meltzer warns Mason – Bighorn 100 – Moose attack 3

What a day at the WILD Bighorn 100 !

Karl Meltzer was attacked by a moose and kicked twice, still managed to brake his own record by an hour! (50 scrapes!) I’ll let Karl tell the story but when I saw Meltzer shortly after he was attacked his eyeballs were popping put of his head !!

All Wasatch Speed Goats finished strong, 4 out of 4 finish. Tom Remekes, Scott Mason, Sandy White and Cory Johnson. 10 scrapes to Sandy White for crushing his first 100 mile finish.

Sproston and Meltzer win Massanutten 1

Ms. Amy Sproston returns to Massanutten to defend her title, mission accomplished!! Amy was running an incredible pace all day and won in a time of 24:59:55. Amy mentioned she was cooked for the last two climbs and still rolled to victory after surging all day and night!

As far as the men hats off to Mike Mason who ran a incredible race  just 20 seconds behind Redpath for a 3rd a place finish..20:43:04! Nice run on the wet rocks both Amy and Mike!! Way to go Goats!!

Full Wasatch Speed Goat race reports to come!

Then there’s Mr. Meltzer who just posted his 24th 100 mile victory, congratulations! Karl mentioned he wanted to run 18 and 1/2 half hours, his time was 18:29:57 !! 10 scrapes!

Trail shoe review La Sportiva Crosslite 4

When I think of all the trail shoes I ‘ve used over the years there are two models that really made an impact on trail running. Remember the Nike Terra Torre? Killer trail shoe from the early 90’s and of coarse the One Sport which became the Montrail Vitesse.

Well now there’s the La Sportiva Crosslite, this shoe is by far the best trail shoe I have ever run in, keep in mind this shoe works well in the rugged Wasatch Mountain Range. The Crosslite has a beefy sole with lugs that provide super traction and support to bomb down the nastiest scree field you can find. The shoe fits so well your foot doesn’t slide around and give you toe bang like the floaty boaty Montrail Vitesse. The upper portion of the shoe has a real light breathable material that allows water to drain  quickly after crossing those creeks. Looking forward to trying the Crosslites at the Pocatello 50, Bighorn 100, Wasatch 100, Oil City 100.

Our Price: $89.95
Buy from Backcountry

Average Rating:

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Ultragen by First Endurance

This is the one product that has changed my race seasons by leaps and bounds!!

Robert Kunz, MS

The hard training we do on the bike is only the stress that we impose, and is only half of the training equation. To get the most out of that hard training, we need to recover and let our body adapt and come back even stronger. Ultragen recovery drink by First Endurance can be a critical component of your recovery plan.

The Importance of Recovery
When I was younger, my ideal weekend consisted of pounding out hours and hours on the bike each morning and then trying to do the same the next day. I rather enjoyed that feeling of utter exhaustion in between and at the start of following rides, and looked at it as a sign of good training. It was only a few years and degrees later that I put the training-recovery spiral together and realized the importance of proper recovery, both physical and dietary, as an important component of overall training.

Think of a rubber band analogy. If you want to have the hardest snap of the band (training), you also need to pull the band back (recovery) as much as you can. One does not exist in a vacuum without the other.

Dietary Recovery
You have probably heard of the following two terms bandied about before, but let’s define two of the most important concepts in dietary recovery:

Read full article

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Antelope Island Buffalo Run 1

Buffalo Run has become one of the largest Ultra’s around, with over 400 runners competing in three different races Jim Skaggs has this race dialed. Meltzer and I keep the runners feed and hydrated at the Lower Frary Aid Station, we had everything from Natural lite to Dog food !

The 50 miler had two runners break the seven hour mark, Nick Pedatella who won in a fast time of 6:43:01.7 was pressured by a charging Hiroki Ishikawa who finished in 6:45:40.6. Nice run!! On the woman’s side we had Milada Copeland who tactfully pulled in to first place after she left our aid to win in a time of 8:55:46.4.

NEXT SPEEDGOAT AID STATION: SQUAW PEAK 50, MILE 29.5. Look for Timber the giant wolf dog..

Buffalo Run weekend 3

It’s time for “running of the buffalo’s”, team mate Jim Skaggs throws down a trio of races on Utah’s Antelope Island. This has to be one of the most unique trail races around, it feels like your running on the moon  which is surrounded by the stinky Great Salt Lake. Enjoy the scenery and watch out for the Buffalo’s, there’s no trees to hide behind once your out there.

Meltzer and I will be runing the Lower Frary Peak  Aid Station, you must bahahah, scrape and snort when entering the aid, C-ya Saturday!

La Sportiva Trail Running shoe sale

The Wasatch Speed Goat Mountain Racing Team protect their hooves with the sleek La Sportiva Trail Shoes,  if your favorite La Sportiva Trail Shoe is not on sale, go ahead and use the Speed Goat Coupon..

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Wasatch Speed Goat Team Blog

Feel free to bookmark the new Wasatch Speed Goat Mountain Racing Team Blog, all 25 runners will be posting race reports, gear reviews and industry news. If you want to keep up with the gear we use and the races we run feel free to visit our goat page, 10 scrapes..

Goat skin by Go-lite

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First Endurance teams up with trail running 2

The Wasatch Speed Goat Mountain Racing Team powered by First Endurance!

Karl Meltzer introduced me to First Endurance three years ago and I haven’t stop improving since then. With the heavy demands we put on our body it’s tough to keep up with nutrition. Lance Armstrong’s Astana Cycling Team is also powered by First Endurance products….Scrape on!!

Wasatch Speed Goat Trail Team testimonial: Chris Boyack

“Just wanted to drop a quick note and say thank you for sponsoring our Wasatch Speed Goat running team.  I am a firm believer in your products and put MultiV, OptygenHP, Liquid Shot, and Ultragen to the test over the past two months leading up to the Moab Red Hot 50K+ race last weekend.  Karl turned me on to Ultragen last year, and I have been taking the vitamins and Optygen every day for the past 2-3 months.  LS was my fuel of choice for the race.  I had a great day in Moab and give a lot of credit to First Endurance.  I couldn’t believe how easily I was beating my targeted splits, and with such a moderate heart rate (for me).  Truly a fantastic feeling.  Yes, I trained a lot as well – but I feel that the FE products really made a difference in how my body was able to absorb the training I was doing.

I surpassed my goal by a long shot, and didn’t have to kill myself to do it.  A great confidence boost and I now know I can start pushing even harder.  Keep up the good work, and thanks again. “

Matt Carpenter at 44 – Pushing the limits 5

Here is the MAN of high altitude running, Matt has the highest Vo2 max ever recorded by a runner (above 90), higher than Lance Armstrong. I watched Matt float by me at Pikes Peak and the Fila races in Aspen Colorado years ago. I also lined up with Matt at the Leadville 100 as he took off  to return over Hope Pass miles in front of the field. Amazing..

Follow this link and watch Matt’s interview with the New York Times……20 scpapes for Matt

I ‘d like to see Him and Kyle duke it out at Hardrock..

Amy Sproston wins Guatemala 50 miler 1

Wasatch Speed Goat Amy Sproston breaks the 7 hour barrier at the Guatemala 50 miler. Nothing like a little international flavor for the goats, hooves on the pavement?  Ouch..

“50 miles on roads felt like 2 road marathons back to back. I hit mile 25 at 3:25, and managed to hang on and run the second half in 3:31 to finish 50 miles in 6:56, which was good for the overall win, and was 12 minutes faster than the previous (overall :) ) course record. Was definitely an experience; I had the pleasure of being accompanied by 2 radio station mini-vans following me and blasting a mix of Latin pop and race updates.” A.S.

10 Scrapes for Amy, heal those hooves after that pavement…

Pacheco, Semick Named 2008 Runners of the Year 2

Jorge Pacheco of Los Angeles and Kami Semick of Bend, Oregon have been voted the 2008 UltraRunning Magazine North American ultra marathoners of the year.

Pacheco edged Kyle Skaggs of Glenwood, New Mexico by three votes, 185-182, in the closest vote in the award’s 28-year history. Pacheco won six of the eight races he competed in during the year, including the 135-mile Badwater Ultra across Death Valley in July and the Rocky Raccoon 100-Mile run in Huntsville, Texas in February.

Kyle’s Hardrock was mind bending but not enough? Wow!

Semick won five races during 2008, and placed second in the IAU 100km World Championships in Italy. She was the winner of two of North America’s most competitive events, the Miwok 100km race and The North Face Challenge 50 Mile, both in northern California. Badwater and Umstead 100 Mile winner Jamie Donaldson of Littleton, Colorado polled a close second, with Eugene, Oregon’s Susannah Beck third.

1. Jorge Pacheco, 41, Los Angeles, CA (7) 185
2. Kyle Skaggs, 23, Glenwood, NM (7) 182
3. Michael Wardian, 34, Arlington, VA (5) 152
4. Anton Krupicka, 25, Colorado Springs, CO (1) 109
5. Scott Jurek, 35, Seattle, WA 86
6. Mark Lundblad, 39, Swannonoa, NC 85
7. Hal Koerner, 32, Ashland, OR 70
8. Leigh Schmitt, 36, Conway, MA 52
9. Erik Skaden, 36, Folsom, CA 34
10. Todd Braje, 32, McKinleyville, CA 33

1. Kami Semick, 41, Bend, OR (10) 217
2. Jamie Donaldson, 34, Littleton, CO (7) 199
3. Susannah Beck, 40, Eugene, OR (3) 147
4. Suzanna Bon, 44, Sonoma, CA 90
5. Connie Gardner, 45, Medina, OH 82
6. Nikki Kimball, 37, Bozeman, MT 79
7. Bev Anderson-Abbs, 44, Red Bluff, CA 52
8. Devon Crosby-Helms, 25, Seattle, WA 50
9. Anne Riddle Lundblad, 41, Swannonoa, NC 34
10. Prudence L’Heureux, 38, Tahoe City, CA 30

Pacheco, Semick Named 2008 Runners of the Year

2008 Runner of the Year Kami Semick at the Miwok 100K (Joe McCladdie photo)

10 Scrapes for all the nominees!

Red Hot 50k race report 6

The Red Hot was cold but the times were hot as Dave Mackey (3:58:50) and Timmy Parr (3:59:33) both broke the course record held by Kyle/Antoine. As the field took off Mackey and Parr put the hammer down and Master runner Karl Meltzer burned off a few competitors to finish third (4:13:14), his fastest time yet.

Nice run by fellow Speed Goats Tim Long, Tom Remekes, Cory Johnson and 10 scrapes to Chris Boyack who posted a 5:19:13, way to keep the motor running Chris, Goat of the day.

Karl Meltzer and Scott Mason replenishing carbs post race.
Karl and Scott carbo loading..
photo by Goat TLong
1.  Anita Ortiz  4:48.27
2.  Samantha Sigle  5:07.40
3.  Helen Cospolich  5:10:12