Daily Archives: October 1, 2008

Jim Skaggs race director, volunteer, team mate

Hat’s off to Jim Skaggs race director for the Antelope Island Buffalo Run, Jim directs 3 races at once on the coolest island planet Utah has to offer. If you like running with the bulls then try running with the buffalo’s at Utah’s Antelope Island.

Don’t let this humble face full you, Jim is a member of the Wasatch Speed Goat Mountain Racing Team and spends more time volunteering at races then anyone I have ever seen! Thanks for the help at the Speedgoat 50k.. Scrape on..

Ten scrapes for Jim!

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La Sportiva Fireblade vs. Hardrock 100

After running in the Montrail Vitesse for over ten years I finally switched shoes. My first season in the La Sportiva Fireblades went extremely well. The first part of the year I ran the Two Moons 100 and the Squaw Peak 50; The Fireblades preformed real well but the big test was still waiting, the rugged Hardrock 100.

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During the Hardrock I trekked through dozens of streams, glaciers and scree fields that were nothing but rocks. The Fireblade was sturdy enough to handle the rugged terrain but yet a really light fast feeling shoe. The sole carried enough lugs to stick through all types of surfaces like the snow fields, mud and wet rocks. I like the skinny heel which makes for a confident heel strike down those tricky, rocky descents.  The Fireblade doesn’t have a bunch of extra bulk and weight which feels real sleek on the feet!

Another design feature that works real well, is the pointed sturdy toe box. Other shoes designs have the bigger flatter toe box that doesn’t deflect toe bang near as well as the pointed toe box. In fact I didn’t get one single blister or lose any toe nails, the first time ever in 60 plus ultra marathons.

Three scrapes for the La Sportiva Fireblades!!

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