Monthly Archives: October 2008

Scott Mason – Hardrock acclimation video

Here’s a video from Cunningham Gulch mile 93 of the Hardrock 100, 14 days of acclimating for the big dance. Speed Goat Coupon Now Available! With your purchase use coupon code 1UX-1-UJENB to receive 10% off on trail running shoes and accessories from Restrictions Apply, see below.*

Speedgoat 50k – 2009 1

Snowbird Ski Resort has us on the books for July 18, 2009, if you enjoy massive vertical and high altitude challenges, keep this date open for the upcoming season. The coarse hands out roughly 20,000 combined vertical, this is the only trail race that spectators can watch after a sweet ride up the Snowbird Tram.. […]

First Endurance recovery drink-Ultragen

Recovery Drink Comparison Chart – This is one training supplement that will help your body keep up with it’s demands. Athletes train with the purpose of improving performance. Training sessions are designed to stress the body beyond its baseline homeostatic condition. The specific adaptations that occur because of training depend on the type of training, […]

Trail running and blogosphere 1

Check out this article about bloggers, personal web pages have became a primary source of information for any subject or sport. The Blogosphere Ecosystem Bloggers collectively create nearly one million blog posts each day, and half of bloggers believe blogs will be a primary source of news and entertainment in the next five years. A […]

La Sportiva Fireblade vs. Hardrock 100

After running in the Montrail Vitesse for over ten years I finally switched shoes. My first season in the La Sportiva Fireblades went extremely well. The first part of the year I ran the Two Moons 100 and the Squaw Peak 50; The Fireblades preformed real well but the big test was still waiting, the […]