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Speedgoat 50k – 2009 1

Snowbird Ski Resort has us on the books for July 18, 2009, if you enjoy massive vertical and high altitude challenges, keep this date open for the upcoming season. The coarse hands out roughly 20,000 combined vertical, this is the only trail race that spectators can watch after a sweet ride up the Snowbird Tram..

Nate Mcdowell

Nate Mcdowell winner 2008 Speedgoat 50k

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First Endurance recovery drink-Ultragen

Recovery Drink Comparison Chart – This is one training supplement that will help your body keep up with it’s demands.

Athletes train with the purpose of improving performance. Training sessions are designed to stress the body beyond its baseline homeostatic condition. The specific adaptations that occur because of training depend on the type of training, the intensity of training, the individual and the pre/during and post workout nutrition. [See Energy and Electrolyte Drink Comparison for nutritional considerations during training.} Work is done during training, and almost every system in the body is involved with that work. Aside from the obvious muscular, circulatory, and respiratory systems, the nervous system, skeletal system, integumentary system, and digestive systems are all hard at work during training. Calories are consumed, heat is generated, fluids and electrolytes are lost, free-radical oxidative stress is generated, and tissues are broken down. All of these systems need to be restored before the next training session. If training continues without adequate recovery, then overtraining results and the athlete’s performance begins to decline. The length of time it takes to recover properly can be minimized if the appropriate nutritional building blocks are consumed immediately following a training session (within 30 minutes has been supported as the optimal timeframe by the literature). Nutritional deficiencies may even prevent recovery from ever happening, and thereby an optimal performance is never attained. read more >>

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Trail running and blogosphere 1

Check out this article about bloggers, personal web pages have became a primary source of information for any subject or sport.

The Blogosphere Ecosystem
Bloggers collectively create nearly one million blog posts each day, and half of bloggers believe blogs will be a primary source of news and entertainment in the next five years. A new report by Technorati analyzed an average work week on their site which covered five broad topic areas relating to the state of blogging: Who bloggers are, how they blog, blogging for profit and brands in the blogosphere. Though there is no widespread agreement on the size of the blogosphere, 133 million blog records have been indexed by Technorati since 2002. This growing number- and the blurring of lines between blogs and mainstream media – indicate that blogs have hit the mainstream, and now have representation in top-10 website lists across all key categories. Bloggers are important to watch, Technorati said, because as they are often the first ones to use new web applications and are highly influential in speeding adoption.

Characteristics of Bloggers>>>Read full story

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Ultrarunning and coaching Heber Storm Soccer ?

What’s this?

This is my daughter’s soccer team who just won the whole league for Division One U-13 Soccer. What’s cool were from a little town called Heber City just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. The teams we compete against have hundred’s of kids trying out for the squad, we had 25.

Nothing like coaching along side of Ian Harvey, accomplished Olympian Skate Skier (Toko Rep for North America) who understands what it takes to be the best.

I’ve help coach these girls for the past three years, it was very rewarding to see the “bad news bears” win  the division and become a Premier Soccer Team !

October 6th, final game to win the league !!

The Heber Storm, scrape on!!


Photo: Mt. Timpanogos – Coach Ian Harvey

Jim Skaggs race director, volunteer, team mate

Hat’s off to Jim Skaggs race director for the Antelope Island Buffalo Run, Jim directs 3 races at once on the coolest island planet Utah has to offer. If you like running with the bulls then try running with the buffalo’s at Utah’s Antelope Island.

Don’t let this humble face full you, Jim is a member of the Wasatch Speed Goat Mountain Racing Team and spends more time volunteering at races then anyone I have ever seen! Thanks for the help at the Speedgoat 50k.. Scrape on..

Ten scrapes for Jim!

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La Sportiva Fireblade vs. Hardrock 100

After running in the Montrail Vitesse for over ten years I finally switched shoes. My first season in the La Sportiva Fireblades went extremely well. The first part of the year I ran the Two Moons 100 and the Squaw Peak 50; The Fireblades preformed real well but the big test was still waiting, the rugged Hardrock 100.

Trail shop

During the Hardrock I trekked through dozens of streams, glaciers and scree fields that were nothing but rocks. The Fireblade was sturdy enough to handle the rugged terrain but yet a really light fast feeling shoe. The sole carried enough lugs to stick through all types of surfaces like the snow fields, mud and wet rocks. I like the skinny heel which makes for a confident heel strike down those tricky, rocky descents.  The Fireblade doesn’t have a bunch of extra bulk and weight which feels real sleek on the feet!

Another design feature that works real well, is the pointed sturdy toe box. Other shoes designs have the bigger flatter toe box that doesn’t deflect toe bang near as well as the pointed toe box. In fact I didn’t get one single blister or lose any toe nails, the first time ever in 60 plus ultra marathons.

Three scrapes for the La Sportiva Fireblades!!

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