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Hardrock 100 – finish

My Hardrock 100 splits were fast enough the last 35 milesĀ  my wife and kids missed the finish, thanks for the photo !!!

Scott Mason of Heber City, Utah., runs the final stretch of the race toward the rock. The 101 mile course served up 66,000 combined vertical. Feeling tough?

Hats off to long time training partner and friend Karl Meltzer , Karl had to call it quits for the AT record due to injuries, 20 scrapes for the man…….

Interview with Wasatch Goat Rick Gates – 23 Wasatch 100 finishes. 1

I would like to introduce Rick Gates one of the founding fathers of Ultra running. Rick introduced Karl Meltzer and I to long distance trail running in the early 90’s. We worked with Rick at Snowbird Ski Resort (host of the Speedgoat 50k directed by Karl and Scott) from 1991 until ? only to learn that trail running is the coolest mountain sports of all ! In fact this July 26th Rick a (full time ski patrol for Snowbird Ski Resort) ran our race for the second time (of how many times to come) to assist a super trail runner who endowed down Mount Baldy.

1. Who and how were you introduced into Ultra running ? I starting running in the early 80’s at snowbird to stay in shape for skiing. Dillion Gilles and Reilly.

2.How many Wasatch 100 have you ran ? 23 – ( Scott response, my oldest child is 19 ? )

3. How many runners started the first Wasatch 100 ? 51 starters 24 finishers (No lotteries then~)

4. What were the wining times in the old days ? In 1983 Rob Landis took over 8 hours off the course record for 22 hours 4 minutes. 1985 was Dana Miller’s first Wasatch. He won in 21 hours 32 minutes. (Nice)

5. What kind of shoes did you guys use in those days, were there even trails shoes yet? I did had a couple pairs of Nike escapes which was an early trail running shoe. I also ran in Nike air max. (Cool~)

6. What type of food did the aid stations supply in the early days? I don’t remember much about this. I think it was a lot of fruit and salty items. My first year I had Mcdonald’s hamburgers at Affleck Park (35 miles) and 1/2 a pepperoni pizza at Mt dell (50 miles) I had no idea what i was doing.

7. With no history in 100 mile running, what type of mileage did run to prep for the 100’s? I ran mostly trails 20 to 30 milers. I try to learn most of the Wasatch course.

8. What type of hydration system did you use in the early 80’s? I had a pack with 4 little bottles. I think it was called a liquicpac. A number of people were running with boda belts.

9. Did pacers exist in the early days ? Yes

10. Did you guys use hand held or headlamps? Hand held, I tried a headlamp in the early years on a recommendation from a friend. It didn’t work out very well.

11. Who were the fast guys back then besides you? In the early years I was trying to finish in the top 10. Odin Christensen, Tom Green,Wendell Robison, Dennis Herr, Ed Masters , Rob Volkenand We spent alot of time battling on the trails but we were all friends.

12. When did women start showing up in the sport? Laurie Staton won the race outright the first year 1980. My first few years I think there was about 5 or so women, climbing each year. Cindy Andus won in 1985. In 1991 there were 10.

13. We all run with gu and salt tablets, did you have any supplements back then? I didn’t – (cool)

14. How many Wasatch 100’s finishes can you pull off in a row ? Good question. As long as I love to train and compete in Wasatch I think I have a few more years in me. (Understatement-Scott)

15. How do you run with just one water bottle, ? part Camel ? There are sections I run with 2 but I try to go as light as possible. sometimes it doesn’t work out that well. (Enjoy the Nathan, plus 2 Speedgoat 50k)

16. Did you use any supplements like gu or e-caps? No, what were those?

17. What is the key to longevity in the sport ? I have been very fortunate. I believe taking the winters off for me works well.

18. Your most amazing finish?

The year you broke your foot when you fell off the ladder and got a metal plate? That was a good one. I didn’t have high expectations of finishing that year as I was preparedto drop. So that was probably it-or in one of the earlier years I ran at least 106 miles getting lost numerous times.

19. Have you come close to dropping from a wasatch 100 ? I have had thoughts about dropping a number of times but things have seem to get better when I reached the aid station.

20. What year was your most satisfying finish ?

I have had a number 1984 my first stands out 1990 the year of the heat 1991 the year of the rain and 2003 when i finished with my long time pacer Brenda Barratt in her first 100. (Nice Brenda, fellow Snowbird employee-Scott)

10 Scrapes for our friend Rick who introduced us one of the best sports ever!!!!!! Bahahahahah~~~~~~~

C-ya for number 24 next month at Wasatch~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ IN A ROW !!


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Hats off to Karl Meltzer who had to retire from his record attempt on the AT trail. Karl had an injury and was pounded by massive rain storms the first few days which caused some other issue with the hooves. I don’t think Karl will rest until this is a done deal, he never gives up!