Monthly Archives: July 2008

Hardrock 100 ascent Scott Mason Goat technique

Steep ascents, hooves vs. poles.. When you climb a pitch 35 degrees or more drop on all four hooves and go! Grant Swamp Pass approach, steep ascent! Four hoove drive……. 16th place 35:19. Speed Goat Coupon Now Available! With your purchase use coupon code 1UX-1-UJENB to receive 10% off on trail running shoes and accessories […]


Speedgoat 50k

The Speedgoat 50k ended with comments like  “that’s the hardest thing I have ever done!”  Talk about rugged trail races, the Speedgoat handed out 10,500 feet of climbing in 30 miles with steep descents and never ending climbs. This years winner Nate McDowell smoked the course in 5:43 to set the scrape for next years […]

Hardrock 100 – 2008 6

This was the last time I saw Kyle Skaggs who ran in a zone unknown to the rest of us, Kyle completed the course in 23:23 which is unheard off!  During the two weeks I was acclimating in the Saun Jauns I seen Kyle sprinting buy several times looking really fast. I heard this rumor […]



Hardrock 100 – Saun Jaun Mountain Tour 7

A tour it was for the Wasatch Speed Goat Mountain Racing Team as I spent over two weeks in the San Juan’s acclimating for the ultimate foot race. The picture below is mile marker 90.5 coming into Cunningham aid station, my goal was to give this marker a tap on the way by to my […]