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WSGMRT beer sponsor? 4

Well after a long hard search I found a pale ale worthy of the goat tradition, the Scapegoat Pale Ale !! Yes it’s true, the Big Sky Brewing Co. from Missoula, Montana has blessed the over controlled Utah liquor store’s with a killer pale ale. Next time you are in the west check out the […]


Bighorn 100 weekend 3

The Big Horn weekend is upon us, one of the most beautiful courses I have ever run! Like most high altitude treks they’re all still buried under several feet of snow. The 50 mile turn around point is covered with 3 feet of snow which makes the aid station unreachable, so the course had to […]

Wasatch Speed Goat trail running community 1

The Wasatch Speed Goats are a force to be reckon with, from loons to lawyers we all have the same desires. Trail running ! Photo – Camryn Mason age 12 Speed Goat Coupon Now Available! With your purchase use coupon code 1UX-1-UJENB to receive 10% off on trail running shoes and accessories from

Powell red head


Squaw Peak 50 Miler

Squaw Peak 50 ended up being one of the craziest 50 milers I’ve ever run! The race started out with lot’s of rain as we climbed our first ascent we entered the snow zone! Yes it dumped 2 – 4 inches of snow in the morning then the sun came out and we all got […]

Hardrock is on-Handies Peak ?

Fellow Hardrocker Ted Mahon was skiing Handies Peak on May, 22 and this is what he discovered! All I can say is wow! I showed these to Karl Meltzer and he said “have fun sliding down Virginia’s Pass and Handies Peak! “Maybe I ‘ll take my Dynafit Skis to Grouse Gulch aid station for Handies?? You got to wonder […]