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Sproston Takes Women’s Title @Massanutten 100

“She won without being pressed. She looked calm and in control all day. Some observers, whom we will not identify since we protect our sources, were convinced that Amy had gone out too fast and would crash and burn. She didn’t. Amy’s time was eighth on the all time women’s finishers list and she is the fifth fastest women in MMT history. (Sue Johnston is responsible for four of the times ahead of Amy’s.) ”

Wow, just a re-cap on “Just another goat”

Wasatch Speed Goat

             Brennen Wysong at Masanutten 100 Straight Goat Dope

                                                                     NOW THAT’S PRIDE!

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Speedgoat 50k at Snowbird

It’s that time of year and the snow is melting fast except the fresh foot powder we just got! This year’s Speedgoat 50k is ready to rock through a new section called Mary Ellen’s gulch, west of Mineral Basin. Karl took a run there last fall and found a faint single track that takes you over the ridge into some new  terrain, this is real goat country! So sharpen your hooves and get ready to run one of the toughest 50k trail race there is.

Snowbird’s Cliff Lodge is ready to take reservations for rooms @ $89.00 per night, just mention you’re running the “Speedgoat 50k” July 26th. 1-800-232-9542.

Race Highlights

Cross Mt. Baldy with the crew from Black Diamond there to assist with ropes.

Run through Snowbird’s skier tunnel 9000 feet above sea level.

This is a spectator’s race, crews gets 2 tram passes to watch their runners from 11,000 feet above sea level.

Snowbird has an array of summer activities for  families and crews.

Lodging available at the starting line.

Entire race takes place between 8,000 and 11,000 feet. Vertical gain over 10,000 feet.


Registration form Speedgoat 50k

Congratulations to Amy Sproston runner for the Wasatch Speed Goat Mountain Racing Team for her first place finish at the Massanutten 100! Better known as Just another Goat

Patagonia~gear up for summer 1

We are excited to have the outdoor company Patagonia on board, take a look at the nice trail running cloths these guys has to offer.

Patagonia clothing company. Patagonia is a designer of outdoor clothing and gear. We make organic cotton clothing, sportswear, travel clothing, technical fleece, Synchilla; fleece, Capilene; underwear. We also have children’s clothing, kids; apparel & baby clothes. Our online store offers women’s and men’s outdoor clothing, including jackets, outerwear, gear, fleece, underwear, sportswear, shells, pants, bibs, vests, pullovers, hats, gloves – waterproof, windproof, & insulated for skiing, snowboarding, camping, climbing, hiking, travel and other outdoor sports.

Trail race weekend for the Goats….. 1

Congrats to top nannies Olga and Kelly who both finished strong last weekend at the Miwok 100k!

As the snow melts race schedules are picking up with seven goats traveling all over the country enjoy the trails! Stay tuned to see their results and stories!

 Wasatch Speed Goat Mountain Racing Team events and results:

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Protein and Amino Acid for endurance athletes

Introduction: A protein is any one of a large number of organic compounds that make up living organisms and are essential to their functioning. First discovered in 1838, proteins are now recognized as predominant ingredients of cells, making up more than 50 percent of the dry weight of animals. The word protein is coined from the Greek proteios, or “primary.”

Protein molecules range from the long, insoluble fibers that make up connective tissue and hair to the compact, soluble globules that can pass through cell membranes and set off metabolic reactions. Humans are made up of an estimated 30,000 different proteins, of which only about 2 percent have been adequately described. Proteins in the diet serve primarily to build and maintain cells, but their chemical breakdown also provides energy, yielding approximately 4 calories per gram, similar to carbohydrates.

Proteins are composed of about 20 different amino acids which in turn, are composed of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and sometimes sulfur. In a protein molecule, these acids form peptide bonds between amino and carboxyl (COOH) groups in long strands (polypeptide chains). The numerous combinations, in which the acids line up, and the helical and globular shapes into which the strands coil, help to explain the great diversity of tasks that proteins perform in living matter.

By Sally Warner MA PhD


Nalgene and Faux-Nalgene Bottles Will Likely Be Added to List of Toxic Substances in America Lite 1

CamelBak will end up looking like the smartest guys in the room with their non-BPA bottles if the Canadian government tags the Nalgenes as a toxic chemical. Some undercover scientist leaked to the press that the Canadian government is prepared to let the world know that camping and baby bottles are slowly poisoning them. How many years of poisoning have you expreienced?

The public and industry will have 60 days to comment on the designation once it is released, setting into motion a two-year process that could lead to a partial or complete ban on food-related uses of plastics made using B.P.A.

When they say “public” they mean Canada, but I stopped using my Nalgene years ago—to dangerous. Now I just use it as an ashtray.

Choose your hydration products with caution!

via NY Times