Monthly Archives: March 2008

Rocky Mountain Goat – Fact

Photo taken from Huron Peak, Colorado Both male and female mountain goats have beards, short tails, and long black horns, 15-28 cm in length, which contain yearly growth rings. They are protected from the elements by their woolly white double coats. The fine, dense wool of their undercoats is covered by an outer layer of […]

Coyote Two Moon Ultras 7

March 21, Race Director Chris Scott is sending off 150 trail runners into the Los Padres National Forest. The 100 mile course has over 28,000 vertical climbing, sounds like a Wasatch 100 day! I am registered for the race but planned on not attending since my AC shoulder separation in January. But of course with […]

Todd Braje wins Way too Cool 50k 2

Top four men all break the seven minute mile pace! Imagine trying to hang with this crew for a 50k! Nice run Todd and another Skaggs showing up near the top rounded out by the timeless Scott Jurek! 1. Todd Braje 3:32:12 2. Erik Skaggs 3:34:17 3. Dan Olmstead 3:35:05 4. Scott Jurek 3:35:09 Looks […]

Way too Cool 50k 7

Way to Cool is shaping up to be a real competitive race, there are so many fast people running I have no ideal who will win. Check out Karl Meltzers odds, he picked Matt Carpenter and Suzanna Beck for the win! This will be a great test for the young Skaggs and experienced Scott Jurek […]

Columbia Sportswear Combines Montrail and Mountain Hardwear Brands 14

Columbia Sportswear Company has announced it will combine the sales, marketing, and service units of its Montrail and Mountain Hardwear brands. Effective May 1st, the Montrail brand will be overseen by the Mountain Hardwear management team headed by president Mike Wallenfels. Montrail makes hiking and trail running footwear, while Mountain Hardwear makes mountaineering equipment, clothing […]

Speedgoat 50k is on! 3

For you climbing junkies the toughest 50k is open! Last year there was so much vertical the course ended up short but no one complained. This year we are exploring some new terrain around the resort that should make the race even more difficult. Winter has shown us some record snow fall this year so […]