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Hardrock 100 and Go Pro head cam gear review 3

Virginia’s pass is one of the coolest aid stations I have ever seen and this year It will be on film! Travis Ott from Gary Fisher Bikes sent me a GoPro head cam that fits on your head just like a head lamp. The headband is well designed so the waterproof TV camera doesn’t bounce when you run!. This will be a blast filming sections of the course and documenting the good and bad times of the Hardrock¬†100!¬†

GoPro  Helmet Hero Video Camera

Three Scrapes for Hardrock! I hope the snow melts!

Coyote Two Moons Ultras – 100 miler 8

Two moons of madness, thats what director Chris Scott put on for Easter! The inaugural ultra offered both 100 mile and 100k distance; I ran the 100 miler only to discover the course to be tough as or even tougher then the Wasatch 100. The vertical included 7 massive out and backs off this huge ridge that towers over the cool town of Ojai, California. The Wasatch 100 course gives you chances to recover on those short climbs unlike the Two Moons which sends you straight up or down with no mercy. The out and backs were any where from 12 to 16 miles long with 6 – 8,000 combined vertical. When I reached the ridge for the last time Chris Scott was in a full Easter Bunny suit handing out peps to the runners. These guys will certainty entertain you while you suffer through one of the toughest 100’s around! Warning, this course will crack your will if you are not prepared!

The race was a experiment for me! I was injured and only ran 9 times since last October, I always rest November December and hit it hard in January, but the thirty feet of snow and the AC separation halted all training until March 1st. I decided not to race but Karl Meltzer said, “what do you have to lose?” So I told Chris I will be there. I remember the year Meltzer had a budging disk and didn’t run all summer, sure enough he lined up for the Wasatch 100 and won it! That was the real “off the couch 100” which convinced me I could at least finish! My result was 30:16, 11-12th overall?. Go figure ~

SUPER THANKS to the boys at Frozen Valley and Cozy Dell aid station, these guys pulled me out of the swamp and gave me some hot soup when the temp was 24 degrees! Thanks to Cheryl Meltzer for kicking me out of Cozy Dell aid were things were getting ugly before the last 4,286 ft. climb of the night! This race was mind over fitness levels for me.

Race diagram, very deceiving! Check out Karl Meltzer’s results, he destroyed the course!;

committed to promoting human powered, sustainable recreation.

Rocky Mountain Goat – Fact

Photo taken from Huron Peak, Colorado

Photo taken from Huron Peak, Colorado

Both male and female mountain goats have beards, short tails, and long black horns, 15-28 cm in length, which contain yearly growth rings. They are protected from the elements by their woolly white double coats. The fine, dense wool of their undercoats is covered by an outer layer of longer, hollow hairs. In warmer seasons, mountain goats moult by rubbing against rocks and trees, with the adult billies (males) shedding their extra wool first and the pregnant nannies (females) shedding last. In the winter, their coats help them to withstand temperatures as low as -50 Fahrenheit and winds of up to 100 mph.

A billy stands (3’3″) at the shoulder to the waists. Male goats also have longer horns and a longer beard than nannies. Mountain goats typically weigh between 100 – 300 lbs.;females are usually 10-30% lighter than males.

The mountain goat’s feet are well-suited for climbing steep, rocky slopes, sometimes with pitches of 60 degrees or more, with inner pads that provide traction and cloven hooves that can spread apart as needed. Dewclaws on the back of their feet also help to keep them from slipping poo.

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Wasatch Speed Goat Mountain Racing Team 5

I would like to thank every one for their interest in the racing team. My original plan was for 2009 but the sponsors are stepping it up and we are on for 2008! This year will be a grass roots program as I plan to expand the team for next year.

We greatly appreciate the sponsors for getting on board as they’ve already committed their budgets for 2008!
I hope to have all the loose ends tied up so the team is in place by the end of March!

At this time we cannot except additional resumes do to the overwhelming response.

Thanks for all!

Coyote Two Moon Ultras 7

March 21, Race Director Chris Scott is sending off 150 trail runners into the Los Padres National Forest. The 100 mile course has over 28,000 vertical climbing, sounds like a Wasatch 100 day! I am registered for the race but planned on not attending since my AC shoulder separation in January. But of course with only two weeks training under my belt, Coach Meltzer is ” promoting pain”. Karl asked me today, what do you have to lose? He’s right so I e-mailed Chris Scott and greased him with a couple Spaten Optimators to re align my finish time from 28 – 34 hours. I am probably more nervous to run my slowest 100 then I am when I am in shape! This Ultra has staggered starts so every one will finish with in a four hour window on Sunday, what a strategy!

Chris Scott, Chief Idiot

Three scrapes for effort !

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Todd Braje wins Way too Cool 50k 2

Top four men all break the seven minute mile pace! Imagine trying to hang with this crew for a 50k! Nice run Todd and another Skaggs showing up near the top rounded out by the timeless Scott Jurek!

1. Todd Braje 3:32:12
2. Erik Skaggs 3:34:17
3. Dan Olmstead 3:35:05
4. Scott Jurek 3:35:09

Looks like Suzanna Beck (3:55:22) winner of the Red Hot 50k beat Ann Trason’s record by almost 4 minutes! Suzanna was the odds favorite for the women! Check out full results for the Way too Cool 50k !

Way too Cool 50k 7

Way to Cool is shaping up to be a real competitive race, there are so many fast people running I have no ideal who will win. Check out Karl Meltzers odds, he picked Matt Carpenter and Suzanna Beck for the win! This will be a great test for the young Skaggs and experienced Scott Jurek going up against the mighty Matt Carpenter. Stay tuned should be a killer race!

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Wasatch Speed Goat Mountain Racing Team 14

This will be new for 2009 but may begin as soon as this summer, I am putting together a killer group of runners who are dedicated to the sport of trail running. These runners will not always be the fastest guys and girls around but long time trail runners who have and are dedicating their life to the sport.

The selection criteria is simple, just run six trail races each season ! You do not have to be on the podium every race but a consistent finisher. You must have at least one 100 miler on your six race schedule!

I will post your bio, race schedules and your race reports!


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Columbia Sportswear Combines Montrail and Mountain Hardwear Brands 14

Columbia Sportswear Company has announced it will combine the sales, marketing, and service units of its Montrail and Mountain Hardwear brands. Effective May 1st, the Montrail brand will be overseen by the Mountain Hardwear management team headed by president Mike Wallenfels.

Montrail makes hiking and trail running footwear, while Mountain Hardwear makes mountaineering equipment, clothing and accessories.


Speedgoat 50k is on! 3

For you climbing junkies the toughest 50k is open! Last year there was so much vertical the course ended up short but no one complained. This year we are exploring some new terrain around the resort that should make the race even more difficult. Winter has shown us some record snow fall this year so expect to cross a glacier or two!

Speedgoat 50k

Dave Hunt cruising in his pink gators!
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