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Meltzers interview with First Endurance

Optygen Pilot Study Proves Positive

The purpose of this study was to determine the effects on highly trained distance runners of a commercial herbal-based supplement purported to improve endurance performance by increasing oxygen uptake, assisting recovery, and reducing lactic acid production. Though changes in performance variables (VO2 max, hemoglobin, serum ferritin and salivary cortisol) were similar between groups, time to onset of lactate threshold was nearly 42% greater in E=experimental vs C=control group. These findings suggest that although some performance variables were not directly affected, use of a commercial- herbal based supplement may have helped improve lactate threshold levels significantly. read more >>

First Endurance


Wasatch Speed Goat – SM

Karls interview with First Endurance

Trail Run Gear.com 

Effects of Altitude on Fueling and Hydration

Traveling to higher altitude for a training camp is a method used by many elite athletes to help improve performance in sea level competition. Ideally, an altitude training camp should last for 3 to 4 weeks to receive an optimal amount of exposure to high altitude. Most studies indicate that performance can be increased by 1-2% when using altitude training. For that average Joe, that doesn’t sound like much but for a high performance athlete, the margin between 1st and 4th place can be less than 1%. Typically, staying at a moderate elevation of 5,000-8000 feet allows for maintenance of relatively high training volume and moderately high training intensity. Complete article>>

Being a huge fan of First Endurance, these guys really focus on the endurance athlete!

Wasatch Speed Goat – SM