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Copper Canyon Trail Run in Mexico 1

Running with the Tarahumara Indians, who else offers that experience. I meet race director Micah True last year at Leadville 100 and he had some great stories about the canyon. This year’s race should be real exciting with Antone Krupika and kyle Skaggs showing up, will they run in shoes or sandals? Those two should run in sandals, it’s not like it would slow them down, probably just a couple new blisters!

Copper Canyon Race is on March 2, 2008 so if you are bored suit up and head to Mexico and make sure you tell Micah Wasatch Speed Goat says hi!

Tarahumara Racers

Tarahumara Racers

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Trail running in snowy Utah 8

It’s has been a rough winter of training in Park City, there is so much snow the moose are turning white! Check out this albino moose we spotted, this is a rare sighting and it really sums up our winter. Happy trails if you can find them!


Wasatch Speed Goat – Scott

Tony Kuprika, Kyle Skaggs tie for win @ Red Hot 50k 2

The two young goats tore up slick rock Saturday with a rippin time of 4:03 and Susanna Beck won for the women in 4:28. Sounds like Tony jumped in the race last week to win side by side with friend and speedster Kyle Skaggs. I watched these two scream by me at Hopes Pass last summer (other direction) during the Leadville 100, sounds like they had the sharpest hooves of the day! Congrats to Kyle and Tony for a great run and hats off to Susan who posted a incredible time of 4:28!! Sounds like a lot of people got chicked SATURDAY! Way to run Susanna !

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Meltzer and Skaggs showdown at Moab Red Hot 50K 8

Saturday, February 16 two of the best of the best in the business face off at the Red Hot 50k in Moab. karl and I ran this race last year and what a great early season race! The first 17 miles is real runnable and the last 17 cross a giant rock that can be real tricky to find the trail. The speed goat that wins this race will be the one who spends no time looking for the course.

This is a classic match up with young goat and the master goat himself clicking across the slick rock, who will have the sharpest hooves of the day? We will find out Saturday when Meltzer calls me after the race. I am stuck at my house with over 30 feet of snow and a separated shoulder from a snowmobile crash, bummer to miss the race!


Wasatch Speed Goat – Scott

La Sportiva Athlete Spotlight Anna Pichrtova: 3

Anna Pichrtova: Training Advice: “What good is advice? I should take my own! I should be working on my weakness, which is speed, but I don’t; I run long, which is already my strength. I should be doing hill repeats, but I don’t; I just like to run in the mountains, and get energy from the sun.”

Why – Love the sport. For me, it’s the mountains, having a quiet mind, like meditation. Connect to the nature. And of course, I love winning! But if I couldn’t race, it wouldn’t be a question, I would keep running.

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Wasatch Speed Goat – Scott

Meltzers interview with First Endurance

Optygen Pilot Study Proves Positive

The purpose of this study was to determine the effects on highly trained distance runners of a commercial herbal-based supplement purported to improve endurance performance by increasing oxygen uptake, assisting recovery, and reducing lactic acid production. Though changes in performance variables (VO2 max, hemoglobin, serum ferritin and salivary cortisol) were similar between groups, time to onset of lactate threshold was nearly 42% greater in E=experimental vs C=control group. These findings suggest that although some performance variables were not directly affected, use of a commercial- herbal based supplement may have helped improve lactate threshold levels significantly. read more >>

First Endurance


Wasatch Speed Goat – SM

Karls interview with First Endurance

Trail Run 

Effects of Altitude on Fueling and Hydration

Traveling to higher altitude for a training camp is a method used by many elite athletes to help improve performance in sea level competition. Ideally, an altitude training camp should last for 3 to 4 weeks to receive an optimal amount of exposure to high altitude. Most studies indicate that performance can be increased by 1-2% when using altitude training. For that average Joe, that doesn’t sound like much but for a high performance athlete, the margin between 1st and 4th place can be less than 1%. Typically, staying at a moderate elevation of 5,000-8000 feet allows for maintenance of relatively high training volume and moderately high training intensity. Complete article>>

Being a huge fan of First Endurance, these guys really focus on the endurance athlete!

Wasatch Speed Goat – SM

100 mile racing tip 1

Check this out, I paced John Maack at the 2007 Wasatch 100 and this guy really had his drop bags worked out! No they were not bags he used orange 5 gallon buckets! Yea, buckets, what a great ideal! Here are the immediate advantages I noticed;

  • Easy to spot your drop bag (bucket) at the aid stations, even if you are tired.
  • The bucket seals up and this keeps your gear dry from the weather and your items will not get crushed like your gu packs or lights.
  • This can also be a chair if all the seats are taken at the aid station.
  • If you are passing a aid station more then once it is nice to have a bucket instead of a ripped up or wet drop bag!
  • Easy to find your buckets at the finish line when you are hammered.
  • I don’t think the race directors would like to see 300 orange buckets at the race!



Any drop bag ideals please leave a comment for fellow speed goats, Bahaha three scrapes!

Hardrock 100 is on! 13

After a 7 year absence from the ultimate 100 mile race, I made the runners list! Only 140 runners get to line up for the big daddy of hard core trail 100’s! I’ve seen a lot of familiar names on the list, any fellow speed goats heading up early to acclimate? I will be at Red Mountain Pass on June 27 until race day. This is were Karl Meltzer and I camped the year 2000, in fact Karl has named this camp Speed Goat. He has set on this ridge before acclimating and waiting to rock that course like he has so many times! It will be strange not seeing karl at Hardrock but he will be preparing for the AT record! Start training, this course takes a toll on you!

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Hal Koerner wins 2007 Speed Goat of the Year ! 1

The first ever Speed Goat of the Year has been chosen by the readers of! Three Scrapes for Hal !

Hal wins the polls with 944 votes over runner up Nikki Kimball who posted 803. A total of 3,655 votes were cast, thanks for all!

Hal Koerner Western States 100 4969Goat

Photo by Chris Aschenbrener

Hal receiving his medal after dominating the 2007 Westerns States 100!

Photo by Chris Aschenbrener
Hal will receive the goat skull award designed by Wynn Davis, trophy designer for the Speedgoat 50k. Hal will also receive a comp entry to the Speedgoat 50k at Snowbird Ski Resort on 7/26/08. Karl and I will present the award to Hal at the Coyote Two Moon in March!

Top 5 Speed Goats for 2007, way to go ladies!

1. Hal Koerner 944

2. Nikki Kimball 803

3. Krissy Moehl 613

4. Karl Meltzer 564

5. Kyle Skaggs 495

Wasatch Speed Goat – Scott

Full story to follow ~

Updates, Voting for SOY and Wasatch 100 3

Wow, the voting is coming down to the wire between Nikki and Hal. Just a reminder the polls will be closed Saturday February 2, at 5:00 p.m. sharp! I will not be at the Wasatch 100 lottery as I went to mail my application in on January 9 and was informed the 8th was the cutoff date for the app, that s–ks. I should have keep a better eye on their web page for the new application process.

Keep the voting coming at Trail Run until Saturday at 5:00 sharp!

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