Monthly Archives: February 2008

Copper Canyon Trail Run in Mexico 1

Running with the Tarahumara Indians, who else offers that experience. I meet race director Micah True last year at Leadville 100 and he had some great stories about the canyon. This year’s race should be real exciting with Antone Krupika and kyle Skaggs showing up, will they run in shoes or sandals? Those two should […]


Trail running in snowy Utah 8

It’s has been a rough winter of training in Park City, there is so much snow the moose are turning white! Check out this albino moose we spotted, this is a rare sighting and it really sums up our winter. Happy trails if you can find them! Wasatch Speed Goat – Scott

Meltzers interview with First Endurance

Optygen Pilot Study Proves Positive The purpose of this study was to determine the effects on highly trained distance runners of a commercial herbal-based supplement purported to improve endurance performance by increasing oxygen uptake, assisting recovery, and reducing lactic acid production. Though changes in performance variables (VO2 max, hemoglobin, serum ferritin and salivary cortisol) were […]


Effects of Altitude on Fueling and Hydration

Traveling to higher altitude for a training camp is a method used by many elite athletes to help improve performance in sea level competition. Ideally, an altitude training camp should last for 3 to 4 weeks to receive an optimal amount of exposure to high altitude. Most studies indicate that performance can be increased by […]

100 mile racing tip 1

Check this out, I paced John Maack at the 2007 Wasatch 100 and this guy really had his drop bags worked out! No they were not bags he used orange 5 gallon buckets! Yea, buckets, what a great ideal! Here are the immediate advantages I noticed; Easy to spot your drop bag (bucket) at the […]

Hardrock 100 is on! 13

After a 7 year absence from the ultimate 100 mile race, I made the runners list! Only 140 runners get to line up for the big daddy of hard core trail 100′s! I’ve seen a lot of familiar names on the list, any fellow speed goats heading up early to acclimate? I will be at […]

Hal Koerner wins 2007 Speed Goat of the Year ! 1

The first ever Speed Goat of the Year has been chosen by the readers of! Three Scrapes for Hal ! Hal wins the polls with 944 votes over runner up Nikki Kimball who posted 803. A total of 3,655 votes were cast, thanks for all! Photo by Chris Aschenbrener Hal receiving his medal after […]