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Carpenter takes the cash…. 1

Yes sir, one of the best trail runners ever shows up at the North Face Challenge to take the cash, his closet rival Ulli Steidl was unalble to hold off the surging Matt Carpenter who still has the leg speed. I ran Pike’s Peak Marathon the year those two had a show down on Matt’s home turf, guess who won that race??? Congrats to Matt and Kami Semick for taking the prize… 3 scrapes!!

Good to see Kyle still has some competition out there, nice run Karl Meltzer who just finished the AT Adventure!!

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Speedgoat 50k registration is open!

It’s time to set the race calander for 09 ! The Speedgoat 50k is ready to take applications as of December 1st.


Speedgoat 50k

The Speedgoat 50k…2009 version will be held on the 18th of July. One week earlier than last year. I’d like to see more snow on the course! Yah, just kiddin’. The course will be the same as 2008, unless some random circumstance happens. Applications will be available Dec. 1st, 2008, online at at 7am EST. The cost will be 70 bucks across the board. No early fee, no late fee, but you have to get it in by July 5th, nothing will be accepted after that as the registration page will be pulled. We are limiting the entries to 200 this year, so put us on your calendar and come run the toughest 50k in the US, (and probably the world). Snowbird has a great venue for runners and families alike, great rooms and activities for everyone ages 5-100.

Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Mile Run

Happy Thanksgiving from the Wasatch Speed Goat Mountain Racing Team !!

Be ready to mail out your application for the Massanutten 100 on December 1st as the lottery takes place December 9th, nice to know early if your in or not as most of the big 100’s have all turned to the lottery system.  If your signing up for this race make sure you have a nice toe box on your trail shoes as these rocks don’t move…

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Kyle Skaggs speeds up trail running

Kyle Skaggs destroyed the course record at this year Hardrock 100.  I was in Silverton, Colorado for two weeks acclimating for the ultimate trail race and heard rumors that Kyle wanted to finish less than 24 hours. I thought to myself no way, later I learned Kyle spent most of his summer in Silverton running the entire snow covered coarse. Once the race started Kyle took off and never looked back, paced by accomplished trail runner Nate McDowell Kyle was able to complete the course in 23:23:30. Anyone who’s finished this race is asking themselves how did he do it? 10 scrapes!!!

Kyle and Anton running Mt. Blanc? It would be nice to see USA get the podium at the largest international trail race around.. Scrape on..kyle.

Kyle Skagss at the 2008 Hardrock 100

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Ultrarunning vs. Unicycles

Check this out, Rob Youngren new member for the 2009 Wasatch Speed Goat Mountain Racing Team cross trains on his unicycle. Don’t think this slows him down  as he trekked from the deep south to post a 10th place finish at the 2008 Hardrock 100. What’s more amazing these guys compete in 50 mile races on these single wheeled bikes.  I’ve had my share of mountain bike wrecks, imagine crashing on one of these.

Scrape on Rob!!

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Bear 100 – Larry Hall

Larry Hall at the Bear 100 2008.

Larry and his wife Beth trail race all over the country, these two dedicate a lot of time to the sport.  What’s really cool’s the Wasatch Speed Goats will have two married couples on team, the other Billie Nannie combo is Deb and Steve Pero. Deb painted the killer finisher’s print for the 2008 Hardrock 100, thanks for the painting Deb! Three scrapes


Picture by Greg Norrander

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Speedgoat 50k – 2009 1

Snowbird Ski Resort has us on the books for July 18, 2009, if you enjoy massive vertical and high altitude challenges, keep this date open for the upcoming season. The coarse hands out roughly 20,000 combined vertical, this is the only trail race that spectators can watch after a sweet ride up the Snowbird Tram..

Nate Mcdowell

Nate Mcdowell winner 2008 Speedgoat 50k

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First Endurance recovery drink-Ultragen

Recovery Drink Comparison Chart – This is one training supplement that will help your body keep up with it’s demands.

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Trail running and blogosphere 1

Check out this article about bloggers, personal web pages have became a primary source of information for any subject or sport.

The Blogosphere Ecosystem
Bloggers collectively create nearly one million blog posts each day, and half of bloggers believe blogs will be a primary source of news and entertainment in the next five years. A new report by Technorati analyzed an average work week on their site which covered five broad topic areas relating to the state of blogging: Who bloggers are, how they blog, blogging for profit and brands in the blogosphere. Though there is no widespread agreement on the size of the blogosphere, 133 million blog records have been indexed by Technorati since 2002. This growing number- and the blurring of lines between blogs and mainstream media – indicate that blogs have hit the mainstream, and now have representation in top-10 website lists across all key categories. Bloggers are important to watch, Technorati said, because as they are often the first ones to use new web applications and are highly influential in speeding adoption.

Characteristics of Bloggers>>>Read full story

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Ultrarunning and coaching Heber Storm Soccer ?

What’s this?

This is my daughter’s soccer team who just won the whole league for Division One U-13 Soccer. What’s cool were from a little town called Heber City just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. The teams we compete against have hundred’s of kids trying out for the squad, we had 25.

Nothing like coaching along side of Ian Harvey, accomplished Olympian Skate Skier (Toko Rep for North America) who understands what it takes to be the best.

I’ve help coach these girls for the past three years, it was very rewarding to see the “bad news bears” win  the division and become a Premier Soccer Team !

October 6th, final game to win the league !!

The Heber Storm, scrape on!!


Photo: Mt. Timpanogos – Coach Ian Harvey

Jim Skaggs race director, volunteer, team mate

Hat’s off to Jim Skaggs race director for the Antelope Island Buffalo Run, Jim directs 3 races at once on the coolest island planet Utah has to offer. If you like running with the bulls then try running with the buffalo’s at Utah’s Antelope Island.

Don’t let this humble face full you, Jim is a member of the Wasatch Speed Goat Mountain Racing Team and spends more time volunteering at races then anyone I have ever seen! Thanks for the help at the Speedgoat 50k.. Scrape on..

Ten scrapes for Jim!

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La Sportiva Fireblade vs. Hardrock 100

After running in the Montrail Vitesse for over ten years I finally switched shoes. My first season in the La Sportiva Fireblades went extremely well. The first part of the year I ran the Two Moons 100 and the Squaw Peak 50; The Fireblades preformed real well but the big test was still waiting, the rugged Hardrock 100.

Trail shop

During the Hardrock I trekked through dozens of streams, glaciers and scree fields that were nothing but rocks. The Fireblade was sturdy enough to handle the rugged terrain but yet a really light fast feeling shoe. The sole carried enough lugs to stick through all types of surfaces like the snow fields, mud and wet rocks. I like the skinny heel which makes for a confident heel strike down those tricky, rocky descents.  The Fireblade doesn’t have a bunch of extra bulk and weight which feels real sleek on the feet!

Another design feature that works real well, is the pointed sturdy toe box. Other shoes designs have the bigger flatter toe box that doesn’t deflect toe bang near as well as the pointed toe box. In fact I didn’t get one single blister or lose any toe nails, the first time ever in 60 plus ultra marathons.

Three scrapes for the La Sportiva Fireblades!!

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Where’s Karl ?

Wow, looks a little rugged out there!  Buzz Burrell sent me a link La Sportiva Adventure Racing.

How slow does this terrain look?  Karl is out there trekking the AT to the finish. Imagine how strong he will be after recovering from this adventure. 10 scrapes for Karl!! Clearance Bin – Save At Least 50% Off.
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Clearance Mason,  runner for the Wasatch Speed Goat Mountain Racing Team takes first place for the age group 70+ during the 8 in the Rough Trail Run. 10 Scrapes for the super master east coast goat!

Way to go Dad!

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Wasatch Speed Goats run the Wasatch 100

The Wasatch 100 is hosting a bunch of goats from the Wasatch Speed Goat Mountain Racing Team, as the sun rises  the team will be out there scraping all day and night to complete one of the toughest 100’s around.  As Steve Pero says “Scrape on


Photo Ian Harvey

Three Scrapes for the Team…..

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Wasatch 100 – 2008

Looks the the weather will be perfect for this weekends Wasatch 100, I am looking out my back deck and can see Sunset Peak way across the valley. This is where Amy Sproston and I will be at the highest point on the course before we drop down the rugged Dry Fork just past mile 80.

start line

This will be a fast race since the temperatures will be cool all day, no fry zone between East Canyon and Lambs this year!  The Wasatch Speed Goat Mountain Racing Team has a whole bunch of goats running!

Good luck to all the Nannies and Billies this weekend, scape hard……………Rick Gates going for #24 finish!

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Wasatch 100 Trail Race 2008

Here we go, one of the toughest 100’s is just around the corner!  The mighty Wasatch hands out a ton of  vertical from start to finish.  The Wasatch Speed Goat Mountain Racing Team has three members running, Jim Skaggs Race Director for the Antelope Island Buffalo Run, Dave Hunt  multi -Wasatch Cheetah Master and  Amy Sproston 2008 Massanutten 100 winner. I get the pleasure of pushing the pace with Amy from Brighton to the finish, scrape hard!!!


Full race report to follow……….

Hardrock 100 – finish

My Hardrock 100 splits were fast enough the last 35 miles  my wife and kids missed the finish, thanks for the photo !!!

Scott Mason of Heber City, Utah., runs the final stretch of the race toward the rock. The 101 mile course served up 66,000 combined vertical. Feeling tough?

Hats off to long time training partner and friend Karl Meltzer , Karl had to call it quits for the AT record due to injuries, 20 scrapes for the man…….

Interview with Wasatch Goat Rick Gates – 23 Wasatch 100 finishes. 1

I would like to introduce Rick Gates one of the founding fathers of Ultra running. Rick introduced Karl Meltzer and I to long distance trail running in the early 90’s. We worked with Rick at Snowbird Ski Resort (host of the Speedgoat 50k directed by Karl and Scott) from 1991 until ? only to learn that trail running is the coolest mountain sports of all ! In fact this July 26th Rick a (full time ski patrol for Snowbird Ski Resort) ran our race for the second time (of how many times to come) to assist a super trail runner who endowed down Mount Baldy.

1. Who and how were you introduced into Ultra running ? I starting running in the early 80’s at snowbird to stay in shape for skiing. Dillion Gilles and Reilly.

2.How many Wasatch 100 have you ran ? 23 – ( Scott response, my oldest child is 19 ? )

3. How many runners started the first Wasatch 100 ? 51 starters 24 finishers (No lotteries then~)

4. What were the wining times in the old days ? In 1983 Rob Landis took over 8 hours off the course record for 22 hours 4 minutes. 1985 was Dana Miller’s first Wasatch. He won in 21 hours 32 minutes. (Nice)

5. What kind of shoes did you guys use in those days, were there even trails shoes yet? I did had a couple pairs of Nike escapes which was an early trail running shoe. I also ran in Nike air max. (Cool~)

6. What type of food did the aid stations supply in the early days? I don’t remember much about this. I think it was a lot of fruit and salty items. My first year I had Mcdonald’s hamburgers at Affleck Park (35 miles) and 1/2 a pepperoni pizza at Mt dell (50 miles) I had no idea what i was doing.

7. With no history in 100 mile running, what type of mileage did run to prep for the 100’s? I ran mostly trails 20 to 30 milers. I try to learn most of the Wasatch course.

8. What type of hydration system did you use in the early 80’s? I had a pack with 4 little bottles. I think it was called a liquicpac. A number of people were running with boda belts.

9. Did pacers exist in the early days ? Yes

10. Did you guys use hand held or headlamps? Hand held, I tried a headlamp in the early years on a recommendation from a friend. It didn’t work out very well.

11. Who were the fast guys back then besides you? In the early years I was trying to finish in the top 10. Odin Christensen, Tom Green,Wendell Robison, Dennis Herr, Ed Masters , Rob Volkenand We spent alot of time battling on the trails but we were all friends.

12. When did women start showing up in the sport? Laurie Staton won the race outright the first year 1980. My first few years I think there was about 5 or so women, climbing each year. Cindy Andus won in 1985. In 1991 there were 10.

13. We all run with gu and salt tablets, did you have any supplements back then? I didn’t – (cool)

14. How many Wasatch 100’s finishes can you pull off in a row ? Good question. As long as I love to train and compete in Wasatch I think I have a few more years in me. (Understatement-Scott)

15. How do you run with just one water bottle, ? part Camel ? There are sections I run with 2 but I try to go as light as possible. sometimes it doesn’t work out that well. (Enjoy the Nathan, plus 2 Speedgoat 50k)

16. Did you use any supplements like gu or e-caps? No, what were those?

17. What is the key to longevity in the sport ? I have been very fortunate. I believe taking the winters off for me works well.

18. Your most amazing finish?

The year you broke your foot when you fell off the ladder and got a metal plate? That was a good one. I didn’t have high expectations of finishing that year as I was preparedto drop. So that was probably it-or in one of the earlier years I ran at least 106 miles getting lost numerous times.

19. Have you come close to dropping from a wasatch 100 ? I have had thoughts about dropping a number of times but things have seem to get better when I reached the aid station.

20. What year was your most satisfying finish ?

I have had a number 1984 my first stands out 1990 the year of the heat 1991 the year of the rain and 2003 when i finished with my long time pacer Brenda Barratt in her first 100. (Nice Brenda, fellow Snowbird employee-Scott)

10 Scrapes for our friend Rick who introduced us one of the best sports ever!!!!!! Bahahahahah~~~~~~~

C-ya for number 24 next month at Wasatch~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ IN A ROW !!


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Hats off to Karl Meltzer who had to retire from his record attempt on the AT trail. Karl had an injury and was pounded by massive rain storms the first few days which caused some other issue with the hooves. I don’t think Karl will rest until this is a done deal, he never gives up!

Dallas police engage in low speed goat chase

We all run through the mountains  enjoying,,  the Speed Goat concept, the Dallas police chased a speed goat follow link for details……

Just after 2 a.m. on Tuesday, Dallas police officers spotted a goat romping along Greenville Avenue. After chasing him around for a bit, they finally caught the goat and took him into custody. WFAA has the intriguing video along with Justin Farmer’s memoriam of Goat Boy from SNL.

Good thing this was not a Wasatch Speed Goat

Tahoe Rim Trail record

He’s off and running, team mate Peter Lubbers left to break the Tahoe Rim Trail record currently held by Tim Twietmeyer in 45:58.  keep on eye on Peter’s progress as he’s prepared for this challenge!!!

With Karl Meltzer out chasing his 47 day quest on the Appalachian Trail, I am beginning to wonder if the solo speed records are the next level of ultra running. 100’s not enough?


Thursday, 8/14, 2:00 P.M.-Welcome to the official webcast of Peter Lubbers’ TRT speed record attempt! Peter’s goal is to break the current Tahoe Rim Trail speed record of 45:58 held by Tim Twietmeyer, a distance of 165 miles, beginning Friday, August 15th at 4:00 P.M. I’ll be webcasting the event by staying in contact with his crew throughout the next couple of days and will do my best to provide current mileage splits and commentary on how he’s doing based on the information I can gather from his crew.

10 Scrapes for Peter!!

Kelly Ridyway wins Headlands 50 Miler

Try to hang with this Nannie who rolled through the course in 9:09:59, 20 minutes ahead of the second place women. Keep in mind the Headlands had 8160 feet vertical climbing, no easy task to finish this course for 8th place overall. Kelly a member for the Wasatch Speed Goat Mountain Racing Team has tearing up all season and put the hoof down this weekend. Ten scrapes for Kelly!!

Race updates for the Wasatch Speed Goat Mountain Racing Team

Where’s Karl? Day two

Where’s KARL?

He’s right where he wants to be, running around the woods for the next 47 days in quest of the Appalachian Trail Record. If any one can do it’s Karl, he’s the most determined trail runner I have ever run with.  I’ve seen him work through the worst of injuries and still win 100 milers that same season. It’s hard to keep this guy down, he loves the pressure along with the challenge. Ten scrapes for Karl !

Karl’s wearing a Spot tracking device, check his daily progress at:


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Speedgoat 50k

The Speedgoat 50k ended with comments like  “that’s the hardest thing I have ever done!”  Talk about rugged trail races, the Speedgoat handed out 10,500 feet of climbing in 30 miles with steep descents and never ending climbs. This years winner Nate McDowell smoked the course in 5:43 to set the scrape for next years runners. Nate’s wife Petra won the race last year so now they each have a goat leg trophy, three scrapes !!

The woman’s race was won By Anita Ortiz  who ran steady all day to complete the course in 6:07! Nice shot of Anita at the top of Snowbird’s cirque traverse.

Nate McDowell                 Anita Ortiz                     

Wasatch Speed Goat Mountain Racing Team

Super thanks to Dave Hunt and Jim Skaggs for your volunteer work ! Great run team, we had 4 goats in the race, full race report coming!

Speedgoat 50k Photo’s by Thomas Martens

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Hardrock 100 – 2008 6

This was the last time I saw Kyle Skaggs who ran in a zone unknown to the rest of us, Kyle completed the course in 23:23 which is unheard off!  During the two weeks I was acclimating in the Saun Jauns I seen Kyle sprinting buy several times looking really fast. I heard this rumor about him breaking 24 hours at Charlie Thorn’s house and was trying to understand how someone could do that?

Hardrock 100

My race was set be a slow start and go slower until I got to the top of Handies Peak which would be just about daylight, my plan was to start pressing the downhills and get to Sherman TANK UP “Roch Horton quote” and push hard the last 30 miles. Well that sounds except I showed up at Grouse Gulch with a stomach that was saying “no more anything”. With out the ability to intake any water or gu I was facing at a disaster! My sweet wife took me into the mash tent where I had the pleasure of hanging with Witt and Paul Sweeny who were both horizontal. I tried to force down a GU and puked it back up next to Paul’s head, sorry Paul.  After sipping coke, broth and eating stale pretzels I felt the body coming back.

I left Grouse aid station eating little bits of pretzels the whole way up Handies with my pacer Joan Parker who did a awesome job getting me over the highest point of the course. Once I got to the top I enjoyed a moment with team mate Marc Cosmas who came from sea level and finished a great run!

Then the switch flipped, I was able to push down gu’s the sun rose and all hell broke lose. I came into Sherman and Tyler Curiel said “he looks to fresh he hasn’t run the whole course.” I sat down super intense and had a coffee and burrito and asked Tyler how long does it take to finish the last 30? He said “about 11 to 12 hours or 10 hours if you are a stud.”  I left Sherman and started digging as deep as I ever had and pushed hard into 92.1 aid and suffered up the last 2500 foot climb with Cory Johnson then sprinted the last giant downhill into Silverton to complete the final leg in 9:38.

I ran with out a watch, here are my estimated splits vs. actual arrival times:

Aid                  Estimated                         Arrival time

KT                    9:30                                  9:29

Chapman         11:30                                 11:49

Telluride           3:00                                  2:59

Kroger’s            5:30                                  5:26

Governor           6:15                                  6:12

Ouray               7:45                                   7:45

Enginneer        11:00                                  11:29

Grouse             1:00                                   1:45

Sherman           8:00                                   7:29

Pole Creek       11:30                                  10:47

Maggie            1:00                                    12:12

Cunningham    3:30                                     2:26

Finish             7:00 – 37:00 Hours               5:19 – 35:16 Hours

Hardrock 100 – Saun Jaun Mountain Tour 7

A tour it was for the Wasatch Speed Goat Mountain Racing Team as I spent over two weeks in the San Juan’s acclimating for the ultimate foot race. The picture below is mile marker 90.5 coming into Cunningham aid station, my goal was to give this marker a tap on the way by to my first Hardrock finish, mission accomplished!

35:16 for 16th place.

Three scrapes for the whole team and everyone who raced this grueling event!

Full report coming after my hooves heal!

WSGMRT beer sponsor? 4

Well after a long hard search I found a pale ale worthy of the goat tradition, the Scapegoat Pale Ale !! Yes it’s true, the Big Sky Brewing Co. from Missoula, Montana has blessed the over controlled Utah liquor store’s with a killer pale ale.

Next time you are in the west check out the Scapegoat Pale Ale! Three scrapes for Big Sky Brewing Co.!

Take a close look at the map (click to enlarge)! If you make it past the beer carton clockwise on July 12th, you will be a happy goat!

Wasatch Speed Goat Mountain Racing Team