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The TransRockies Run 21

Team Skaggs is running away again!

Kyle Skaggs, fresh off his win at Wasatch, and his brother mule Kyle have a 12 minute lead after the first day of racing at the Trans-Rockies 5 day stage race. Go to to check it out. A rare race in the U.S. Not only does it last 5 days and runs a total of 110 miles, but WOW! there actually is prize money! Somewhere in the $3000-$5000 range for the winners, and a $20,000 purse should have attracted the 150 teams allowed to race. There are only about 40 teams in this year’s inaugural event. It might be a low-key sport, but having a real prize purse usually brings the competition. We thank all the sponsors at Trans-Rockies for throwing down the cash…love to see it. Check tomorrow for the next update and see if Kyle and Erik can run away with it again. -Wahsatchspeedgoat

How to pace at a 100 miler 8

Notes from the goats

There is no exact science to pacing but here are some the tips we have learned. It all started a long time ago when old friend Dan O’Connor paced to my first 100 mile finish, the Wasatch 100. He was motivating, pushed the pace and keep me moving, as I’ve had other pacers who were just happy to walk and talk with me. Here are some keys points to think about:

  • Know your runners abilities
  • Motivate your runner at all times
  • Be aware of your runners goals, keep track of his splits and remind him frequently what pace they are on.
  • Monitor their water and food intake, be sure they are ahead of their needs.
  • Pay attention to their pit stop plan before you enter each aid station.
  • Most important the aid station is a pit stop, not a rest stop along the highway. Your runner must race down time as well, this will translate to a faster finish.
  • Run in front of your runner, stay ahead and keep them running if they can.
  • Evaluate their strengths such as can they run better downhill, uphill or the flats, once you determine this push your runner through those sections.
  • Most of all, as long as your runner is not injured, get them to the finish!

If you fellow goats have any good info, leave a comment, Bahaha two scrapes!


Wasatch 100, Brighton mile 75

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Trail Gear Review – Petzl e+LITE 7

This is the best little headlamp I have ever used! The Petzl e+LITE weighs less then one ounce and has a battery life up to 45 hours. The LED works real well for any race that starts in the dark, you can clip the light to the rim of your hat and leave it on until night time returns, you won’t even know it is there. I would not rely on this light for the full night leg of a race but I would leave it on your hat or in your pack for a back up light. The e+LITE has a red LED that blinks up to 45 hours if you need rescued in the backcountry, great feature for safety! I will be starting the Bear 100 with this lite in two weeks!

You can purchase this headlamp right now (MSRP: $29.90) and save 10% (use code below):

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Leland Barker needs some volunteers for the BEAR 100 if you want to hang around the mountains during the fall colors! Leave a comment or contact Leland through the Bear web page.

WASATCH 100 produces two course records 14

Kyle Skaggs makes it 7 for 7 and another CR at Wasatch this weekend! Another Speedgoat record falls as Kyle Skaggs takes another 8 minutes off the WF100 course record at 19:35!It was not surprise to see Kyle go out fast and hang on. A 32 minute cushion at Brighton made it happen. The only record the Speedgoat has now is the last leg, (Brighton to the Finish) at 5:05. Kyle ran 5:33. What this does mean for the future, is, the record can now be even faster, somewhere around 19 hours if the fastest splits are run. No-one really knows how low it can go. Speedgoat odds fared well as the top 2 were picked easily and many on the list made the top 10.

Roch Horton and I ran a textbook performance to slip under 24 hours for the first time in 7 tries. Cheers to Roch for making it happen.

Liz Irvine proves to be the mystery women in this race and takes down Moehl’s record. Start to finish was the way to run this year as Liz Irvine proved she can hang with the best on the trail being the only women this year with a Crimson Cheetah finish with a stellar 23:29. I only saw Liz at Brighton and she looked better than everyone when she bounced in to the warm cozy aid of Brighton Ski Resort. Roch and I chased her but never got close enough, she was tough all day. Betsy Nye put together another Wasatch in classic form and finished second. Next year if she runs we’ll make sure we don’t miss her on the odds list.

I paced John Maack who ran a very even race all day, despite running with a heavy heart, John was able to keep his eye on the prize and worked through some stomach problems early in the day. John stayed focused and determined throughout the run to post (almost) even splits from beginning to the end ! His ability to run the downhills the whole last leg really helped improve his time from last by over 1 hour and 20 minutes along with less down time. John is 2 for 2 on the Wasatch 100 course, he will be a consistent finisher for many years to come! It was fun seeing Mr. Gates all morning running for his 23rd Wasatch 100 finish! Congratulations Rick!

Hats off to another finish for Dave from Virginia who just finished Leadville, Kelly Korevec and Brennen Wysong who both broke the 28 hour barrier. Way to go Leland Barker who just posted his 9th sub 24 hour finish at the Wasatch 100!



Wasatch 100 – a weekend of pacing 4

The grueling Wasatch 100 starts this Saturday with some chilly temps for Saturday morning. Karl and I are both pacing runners, Karl is going to finish with Roch Horton (sub 24?) from Black Diamond and I am finishing with fellow speedgoat John Maack (run strong!) from Salt Lake. Kyle Skaggs and his brother are hanging at Meltzer’s hoping to get some of those Goat vibs. Kyle’s brother is here to help him run for the record, as long as Karl doesn’t heckle him to much about needing a pacer. Good Luck all runners !

If you have any last minute needs go see Glenn at Wasatch Running Center, he has all the hard to find items like e-caps, first endurance products, running belts and lots of trail shoes! Glenn is located in Sandy at 8496 south state or call 801-566-8786.


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WasatchSpeedGoat Trail Running Tip VIDEO: Running Uphill

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Wasatch 100 and the SpeedGoat odds 17

Speedgoat Odds…a tough challenge for the Wasatch 100!
Kyle Skaggs…5-2 Focused primarily on this race and the best chance for a Course Record
Jasper Halekas…5-1 Strong Tahoe Rim 100, his speed is showing and will give Kyle a run for it.
Brandon Sybrowsky…7-1 Where has he been, must be ready to rip one, has it in him for sure.
Mike Wedemeyer…8-1 Another mystery man with all the speed, needs to keep his head in it.
Ty Draney…10-1 Proven to be a strong, tough Ultrarunner, but writes himself off too easy.
Tim Spence…13-1 Always tough at Wasatch, will have a solid performance again.
Kevin Schilling…16-1 Has the speed of the best, must stay focused and start smart.
Allen Bellshaw…16-1 Has been waiting to get in this race and could be a mystery man.
Jamie Gifford…18-1 Solid performance at Bighorn shows he has the guts to run top 10.
Dave Hunt…19-1 Could get a much higher result if he has a strong finish, he usually does.
Roch Horton…25-1 Wouldn’t it be great if Roch won?
Derek Blaylock…25-1 Always a strong performance at Wasatch, local toughness prevails.

Others looking to go home with the Cheetah t-shirt…..Ken Jensen, Mike Mason, Erik Storheim, Leland Barker, Dave Terry, and Hiroki Ishikawa. All these guys could slip into the top 10 with a strong performance. Mystery Man is Corbin Talley, Corbin took home the 100 bucks on Hidden Peak at the “Get High” 50K. Go out slow Corbin! it’ll pay off in the end!

The Lady Goats
Betsy Nye…2-1 Hands down the favorite, should show her experience later in the race.
Kathy D’Onofrio…10-1 Great runner all the time, needs to hang tough later in the race.
Birgitta Johnson…13-1 Strong showing at the “Get High” 50K, first 100 miler?
Pam Reed…20-1 Always tough to get it done but lacks a little speed to compete for the win.

So there it is folks, remember there is always a mystery women/man out there so keep looking over the shoulder to see who’s coming!


It’s tough to watch this race and not run it, but I’ll be out there pacing John Maack from the Wasatchspeedgoat 50k who is looking for his second Wasatch 100 finish! Three Scrapes!!


Karl Meltzer on Mt. Blanc 23

Europeans dominate the Tour Du Mont Blanc! U.S. get’s schooled…and learns a little of the French language.

Alot was said about the race in France, both positive and negative. Local knowledge plays a huge factor, as the Europeans took the best route around the Mt. Blanc Massif. Corners were cut, aid was given… apparently this is accepted in Europe, even though it is specifically noted in race rules not to do so. Scott, Hal and I were a little misled. We will not be misled again!!! We have been taught to follow the entire course, why would we want to run less than 100 miles, isn’t it more expensive per mile to run a shorter route?

My view on the race is mostly positive. The course is incredible like the Tour De France. Nowhere in the world can one toe the line with 2500 other psychos who want to run 163K around the top of Europe.

And lets not forget how organized this race is. 1200 volunteers made this happen! Katrin and Michel Poletti put on one incredible show.

Helicopters, 1000’s of fans, and media from all over the world lined the entire course. It is out of control. This does not exist and never will in the U.S. because of Forest Service issues.

Three tired Americans set out to France to try and make history, we made history…just not the history we were hoping for. Three of the best 100 mile runners from the U.S. all drop in the same race, now that is history!…..and it is over. So let’s move on and focus on the next objective, my short term memory loss has already forgotten about it, but I won’t forget when the entry form is online again, cuz’ I’m going back to make history again, this time fresh as the flowers at the Wasatchspeedgoat 50K.

Au Reviour (sp?), Caoi, Guten Tag, -Wahsatchspeedgoat


Mont-Blanc notes 8

Fellow speedgoat should be back to the states today, once Karl returns I expect to have an update on that monster course in Chamonix. I saw some notes from Hal that mentioned the difficulty of this course was second to none. To have all three big dogs go down tells me this course would be fun just to finish! The lack of switchbacks with all that vertical would test any caliber of trail runner. Great effort by all and super congratulations to Nikki Kimball who won the women’s race hands down! I suspect we will see some top Americans focusing on this race next year !

du Mont-Blanc USA vs. Europeans 84

Well the biggest show down in trail running is about to happen, Meltzer, Jurek and Koerner are representing the USA vs. those crafty Europeans. We do not know much about the top Europeans except it’s their home course and we are there to steal the show. Karl e-mailed me and said the course is awesome and the media is out of control. Karl sounds all calm and is ready to go do what he does, climb some rugged terrine. Every time Karl goes through an aid station I will receive an e-mail with in a minute, I will then post the updates as I receive them. Race starts 10:30 am today!

Karl live updates


3:42 update: La Balme check point
USA runners hold 3 of the top 4 positions so far lead by Jurek, Koerner then Meltzer all on the exact same pace!! First place is held by Mermoud who is 10 minutes ahead of the team USA, but will he last ? It’s early but could we see the USA take top 3 ?

4:06 update: Bonhom check point
Mermoud holds first place buy 13 minutes over Meltzer who is only one minute in front of Jurek and Koerner. Hold on for a barn burner !! Wahsatchspeedgoat must be feeling good!! Two scrapes~ Karl went from 6th to 2nd place so far.

4:21 update: Chap check point
Mermoud opens lead over Meltzer by 15 minutes, this guy is digging early. Jurek and Koerner are just a couple minutes behind. race time 05h37mn24s

Go NIKKI! First woman by a humongous margin, 41st overall as of 3:45 pm rocky mountain time!

6:45 update: Seigne
Mermoun leads Meltzer by 11 minutes, Karl managed to close the gap by 4 minutes with a long way to go. Koerner is 7 minutes behind Karl and Jurek is lerking back just 10 minutes. Nicki has a nice lead for the women!! oh boy! 07h13mn27s

8:12 update: Courm check point
Mermoud is looking strong, he has a 13 minute lead ahead of Delebarre and a 17 minute lead over Olmo and Meltzer. The Euros are making a move.

8:40 update: USA update
Meltzer 4th place 18 minutes behind the leader
Koerner 9th place 24 minutes behind the leader
Jurek 14th place 31 minutes behind the leader
Karnazes 124th place ??? minutes behind the leader

Nikki 36th place, yea go get a victory for the USA women!!

9:22 update: Bertone check point
We are about half way~first four runner in~
Mermoud 1st
Delebarre 14 minutes behind
Olmo 14 minutes behind
Meltzer 20 minutes behind – leading USA – 10h42mn03s – 81.80 km
Nikki Kimball – still kicking it up!

12:19 update:Col Ferret
After the big climb Meltzer (13h21mn19s) climbs into second place just 11 minutes behind Mermoun. Looks like Meltzer is in a battle of his life with the Euros ! Go Karl hang tough hopefully he didn’t spend to much energy on the big climb, not! Check it out Dean has put on a push to pass Jurek and Koerner !! Daylight is back and it’d time to scrape hard Karl!
Nikki is still in 34th place overall for the top women!!

12:54 update: Fouly check point
There is a long downhill after Ferret, Meltzer closed the gap to 5 minutes behind Mermoun. This must be a technical downhill where Karl’s hooves are good and sharpened, WSG is feeling good and dancing to his favorite tunes ! He is digging deep and smells a top 5 finish or better?

7:45 a.m. USA update: Looks like the Euros took over during our night.
Meltzer 12th place
Nikki 24th place
Dean 73rd place
Koerner 1375th place
Juek 1377th place

1st Olmo almost to the finish
2nd Mermoud
3rd Lukas
nice job, these guys are finishing strong!

Nickki Kimball finished for the top women super congrats!! 19th overall!

Dean is on his way to a top 50 finish? Way to go Dean!!! on boy !

    Ultra Map

100 miles of ups and downs 17

Finally after 18 ultramarathons in a row my streak came to a end! I had some scar tissue next to my Achilles tendon from the Bighorn 100 that took away my ability to run down hill after about 58 miles. I was coming down Hope pass on one good leg when I decided to make a smart decision and retire from the race. As hard as it is, I want to be healthy for another day. I think some of the best decisions are the hardest to make in the world of 100 mile running, as I was way ahead of any cutoffs, I could have masked the pain and limped to the finish, but I want to go kick some as- at the Bear 100 ! My friend Rick Gates ran to the finish in 28 hours and some change to ad to his total of 39 100 mile finishes! Rick is going for his 23 Wasatch 100 finish in a row next month, he is the only runner to ever finish that many Wasatch 100’s ! It was a pleasure seeing all fellow speedgoats this weekend, Kristi Bloodsworth, Ryan, Sean, John Hemsky, Larry Hall, Cory Johnson, Dave Crockett and Dave? who reads our web page had a great finish at the leadville ! Stay tuned for the Mt. Blanc race reports this weekend!

Wasatchspeedgoat Trailrunning tips (downhill running) / Park City TV video. This is the first of a three part series.

Trail Running tip 12

Notes from the Goats

Check this out, I learned this by mistake! I was running Zane Grey earlier this year where the terrain is extremely rugged and rocky. I was cruising with my biking gloves on to protect myself from any falls. Well to take that a step further a lot of times I am running with a Nathan water bottle in my hand. Sure enough I took a tumble at Zane Grey that would have broke my wrist, but the all mighty water bottle in my right hand hit the ground first and exploded the lid off the bottle and completely softened my fall. This reminds me of the water barriers you see on the highway exits ? Anyways another advantage for the runners who use the waist packs instead of the back packs.

If you have any tips you have learned feel free to leave a comment for all fellow Speed Goats . Happy Trails !


Speed Goat updates 4

An Interview With Karl Meltzer, the Wasatch Speedgoat and 2006 Ultrarunner of the Year

Meltzer spun the treadmill a little faster then Jurek at the OR Show, posting a 1.50-1.44, was there some sand bagging? Dave Mackey took the prize with a distance off 1.58 miles covered in 15 minutes. I went running with Dave Cameron from Chicago on Wednesday, we ran across the Wasatch Crest trail part of the Wasatch 100 course that Dave hopes to take on one of these days! This guy came from sea level with his game face on and ripped off this trail run like he lived at high elevation him self! Way to go Dave! I woke up Thursday morning with the crud cold that pulled me out of work and the treadmill challenge on Friday, that sucked!
Wasatch Speed Goat Ultra running Camp ? Yes it is true, we are teaming up with the University Of Utah to put on the premier trail running camp of all! Next July 9th, two weeks before the Wasatchspeedgoat 50k, we are scheduling a 5 day running camp right here in the Wasatch range! You will be able to fly in to the Salt Lake Airport and be at your plush accommodation’s at the University of Utah within 15 minutes of the airport. Janet Shaw and her team of Sports Science specialist will be there to hit on major topics throughout the week! Karl Meltzer and I will spending the week with you running sections of the Wasatch 100 course, reviewing techniques and ultra strategies we have learned over the last 120 ultras combined. Karl’s 2006 season ended with 2006 USATF Trail runner of the year and runner of the year! Try to win 6 100 milers in one season, learn how to recover, race faster and more often with the Wasatch Speed Goats next July. Stay tuned for more information~

Speed Goat Trail Running Gear Shop

DU MONT-BLANC press release ! 13

A perfect sports plateau!

This 5th edition will be marked by the presence of an exceptional sports plateau bringing together almost all of the best world specialists in ultra-trailing. In particular, it will be a theatre for Europe/USA confrontation without precedent.

The winners of the first four editions, Dawa Sherpa ( Nepal ), Vincent Delebarre ( France ), Christophe Jaquerod ( Switzerland ) and Marco Olmo ( Italy ) will all come together, for the first time, on the Starting Line. Their experience of the race and their prestigious record of achievements make them the big favourites!

Present alongside them, representing the USA :

  • Scott Jurek (USA), 7 times winner of the Western States 100 miles , winner of the Badwater and of the Spartathlon
  • Karl Metzer (USA), winner of six “ 100 miles ” in 2006, voted best “ultrarunner” for 2006 in the USA
  • Hal Koerner, winner in June 2007 of the Western States 100 miles
  • Dean Karnazes, the extreme runner of the The North Face team who is specifically training this year for The North Face® Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc ®

One will also be able to count on runners from the Ile de la Réunion : Wilfrid Ouledi, Thierry Chambry, Nico Dijoux et Thierry Techer, respectively 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th in the Grand Raid de la Réunion 2006, behind Vincent Delebarre et Christophe Jaquerod.

Also present :

  • Jens Lukas ( Germany ), European Champion of the 24h, twice winner of the Fortiche de Maurienne and 4th in the 2006 UTMB
  • Gilles Diehl, winner of the Grand Raid de la Réunion, 5 times positioned in the Marathon des Sables
  • Sébastien Chaigneau, recent winner of the great Raid du Mercantour
  • Lhoucine Akhdar, 3rd in the Marathon des Sables

As well as the best French specialists in trailing : Serge Barthes, Samuel Bonaudo, Benoît Laval, Pascal Paracuellos, Guillaume Millet , Antoine Guillon , Stéphane Grivel, David Pasquio, Patrice Kervevan.

With the females, the last two winners will also be on the Starting Line:

  • Karine Herry, thrice victorious in 2006 in The North Face® Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc ®, in the Grand Raid de la Réunion and the Templiers.
  • Elisabeth Hawker 2005 winner and 100 km world champion in 2006.

Elisabeth will head The North Face women team which includes two other challengers for victory: Nikki Kimball who has just won the Western State 100 miles and Diane Van Deren, who has won a great many 100-mile events across-the-Atlantic.

The other lady leaders will without doubt be Alexandra Rousset (lady winner of the 2004 Grand Raid de la Réunion), Marguerite Hoarau (2nd in the 2006 Grand Raid de la Réunion) and Ginette Moretto (1st in the 2000 Templiers).

The impressive number of enrolment demands and the very high sporting level of this race presage a 2007 edition without precedent.

And what if the 163 km were to be run in less than 21 hours?

Goat Go get them Karl ! Bahahah – 10 scrapes!

Mt. Blanc and Leadville 100 21

Time to focus on the next challenge, Meltzer and Jurek go head to head again at Tour de Mount Blanc in Chamonix on August 24, 2007. Being a North Face event maybe we will see how Dean the machine will do against the Jureks and Meltzers of the Ultra world? Meltzer and Jurek are going to battle it out on the treadmill Uphill Challenge at the Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City 8/10/07 as I go up against the speedy Tom Borschel (oh no!). The following week I head to the “Run Across the Sky” the Leadville 100 for some high altitude entertainment, hoping to do a PB on the leadville course.

Race profile

Race profile for Mt. Blanc

Wolfe repeats as National 50 Mile Trail Champion 4

Mike Wolfe repeats as “National 50 Mile Trail Champion

WITHOUT music in his ears, Mike Wolfe took home the prestigious title winning easily with a 25 minute margin slipping under 7 hours. Nikki Kimball also ran a stellar race breaking the previous record again running 7:39. Scott McCoubrey’s leadership at this event proves it to be one of the best 50 mile races in the US, too bad we can’t tune out anymore! We all know it is not his decision. Congrats to all who finished this course, sometimes it’s too easy to just stop and smell the flowers out there. -baaahhhh. 3 scrapes!

Check out one of the best 100 mile races in the West at the Bear 100. The race, unlike most, is not full yet! Why? the low-key atmosphere and time of year might have someting to do with it. The fall colors are in full display and is a course everyone should see. A little easier than Wasatch, but even more beautiful. September 28th is the date this year.

For a last minute 50K, the El Vacquero Loco, (Spanish for ” Crazy Cowboy”) takes place in Star Valley Wyoming on August 11th! Never been there? It’s one of those places you may never leave. Baaaaahhhhh!

Valmir Nunez crushes Jurek’s record at Badwater 2

Valmir Nunez crushes Jurek’s record at Badwater

All the way from Brazil, Valmir Nunez ran an incredible time on a somewhat cool day at Badwater last week. The evening temp dropped to a chilly 93 degrees allowing the runners to escape the standard 100 plus temps which normally plague the race. Valmir ran 22:51. Same time as Scott’s run at Spartathlon last year………Hmmmmm, what a coincidence. Same mileage, same time, more heat. Strange things are happening this year. 3 scrapes for Valmir! Baaaahhhhhhh


WasatchSpeedGoat Volunteers 10

SpeedGoat Terrain
Special thanks to everyone who spent the day on the hill with the runners!
One of the top three comments I heard was what great help at the aid stations!
Karl and I staffed each age station with professional ultrarunners who understand the needs of a runner during such a grueling course! We had Roch Horton and the Black Diamond crew manning Mt. Baldy and Roch himself making sure every runner left his aid station at the top of little cloud to the finish, plunge to the tram deck! At the top of the tram we had Jared Campbell (just broke 30 hours at Hardrock 07) and Larry O’neil. Down at the tunnel we had fellow Montrail Team mate Ken Jensen with Charlie Vincent and the crew!
Special thanks to Mark Scholl and the Salt Lake Regional Medical Center for being there for the runners!


Wynn Davis created our special trophies for the Innaugural race and deserves a big thanks from all of us who were able to participate last weekend. Without Wynn’s dedication to making these works of art, the “Goat Leg” and “Hooves” would have been alot harder to create, and a special thanks to Elwood the Goat for all his hoof growing power! Wynn will be racing here next year and will have a shot at taking home a goat leg of his own. – 10 Scrapes!

Nathan Packs were donated by Glenn at the Wasatch Running Center, go there to get the Nathan 20% discount!

The ultimate sponsor that allows trail running to be a spectator sport with that killer TRAM and course! Snowbird and John Collins!

Remember that ridge, the second climb!
If you feel good after running 24,000 vertical, it was the 80-90 servings of Ultragen that was consumed, thanks to Robert from First Endurance for helping with Goat recovery, bahaha!
Last but least thanks to Butch race director for the Wasatch Steeple Chase for running the timing system at the finsh line, suds for all Butch!

Wasatchspeedgoat 50K is now tucked away. 11

Check out these scenic photos of the Wasatchspeedgoat 50k!

Petra McDowell and Corbin Talley set the pace this year, as the standard is now set for the future at the Speedgoat 50K. Next year new trails are in the works to eliminate some confusion on the route. Remember Alta bailed on us at the last minute and because of it more marshals were needed along the course. Snowbird CEO Bob Bonar was thrilled with the race and plans on working a new trail to Mary Ellen Gulch, (Another Canyon off the back of Mineral Basin). If this addition happens, the course will be even more beautiful than this year. Another route has also been proposed eliminating the ski run from the top of Gad II. We are hoping to create a twisting, less steep route. Into hibernation, goats! For those who want another great race in a few weeks. El Vacquero Loco in Star Valley is another winner! Baaahhhhhh! 10 scrapes~! -Wahsatchspeedgoat

Erik Storeheim crossing the top of the tram!

Trail Run Gear use this code (1QL-1-QGSDU) and receive 10% Speed Goat discount off your order at the Speed Goat Trail running Gear Shop! Check redemption code and enter code during check out! Expires July 31st !

Results posted tonight, no kidding!

Any SpeedGoats who would like a Nathan Pack for trailrunning, please go see Glen at the Wasatch Running Center and he will give you a 20% discount if you mention this web page and article, cool!


Everyone got Chicked at the WasatchSpeedGoat 50k 19

Yes, it is true! Petra McDowell had the Sharpest Hooves of the day! Full race report coming shortly. Way to go Speedgoats!
Powder Shots photo’s are in!

Petra crossing the tape!

Helen Cospolich reaching for her $100 bill at the top of the tram! First male and female to the summit got the cash!

Scott with First Place Petra McDowell and First Place Male Corbin Talley!

Dan Young

Dan Young “Dark Vader” from PA. cruising out the tunnel!

CHECK OUT THE VERTICAL CHART ~ Thanks Joel Hatch (11,997) climbing in 27 miles, ouch~ the real Wasatch 100 warm up race.

course statistics

Way to put down the Ultragen and cold ones SpeedGoats!

WasatchSpeedGoat 50k- Carbon Footprint 7

Hello fellow SpeedGoats,

Thanks everyone for signing up for the first ever WasatchSpeedGoat “Get High” 50k!

This has been a daunting task getting such a killer race put together at the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon, we would like to request all runners please car pool and utilize the “park and ride ” at the bottom of Little Cottonwood Canyon. Snowbird has been very accommodating to partner with us to showcase the best 50k trail run venue ever! We really want to be the best environmentally conscious people we are, as you run through the course please do the best you can not to leave any waste behind! There will be restrooms at the start/finish and at the top of the tram where you cross twice, Thanks for the help!

Wasatch SpeedGoat 50k final instructions 11

Final Race Instructions

Hello fellow Goaties,

I hope every one’s training went well! Please review the final instructions for the race, we will see you on the tram deck at 5:30 am for packet pick up ! This is a steep course with 5 climbs, be patient you want to feel good for those last two climbs of the day! This is a Meltzer designed course, we expect the winning time to be around 6 hours so don’t think you’re going slow, everyone is going slow !! Sharpen your hooves, we will see you 7/21/07!!!!


Get ready to dance through the rocks!


JUREK takes HARDROCK with a vengeance ! 19


    After 4 long weeks of acclimatizing and training in Silverton, Co., Jurek takes the goat off the ridge, and breaks the record running 26:08!  Krissy Moehl also with two weeks of acclimatization, puts in her bid for Ultra performance of the year…so far, running 29:24!  The wahsatchspeedgoat remains  “unchicked”, running the fastest split from Chapman home after a 2 hour nappy-pooh, slipping under 29 hours.  The summer has just begun, with the Tour Du Mont Blanc in less than 6 weeks.  Here we will find one of the most level of playing fields, and we won’t be playing soccer!   10 scrapes for Scott, it was a stellar performance!     -Wahsatchspeedgoat


Hardrock 100 is under way! 17

Live updates throughout the day and night on Meltzer and Jurek!

  • Jurker is 4 minutes ahead of Meltzer at Cunningham Gulch
  • Ricky Denesik and Jurek are 4 minutes ahead of Meltzer at Maggie Gulch
  • Denesik and Meltzer pull into Pole Creek two minutes ahead of Jurek !
  • Jurker back in front w/ Denesik followed by Hartell and Meltzer 2 and 3 minutes behind at Sherman! Things are heating up!
  • Hartell is 2 minutes ahead of Jurek and 4 minutes ahead of Meltzer at Grouse Gulch mile 42.1! Now the race begins, Meltzer is patient~Jurker looks strong, can Hartell hold the pace?
  • Hartell leads Jurek by 2 minutes and Meltzer by 13 minutes as they left Engineer Pass at mile 48.6, we got a race!
  • Emily Baer left just 10 minutes in front of Krissy Moehl from Grouse Gulch, the women’s race is going to be a barn burner!
  • Jurek leads Hartell by 4 minutes and Meltzer by 17 minutes at Ouray mile 56.6. They just finished a long down hill from Engineer, now it ‘s time for Meltzer to make a move up the long climb to Virginia Pass-?
  • Jurek leads by Meltzer by 16 minutes out of Governer’s Basin, Hartell fading!
  • Emily Baer leaves Ouray 4 minutes ahead of Krissy, who will win this one?
  • It’s down to Jurek and Meltzer~
  • Jurek crosses Virginia Pass just 6 minutes in front of Meltzer at mile 67.7 ( long climb). Steep downhill to Telluride, not real technical-Jurek advantage?
  • First runner through Chapman should win!
  • Jurek is the first runner through Chapman and may be on his way to victory!
  • Krissy looks as if she might hold off Emily for the women’s victory!
  • Could Jurek post a course record?
  • Jurek just finished at 8:08, what a great run Scott, congratulations!! 26:08- record!
  • Meltzer showed up at Chapman Gulch and hour behind Jurek and took a two hour break, he is back up and fighting for a second place finish!
  • Krissy is in 4th place-21 minutes behind Meltzer at Kamm Traverse go Krissy!
  • Meltzer just passed through Putnam with some impressive splits considering he came back from the dead! Hang on for sub 29 WHSG!
  • Meltzer hung in there for second place at 10:59, 28:59! Way to hang for sub 29. How to take a 2 hour nap and still finish 2nd at Hardrock???????
  • Krissy Moehl – First women in at 11:24, 29:24 !! Super congratulations !! She finished third behind Meltzer! wow~Female SpeedGoat kicked up some dust out there! Course Record !!
  • Jared Campbell from Salt Lake kicked it in for a strong 4th place finish at 29:37~
  • Watching for fellow Speedgoats Roch Horton, Ken Jensen and old rival Todd Salzer!! Keep on scraping!
  • Imagine that: Roch Horton and Ken Jensen are on there way in from Putnam on the same splits! The Salt Lake boys finished the same time, nice work!
  • Hardrock 100 live

    Watch the Video of Scott’s finish!

    WasatchSpeedGoat 50k and Park City TV 1

    Hello Fellow Speed Goats! Park City TV is going to film the race this year and make a one hour documentary which may focus on a specific runner. I am looking for a trail runner who has overcome adversity of some sort that has a worthy story to tell! Park City TV may then do pre race interviews and film you through out the race, if you feel you are a Speed Goat with a killer story, please e-mail Ori Hoffer at Park City TV . C-ya next weekend, sharpen your hooves!! Bahaha!


    Trail Run Gear

    It's a long way from the bayous of Louisiana, but Hurricane Katrina evacuees will get a taste of Utah's Wasatch Mountains on Friday as they ride Snowbird's aerial tramway as guests of the ski and summer resort. (photo: FTO/Marc Guido)

    Hardrock 100 ~ SpeedGoat odds are in! 23

    6 Previous winners will toe the line with Mr. Jurek!
    The Hardrock 100 is set up to be the most competitive ever!

    The Speedgoat Odds are in:
    1. 4-1 Scott Jurek (Been acclimating for 4 weeks, the best at preparing for a big run when needed)
    2. 5-1 Wahsatchspeedgoat (Tired from previous 3 -100 mile wins, but blue chip stock to run at least 28 hours)
    3. 7-1 Mark Hartell (Previous best in this direction…28:52 with a horrible bonk at 90 miles)
     opps Ty Draney 10-1
    4. 10-1 Paul Sweeney (always a strong finisher at Hardrock, lots of experience)
    5. 14-1 Ricky Denesik (has to have lots of revenge after not getting in the race the last 2 years)
    6. 14-1 Jeff Browning (Been preparing and ready to get Meltzer back for breaking his record at Bighorn)
    7. 18-1 Kevin Schilling (just sneaky fast, has lots of credentials noone knows about)

    Sentimental Favorite…Billy Simpson (just completed the AT and ready to rip Hardrock)

    Womens Race
    1. 3-1 Betsy Kalmeyer (all time winner at Hardrock and has the experience and focus to win again)
    2. 4-1 Krissy Moehl (Has better speed than Betsy but experience should prevail)
    3. 6-1 Betsy Nye (Her consistency is unmatched and is blue chip stock for a 32 hour or less finish)
    4. 7-1 Emily Baer (Local favorite and better acclimated than everyone, her turn to bust one)
    5. 20-1 Diane Van Deren (Always a solid finisher but lacks a little speed to keep up with her competitors)

    Scrape a pick, bahahah!

    Mt. Timpanogos – Utah 7

    mountain goat carcass

    An old goat carcass.
    Mt. Timpanogos

    We did a monster trail run up Mt. Timpanogos on Sunday, this is our local Heber City mountain that sends you up a 7 mile climb with 5000 vert. Robert Redford has his little ski resort here called Sundance . I ran with Mark Scholl (Medical support for the WSG 50k) from Salt Lake Regional Medical center, Joan Parker a WSG 50K runner and local runner young Josh Turner. What a massive climb crossing snow and scree fields to top out at 11,700 with a 5000 vert. descent to the car! This will test any trail runners fitness level!
    Timpanogos shack

    Hut 2 miles below the summit


    100 Mile racing tip~ WasatchSpeedGoats 14

    What to do with empty gel packs during a 100 mile race? When I was running the Bighorn 100 this year I discovered the convenience of putting those empty gel packs under my water bottles inside my Nathan Pack! This works real slick, they are easy to pull out and dispose of at the aid stations while the crew fills your bottles. Did you ever finish a 100 miler with a pocket full of empty gel packs that dried into a clump of crystallized sugar? The empty gel packs end up a little wet from the water bottles so they do not stick to the pack, this is for only waist belts. If you have a convenient way to rid those sticky gel packs into a running back pack, let us know! Remember speed tip based on eating two to three packs of gel per hour! Bahahaha!

    GoatCLICK THE GOAT AND SIGN UP FOR THE WasatchSpeedGoat 50k NOW! Registration closes 7/16/07

    WasatchSpeedGoat 50k~Registration closes 7/16/07 5

    Meltzer just got the course finalized with Snowbird and Alta! Hang on for some big climbs throughout the two resorts, we will be trekking through the tunnel twice and crossing Mt. Baldy into Alta. Be prepared for a slow decent down Baldy Ridge this is a steep descent that will require a slow scramble down a cliff ban, we will have the route flagged with spotters from Black Diamond to assist you down the ridge. There is a total of 5 climbs and descents throughout the course, this race will take some time to complete do not panic and think you are running a slow time because everyone is going to post a slow time! There is a total of 5 aid stations you will pass during the race, the espresso bar will be in the tunnel ! The race starts and finishes on the Snowbird Tram deck, we will be there Friday night with maps and information on the course, final race instructions will be posted shortly. This course is made for the Montrail Vitesse, we highly recommend you run this race in the hardy Vitesse so you can dance through the rocks with confidence! Sharpen your hooves, we will see you in three weeks!!



    Designed by Wynn Davis and Elwood!

    The race is coming up quick, don’t miss the coolest 50k there is!

    GoatGoatCLICK THE GOAT AND SIGN UP FOR THE WasatchSpeedGoat 50k NOW!

    Hardrock 100 18

    The grand daddy of all 100’s is coming up next month with the ultimate match up! Karl Meltzer has won 3 – 100 milers already this season with only a couple weeks to rest for the mighty Hardrock ! Rumor has it his competition is in Silverton a month early? Hang on for the battle in the San Juan’s, leave your thoughts on the high altitude scramble~

    karl_karl_meltzer.jpg Hardrock 100 picture~
    These guys meet next at the Ultra-Trail Tour du Mont-Blanc

    Speed Goat Trail Running Shop ! 2

    The Wasatch Speed Goats have partnered with the other goat at to bring you the best trail running shoes, gear and apparel. has the largest selection of outdoor gear I have ever seen, if you are shopping for trail running gear, specialty items for camping, skiing, climbing or what ever trips your trigger you should find at the Speed Goat Trail Running Store! Feel free to browse our catalog for your outdoor needs!

    The race is coming up quick, don’t miss the coolest 50k there is!

    goat.jpggoat.jpggoat.jpgCLICK THE GOAT AND SIGN UP FOR THE WasatchSpeedGoat 50k NOW!

    Hal Koerner wins Western States 100 7

    12 to 1 odds takes Western States!

    Big day at Western, Hal took off from the gun and never looked back! He totally burned off the competition all day, runners kept shuffling positions behind Hal, but no one was able to make a push that would threaten his lead! Looks Nicki Kimball may hold on for the women’s win, we will see shortly!! Baha! Three scrapes for Hal !

    Speed Goat odds at Western States 100 8

    Western States Live updates


    Sim Jae Duk…5-2 Nikki Kimball…7-2

    Brian Morrison…3-1 Kami Semick…4-1

    Greg Crowther…4-1 Anne Lundblad…6-1

    Lon Freeman…5-1 Bev Abbs…10-1

    Eric Grossman…8-1 Annette Bednosky…10-1

    Graham Cooper…8-1 Helen Cospolich…20-1

    Eric Skaden…10-1

    Hal Koerner…12-1

    Phil Kochik…15-1

    Jim Huffman…15-1

    Ian Torrence…18-1

    Jon Olsen…18-1

    I believe the men’s winning time will be 16:39 and the women’s winning time will be 18:52. If I nail 5 of these places I get 10 scrapes for Ultrarunning Knowledge. Caoi, Karl

    The race is coming up quick, don’t miss the coolest 50k there is!goat.jpggoat.jpggoat.jpgCLICK THE GOAT AND SIGN UP FOR THE WasatchSpeedGoat 50k NOW!

    Meltzer sets course record at Bighorn 100 22

    “A GENETIC MUTANT” is the latest quote from another fast Ultrarunner. How does it all come together every month? Who knows. The Competition was tough with Mike Wolfe hanging tough through 66 miles. It was a see-saw race up until then. Aid station time was the difference keeping the Wahsatch Speedgoat in the race. It all broke up when the 2400′ climb after Footbridge came into play. The lead opened to 20 minutes, then it was running scared to the finish…what a stressful sport! For those who haven’t run Bighorn, it is now time, the course rocks! The other Wasatchspeedgoat slips in there for the mug, way to go Mason! 10 scrapes for a successful weekend! Baaaahhhh

    karl_winning_the_2006_hardrock_100.jpg Goat Trail Run Gear

    Vitesse are in, the Speed Goat Trail Running Gear Shop has a boat load of Vitesse shoes in stock, all sizes!!

    Meltzer and Mason rock Bighorn 3

    Karl Meltzer was in a serious battle with Mike Wolfe for the win! Karl’s experience prevailed as he pulled away the last 35 miles for a winning time of 20:12:58 (course record). Both WasatchSpeedGoats collected hardware, second place trophy for my age group 40-49 and 13th overall ! Full race report tomorrow, ba!



    Scott Mason and Dave Horton at the Bighorn 100 awards!

    Bighorn 100 2

    Karl and I are off to the Bighorn 100 in Sheridan, Wyoming. The mighty Bighorn has a record that needs re-set by one of those fast guys, sub 20 ? After re-cycling 7 toe nails I have a fresh set of scrapers for the 103.6 distance this weekend. Karl has come off back to back wins at Massanutten, Mcnaughton and is hoping to be fresh enough to pull out a good run this weekend. I have finished 3 races with the beef of the schedule coming up next with Bighorn, Leadville and the Bear 100, Karl is looking at the Bighorn, Mt. Blanc, Hardrock and Bear.



    WasatchSpeedGoat 50k 4

    SPEEDGOAT UPDATE: 44 days 9 hrs and 33 min 47 sec to the inaugural WasatchSpeedGoat 50k !!

    Trailrunner Magazine top ten race you must do!
    Karl Meltzer has been out there cruising around Snowbird with his GPS finalizing the coolest 50k course there is. Check this out, the first male and female speedgoat to the top of the first 3000 ft. climb gets a prize handed off by the Wasatchspeedgoats! So if your tough enough to be the first goat up the ridge you will receive a prize! This is just the beginning, we have the hand made (by Wynn Davis and Elwood) trophies for winners, age group winners and three other trophies that someone will win for just being there. The hotel rooms are ready to reserve please call (1-800-232-9540) and mention the Wasatchspeedgoat 50k, you will have the option to stay at Snowbird for 89.00 a night and Alta may offer a room rate along with a killer Sunday brunch on the deck at the High Rustler Lodge. The finish line should be quite festive as Snowbird has 1500 people there for a conference with live bands on the plaza deck finish line! I f you have never been up little Cottonwood Canyon you are going to see some spectacular terrain! This 50k will be the slowest 50k you have ever run so do not expect to do a PB at this race~USATF has decided to ban headphones from their sanctioned events, so we are sanctioning our own event- sharpen your hooves, crank up your tunes and dance through the coolest 50k you will ever do! Bahahaha! Two scrapes!


    Sign up on-line for the WasatchSpeedGoat 50k rugged trail race through Snowbird and Alta Ski Resorts. The race takes place 7/21/07 at the Snowbird Tram deck, get ready to run through the tunnel~race app.