Daily Archives: December 12, 2007

Sunmart race results 5

Foreigners dominate Sunmart Race

Jaroslaw Janicki of Poland flew over the big pond to lead a large contingent of runners from another land. 6:07 and change was nowhere near Greg Crowthers superb time last year of 5:37. However, a deep foreign field put the first american (Akos Konya) back to 5th place,
next US runner was Mark Godale (9th). Konya’s bid for runner of the year gets another point in the standings.

Helena Crossan of Ireland won a hot womens race only 4 minutes ahead of Great Britain runner Adela Salt. Crossan ran 7:18. Third women was Jean Perez from the US in 7:29. Great race for the women.
Wouldn’t it be cool if someone from Europe would invite a bunch of us to run Mt. Blanc, and take care of travel?

Wahsatchspeedgoat – KM