Daily Archives: December 10, 2007

Hardrock and Wasatch 100 applications 11

Here we go, it’s time to get out the check book and start mailing out race applications for your favorite race! As we just read Western States is the World championships for the lottery winners, not the sport! The Hardrock 100 has a new category for people like me who never get in, if you applied in previous years and were unsuccessful, you get some extra chances in the hat! Way to go Hardrock!

Wasatch 100 also has an extra ticket for those did not get in last year! It is good to see some adjustments on the lottery for those big races! I will be attending the lottery for the Wasatch 100 on February 2nd, if you would like a live update on your status leave a comment and I will be calling everyone during the lottery to tell you the good news!

Stay tuned for TRAIL GEAR REVIEW on the La Sportiva Fireblade, these shoes look sleek and fast compared to what I am used to running in!
Wasatch Speed Goat – SM