Daily Archives: December 4, 2007

Western States called the “World Championships” 59

Special considerations are considered to those who…and I quote from the website…”greatly enhance the competitive aspect of the race”.

For all those fast guys that didn’t get in to what MUC calls the World Championship then what is it really?

It’s the end of a series of races to win a Schwag Bag, (my simple opinion). Yes it is the most competitive 100 in the US…no doubt, but only because it is one of the originals and has a great history. I certainly deserves to be listed as a great race, but not a “World Championship” if all runners who have a legitimate chance of running top 10 can’t run it. And where is the prize money for the “World Championship”?

Prize money is not a Schwag Bag!

This has certainly shifted my plans for 2008. I was hoping to run it once this year to challenge the over 40 record, as I will be “Over the Hill” in a few days…making Western a downhill race for me. This post might ban me from the race, and I don’t want that. We have to wonder where Ultrarunning is going with so-called Championships, with only a handful of the best runners allowed to race for it. Come on Forest Service, let the runners run! And thanks to he who inspired me to write this.


Karl Meltzer