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Speedgoat 50k 2008 7

Here we go, it is time to sign up for the hardest 50k you will ever do! The Wasatch Speed Goats are ready to show case a new course that treks through Snowbird Ski Resort. Registration opens today, please follow the and sign up now!! Bahahaha~ Three Scrapes!!!

Wasatch Running Center

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Wasatch Speed Goat – SM


Meltzer joins Team

Check this out, here is a dozen or so young snowboarders and skiers hanging with the father goat of ultrarunning! has assembled a elite team of athletes to represent the giant on-line retailer. As expected karl is going to represent the trail running side of the spectrum to promote the best backcountry on-line store! We have partnered with to provide our readers a 10% discount of selected trail run gear so feel free to shop around!


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Wasatch Speed Goat – SM

Endurance Challenge 50 Mile Championship 1

li Steidl wins the Northface 50 Mile Challenge over the Matt Carpenter! Wow! With 10,000 dollars on the line Uli and Matt ran close the first 44 miles and Uli was able to burn Matt off the last 6 miles to win a thrilling race! I raced Pikes Peak two years ago and watched Matt beat Uli on the technical mountain race but the less technical California course played into Uli’s hand as he won the biggest paying Ultra of the year!

Uli Steidl’s race report



Wasatch Speed Goat

Snowbird and the Wasatchspeedgoat 50k

For those of you who enjoyed Snowbirds terrain for the trail race, imagine skiing this mountain ! Here is a special at Snowbird you can take advantage of if you want to ski some of the steepest terrain and lightest powder you can find anywhere! Stay tuned registration for the Wasatchspeedgoat 50k opens January 1st!

Ski equipment sales



Sunmart race results 5

Foreigners dominate Sunmart Race

Jaroslaw Janicki of Poland flew over the big pond to lead a large contingent of runners from another land. 6:07 and change was nowhere near Greg Crowthers superb time last year of 5:37. However, a deep foreign field put the first american (Akos Konya) back to 5th place,
next US runner was Mark Godale (9th). Konya’s bid for runner of the year gets another point in the standings.

Helena Crossan of Ireland won a hot womens race only 4 minutes ahead of Great Britain runner Adela Salt. Crossan ran 7:18. Third women was Jean Perez from the US in 7:29. Great race for the women.
Wouldn’t it be cool if someone from Europe would invite a bunch of us to run Mt. Blanc, and take care of travel?

Wahsatchspeedgoat – KM


Hardrock and Wasatch 100 applications 11

Here we go, it’s time to get out the check book and start mailing out race applications for your favorite race! As we just read Western States is the World championships for the lottery winners, not the sport! The Hardrock 100 has a new category for people like me who never get in, if you applied in previous years and were unsuccessful, you get some extra chances in the hat! Way to go Hardrock!

Wasatch 100 also has an extra ticket for those did not get in last year! It is good to see some adjustments on the lottery for those big races! I will be attending the lottery for the Wasatch 100 on February 2nd, if you would like a live update on your status leave a comment and I will be calling everyone during the lottery to tell you the good news!

Stay tuned for TRAIL GEAR REVIEW on the La Sportiva Fireblade, these shoes look sleek and fast compared to what I am used to running in!
Wasatch Speed Goat – SM


Western States called the “World Championships” 59

Special considerations are considered to those who…and I quote from the website…”greatly enhance the competitive aspect of the race”.

For all those fast guys that didn’t get in to what MUC calls the World Championship then what is it really?

It’s the end of a series of races to win a Schwag Bag, (my simple opinion). Yes it is the most competitive 100 in the US…no doubt, but only because it is one of the originals and has a great history. I certainly deserves to be listed as a great race, but not a “World Championship” if all runners who have a legitimate chance of running top 10 can’t run it. And where is the prize money for the “World Championship”?

Prize money is not a Schwag Bag!

This has certainly shifted my plans for 2008. I was hoping to run it once this year to challenge the over 40 record, as I will be “Over the Hill” in a few days…making Western a downhill race for me. This post might ban me from the race, and I don’t want that. We have to wonder where Ultrarunning is going with so-called Championships, with only a handful of the best runners allowed to race for it. Come on Forest Service, let the runners run! And thanks to he who inspired me to write this.


Karl Meltzer


Squaw Peak 50 1

Registration is open for the 2008 Squaw Peak 50 Miler ! This is one of the toughest 50 milers in the country next to Zane Grey and Lake City’s 50 miler. This will be my seventh run at the Squaw Peak and it never gets any easier. The course has about 20,000 combined vertical and has a super technical downhill from mile 40 at Windy pass down to mile 46.5 to the pavement. You can really loose a lot of time on this section of the course if you are not able to run the steep downhill, so save some legs for this section. If you want some beautiful views and like to cross avalanche snow fields this race is for you!


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