Daily Archives: November 21, 2007

Ultracentric 24hr 11

105’……….Lets do the math! Ultracentric 24hr Over the course of 24 hours Connie Gardiner could not muster up 53″ an hour to capture the US women’s 24 hour record. Man was that close! Nonetheless a stellar effort racking up 145.26 miles and taking home a whopping $4000 first prize*. Akos Konya stayed few inches per hour ahead, outdistancing Connie by less than a mile at 146.33. Good Stuff!

Next up, the North Face Challenge in San Fran! Thought $4000 was a solid winning prize? $10,000 is on the line for the winner here. Second takes home nadda (in terms of cash). I pick Carpenter to finish off his money winning season!


Wasatch Running Center

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