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Speed Goat cross training-Winter

Here is what you do in Utah for a upper body workout, high altitude snowboarding with an engine. This will keep the upper body working~
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High Uinta’s behind the Speed Goat Lodge


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100 Mile races and stomach issues 10

The stomach seems to be one of the toughest challenges during a 100 mile run. Runners generally have stomach issues during the longer races, this takes practice to keep the proper balance of water and salt in the system. Runners tend to intake in to much sugar from those energy drinks and  eat to many different foods.

I was pacing John Maack from the Wasatch Running Center for the 2007 Wasatch 100, John called me after about 30 miles complaining about stomach, I thought I would never see him at mile 75 if he was already having problems. I told John to start drinking a lot of water to rinse his stomach of the acid build up. In addition I told him to take one e-cap every half hour to hour until he started to get some relief. John was concerned about food and I told him to eat one or two gu’s an hour with water. In addition I told John to limit what he eats and stick to the boiled potatoes and stay away from the acidly foods! John was full of concerns at this point of the race, he stuck with my recommendations and showed up at mile 75 to finish the race!
John contacted Endurance Planet for some further coaching on his stomach, check out the response on this video!


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