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Javelina 100 and US 25 Hour Championships 1

Javelina 100 Record hangs tough!

A brutal fast pace early led by the rabbit himself, Eric Clifton, proved to be a little to swift as a 25 minute cushion deflated into a winning time 25 minutes slower than the Speedgoat record. Jorge Pacheco wins with a time of 15:49. AJW played his cards perfectly early and let Clifton and Pacheco duke it out as he slowly reeled in Jorge to even it up after 5 laps. Jorge then put the hammer down and ran away from AJW extending his lead to 45 minutes by the race’s end.
Connie Gardner used her superior experience to oust last year’s champion Michelle Barton by nearly 2 hours. It was a tight race till it got dark, Gardner then dissappeared into the halloween darkness and ran away with ease. Gardner runs 19 and change, a solid time, but nowhere near Stephanie Ehret’s, “I chicked everyone” performance of 17:40 in 2004.

US 24 hours championship throws down $26,500 in prize money………but there’s a catch. In order to win the $4000 first prize, the winner must run 153 miles. Second place takes $1000 home if he can run 146 miles. Way too tough for a speedgoat. The repetitive miles begin on November 16th in Texas…any takers contact the website and good luck! Wahsatchspeedgoat

Trail Gear Review – First Endurance 1

First Endurance keeps us all moving race after race with the help of Ultragen, the ultimate recover product. Not only do they make a killer recovery product we highly recommend the Multi Vitamin V90 specifically designed for the endurance athlete. These two products alone help us run race after race after race all season long, ask Karl Meltzer who won (5) 100 milers already this season, “keeps you fresh as a daisy!” If you want some serious extra boost for carrying oxyegyn to the muscles, take a look at the optygen, this has been a popular supplement for the Tour De France guys as well!

Speed Goat Trail Running Tip 1

Karl Meltzer and Scott Mason share another trail running tip on uphill running. This tip can help with those 100 milers with a ton of climbing! Three scrapes~
YouTube Preview Image

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Speed Goat Trail Runner of the Year 10

Speedgoat of the Year Voting

The year 2007 has been awesome so far! Lots of stellar perfomances to look at, and many fast guys to vote for, to win the ultimate trophy donated by Wynn Davis…the goat master. I am going to nominate somewhere between 6-8 male and female runners, list all there accomplishments and let everyone vote on it. No more panels of voters, and $20 fees to get on the list, just us and all the accomplishments, it should be an interesting vote to say the least. No one has run away with it yet, and lots of races left. Races go till the end of December so all performances will be recognized until December 31st. We will start the list of statistics on December 1st and welcome anything we miss. And we know we might miss some, so please let us know if we do. This is not only for trail runners, it is for ALL ultrarunners, road performances will count just as much as trail races do. Even though we hate the road. It’s only fair, and this is what we are seeking.

Goat Goat Goat Who will win the mighty goat skull ?

Karl and I have decided to offer our own version of Trail Runner of the year. Who decides, the readers of You goaties will be voting to see who gets the mighty Speed Goat Skull. Wynn Davis , Goat Davis makes the killer trophies for the Wasatchspeedgoat 50k and hopes to win his own trophy next July 26, 2008 at Snowbird.

Voting will start January 1, 2008 the same day the Wasatch Speed Goat Ultra opens for entry at Snowbird!

Winner gets a free entry to the WSG 50k and collects the skull at the WSG 50k awards!


Meltzer at San Diego 100 5

OK, well I guess we all predicted a little lower than I ran. 17:46 was well over an hour slower than the slowest prediction. What can I say, it was good enough to win it for now. The course was deceptively harder than we thought. The highest GPS reading we got was 12,700 in climbing. Extremely minimal compared to most ultra 100s. Lots of soft sand, with a cupped trail making it hard to really run fast. The fire roads were the most technical parts, the 90 degree temp made it a little slower, with a breeze decieving us with hydration. Sound like whining……no way, just another day at the office, and I ‘m sure glad to be home on the couch right now. I will say the record is somewhat soft and very much breakable by at least an hour. Something to possibly shoot for in the future. Thanks for all the predictions! It is super cool to sit here now and read all this.
Javelina is a pancake, if you don’t run every step, it feels like standing still. There is about 1200″ vert per loop. Some up and downs in the middly make up for it. BAAAHHHHHHH! Wahsatchspeedgoat

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San Diego 100 trail race 29

Meltzer heads to the San Diego 100, karl jumped in his car to drive 13 hours to run 16 hours. Now that is a Ultra, 26 hours of driving and 16 hours of running ! Take a look at Meltzers last performance at San Diego and predict his time, the winner gets a Wasatchspeedgoat 50k race shirt. Leave your guess in the comments and we will see who wins!

What will be my time goat man says?


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Moosejaw gives up coupon 1

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Trail Gear Review – Black Diamond head lamps 8

This one two combo can help you navigate through a blizzard at night ! Yea, thats what the Bear 100 handed out this year, full cloud cover and dark conditions. When the sun first set, I used the Spot to start the long night run which last 12 hours in late September. I went with the 3 LED setting all night long, when it got super dark and snowy I started up the Icon, this center LED sent a super defined spot in front of me while the Spot Headlamp lighted up the general area. Even during the 12 hour night leg I never had to change batteries, try that in a blizzard after 20 hours of running, not!
Black Diamond Spot Headlamp

Black Diamond Spot Headlamp

The two light combo allowed me to run all night with no pacers in the snow and clouds, I couldn’t see the pink ribbons and there where very few glow sticks, but I just followed Meltzers foot prints all night long! Thanks for leaving those scrape marks ! Wahsatchspeedgoat.

Black Diamond Icon Headlamp

Black Diamond Icon Headlamp

You can buy Black Diamond Headlamps right now  (use code below):

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Fall Ultras 9

San Diego, Javelina, and Mt. Masochist coming soon

San Diego 100 October 20th
Just when we thought the season was over, why not throw in another 100 miler?

Javelina 100 October 27th
Andy Jones-Wilkins will go for a speedgoat record at Javelina and try to hold off Pacheco and Clifton, or will Pacheco and Clifton try to hold off AJW? Eric and Jorge tend to go out fast, we’ll see what happens. Into the washing machine you go!

Mt. Masochist 50 Mile November 3rd
Lon Freeman and Sean Andrish look to be the ones to beat in Virginia, like Eric and Jorge, will they beat each other up early? Or will the smartest runner win? A few others in the field are Jonathan Basham, Mystery man Keith Knipling, and Montrail’s Paul Curran.

The women’s field looks the most impressive as most men WILL get chicked. Kristin Moehl, Annette Bednosky, Bethany Patterson, Deb Livingston fresh off her chopper ride to Italy, Regan Petrie and Sarah Johnston will make it a great women’s race!


Meltzer’s interview with Endurance Planet 16

He’s one of the most laid-back guys you’re likely to meet but don’t let his demeanor fool you. Ultramarathoner Karl Meltzer has run more than 80 ultras and WON more than 40 of them! Today on Endurance Planet we hear from the easy going trail champion.

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    Bear 100 – Storm Version 7

    While Karl was the sleeping the rest of us pushed through the night in the snow and rain. I thought the cow stampede at the start was going to be the highlight of the day, no way. During the first climb Kelly and I could hear massive cows mooing us on knowing I had a Spotted Cow Ale waiting at the finish line (donated by Wynn Davis from the Midwest). ~ no kidding. Soon after we ran through the controlled forest fire , there was fire and smoke everywhere while the sun was rising. The terrain was spectacular as we cruised all day through the fall colors near Bear Lake.

    As I was running between mile 60 – 67 I spotted a small black bear on the trail in front of me, I shined all my headlamps and grunted out some sort of noise to keep the bear moving away, nice shot of adrenaline for when you’re tired. We ran all day with the threat of a storm and high winds, the snow finally showed up in the middle of the night. I didn’t have a pacer, I never ran the course and I think glow stick guy was MIA? This made the night run slow at times searching for a piece of pink tape or a footprint. (all part of the fun!) I only got lost once during the blizzard !

    Once the snows hit and the sun started rising it was quit a scene out there ! It was great seeing all the fellow goats out on the trails, Gene, Tim Seminoff , Cory Johnson and Larry Hall who are both running multiple 100’s, Olga who was pushing hard all through the night. Hat’s off to Christian Johnson who had more comebacks then Areosmith to finish just in front of me. Great run Rocky Mountain Slammer Ken Jensen and good the see Mr. Crockett on Leland’s ledges and Phil Lowery who showed up for sea level for another great finish!
    Super congrats to our team mate Malida Copeland from the Wasatch Running Center, she took home first prize for the women !


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