Daily Archives: September 30, 2007

Bear 100 21

The Bear gets slayed!

After three attempts at the Bear 100, I have finally raised the bar a little. It helps to go with fresh legs. Cool temps, a 30MPH tailwind…that’s right, a tailwind, and dry conditions left the record of Hal Koerner to get chomped up and thrown away. Negative splits didn’t hurt either, 19:35-19:15. I think the older I get the longer it takes me to get warmed up.

It may be the last running of the Bear on this particular course as a new one is slated for next year. The Rogue Valley Runner may have to return next year to set a new mark as my plans are a mystery. Leland Barker put on a stellar performance running second in 20:54, Jared Campbell was solid as always about an hour behind and David Goggins finished his 9th 100 of the year with one to go

On the Women’s side, WasatchsRunningCenter standout Milada Copeland defended her Bear title in just over 27 hours. It was a crazy race, When I finished it was 68 degrees, the last 12 hours of the race were run in a snowstorm, pays to be quick at this one!

Scott Jurek repeats at Spartathlon

Is he Ultrarunner of the year yet? Of course with a road win overseas, he is a shoe-in to win it. Doesn’t matter how many hundreds you win….all about performances of the year. I willl now rest as Scott takes on the loop da loop at acrosstheyears24hour and determines if he can get dizzy…go get it Scott! Is there 166 miles in you?