Daily Archives: September 20, 2007

Transrockies update 4

Skaggs boyz will have to run backwards if anyone will catch them now!

Kyle and Erik Skaggs have the race in the baggz with over a 45 minute lead at the 5-day trans rockies stage race. It is just another week of 120 miles as they will coast in for the win on the easy climb into Aspen, Colorado. I think they should have to run backwards until someone catches them to make it interesting. Kyle will be putting himself at the front of the Ultrarunner of the Year voting, unless of course Mr. Jurek wins Spartathlon on the roads. Scott is in Greece right now getting ready for his 255Km pavement pounder. We will have the link to that soon, I dont know the language in Greece. transrockies.com Wahsatchspeedgoat

Kyle Skaggs

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