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The TransRockies Run 21

Team Skaggs is running away again!

Kyle Skaggs, fresh off his win at Wasatch, and his brother mule Kyle have a 12 minute lead after the first day of racing at the Trans-Rockies 5 day stage race. Go to transrockies.com to check it out. A rare race in the U.S. Not only does it last 5 days and runs a total of 110 miles, but WOW! there actually is prize money! Somewhere in the $3000-$5000 range for the winners, and a $20,000 purse should have attracted the 150 teams allowed to race. There are only about 40 teams in this year’s inaugural event. It might be a low-key sport, but having a real prize purse usually brings the competition. We thank all the sponsors at Trans-Rockies for throwing down the cash…love to see it. Check tomorrow for the next update and see if Kyle and Erik can run away with it again. -Wahsatchspeedgoat

How to pace at a 100 miler 8

Notes from the goats

There is no exact science to pacing but here are some the tips we have learned. It all started a long time ago when old friend Dan O’Connor paced to my first 100 mile finish, the Wasatch 100. He was motivating, pushed the pace and keep me moving, as I’ve had other pacers who were just happy to walk and talk with me. Here are some keys points to think about:

  • Know your runners abilities
  • Motivate your runner at all times
  • Be aware of your runners goals, keep track of his splits and remind him frequently what pace they are on.
  • Monitor their water and food intake, be sure they are ahead of their needs.
  • Pay attention to their pit stop plan before you enter each aid station.
  • Most important the aid station is a pit stop, not a rest stop along the highway. Your runner must race down time as well, this will translate to a faster finish.
  • Run in front of your runner, stay ahead and keep them running if they can.
  • Evaluate their strengths such as can they run better downhill, uphill or the flats, once you determine this push your runner through those sections.
  • Most of all, as long as your runner is not injured, get them to the finish!

If you fellow goats have any good info, leave a comment, Bahaha two scrapes!


Wasatch 100, Brighton mile 75

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