Monthly Archives: September 2007

Bear 100 21

The Bear gets slayed! After three attempts at the Bear 100, I have finally raised the bar a little. It helps to go with fresh legs. Cool temps, a 30MPH tailwind…that’s right, a tailwind, and dry conditions left the record of Hal Koerner to get chomped up and thrown away. Negative splits didn’t hurt either, […]

Notes from the Goats 18

Jurek has his hands full at Spartathlon! Can Scott repeat? Was it a good idea to bail at 42 miles at Mt. Blanc? We’ll find out soon as Valmir Nunez, Jens Lukas, Markus Thalman (all previous winners) to the line in Greece for the ultimate pavement pounder of 255KM. The list is super -deep and […]

Transrockies update 4

Skaggs boyz will have to run backwards if anyone will catch them now! Kyle and Erik Skaggs have the race in the baggz with over a 45 minute lead at the 5-day trans rockies stage race. It is just another week of 120 miles as they will coast in for the win on the easy […]

The TransRockies Run 21

Team Skaggs is running away again! Kyle Skaggs, fresh off his win at Wasatch, and his brother mule Kyle have a 12 minute lead after the first day of racing at the Trans-Rockies 5 day stage race. Go to to check it out. A rare race in the U.S. Not only does it last […]


How to pace at a 100 miler 8

Notes from the goats There is no exact science to pacing but here are some the tips we have learned. It all started a long time ago when old friend Dan O’Connor paced to my first 100 mile finish, the Wasatch 100. He was motivating, pushed the pace and keep me moving, as I’ve had […]

Trail Gear Review – Petzl e+LITE 7

This is the best little headlamp I have ever used! The Petzl e+LITE weighs less then one ounce and has a battery life up to 45 hours. The LED works real well for any race that starts in the dark, you can clip the light to the rim of your hat and leave it on […]


WASATCH 100 produces two course records 14

Kyle Skaggs makes it 7 for 7 and another CR at Wasatch this weekend! Another Speedgoat record falls as Kyle Skaggs takes another 8 minutes off the WF100 course record at 19:35!It was not surprise to see Kyle go out fast and hang on. A 32 minute cushion at Brighton made it happen. The only […]

Wasatch 100 – a weekend of pacing 4

The grueling Wasatch 100 starts this Saturday with some chilly temps for Saturday morning. Karl and I are both pacing runners, Karl is going to finish with Roch Horton (sub 24?) from Black Diamond and I am finishing with fellow speedgoat John Maack (run strong!) from Salt Lake. Kyle Skaggs and his brother are hanging […]

Speed Goat Trail Running Coupon is now availabile !

The Speed Goat Trail Running Gear Shop will be offering a 10% discount to all fellow Speed Goats. Our partners at have agreed to offer us an exclusive 10% discount off trail running gear. This discount will be only available at and will offer our loyal readers a deal on trail gear ! […]