Daily Archives: July 11, 2007

WasatchSpeedGoat 50k and Park City TV 1

Hello Fellow Speed Goats! Park City TV is going to film the race this year and make a one hour documentary which may focus on a specific runner. I am looking for a trail runner who has overcome adversity of some sort that has a worthy story to tell! Park City TV may then do pre race interviews and film you through out the race, if you feel you are a Speed Goat with a killer story, please e-mail Ori Hoffer at Park City TV ori@parkcity.tv . C-ya next weekend, sharpen your hooves!! Bahaha!


Trail Run Gear

It's a long way from the bayous of Louisiana, but Hurricane Katrina evacuees will get a taste of Utah's Wasatch Mountains on Friday as they ride Snowbird's aerial tramway as guests of the ski and summer resort. (photo: FTO/Marc Guido)