Daily Archives: July 4, 2007

100 Mile racing tip~ WasatchSpeedGoats 14

What to do with empty gel packs during a 100 mile race? When I was running the Bighorn 100 this year I discovered the convenience of putting those empty gel packs under my water bottles inside my Nathan Pack! This works real slick, they are easy to pull out and dispose of at the aid stations while the crew fills your bottles. Did you ever finish a 100 miler with a pocket full of empty gel packs that dried into a clump of crystallized sugar? The empty gel packs end up a little wet from the water bottles so they do not stick to the pack, this is for only waist belts. If you have a convenient way to rid those sticky gel packs into a running back pack, let us know! Remember speed tip based on eating two to three packs of gel per hour! Bahahaha!

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