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3 Scrapes to the Ground, Baaaahhhh 5

Check out Steve Edwards race report from the WasatchSpeedGoat 50k! Steve’s race report sums up the course. Next years race is slated for July 26, 2008 with a longer course and less turns! We will post when the race opens way ahead of time you so speedgoats can plan accordingly. Thanks again all SpeedGoats! Trail […]

Valmir Nunez crushes Jurek’s record at Badwater 2

Valmir Nunez crushes Jurek’s record at Badwater All the way from Brazil, Valmir Nunez ran an incredible time on a somewhat cool day at Badwater last week. The evening temp dropped to a chilly 93 degrees allowing the runners to escape the standard 100 plus temps which normally plague the race. Valmir ran 22:51. Same […]

WasatchSpeedGoat Volunteers 10

SpeedGoat Terrain Special thanks to everyone who spent the day on the hill with the runners! One of the top three comments I heard was what great help at the aid stations! Karl and I staffed each age station with professional ultrarunners who understand the needs of a runner during such a grueling course! We […]

Wasatchspeedgoat 50K is now tucked away. 11

Check out these scenic photos of the Wasatchspeedgoat 50k! Petra McDowell and Corbin Talley set the pace this year, as the standard is now set for the future at the Speedgoat 50K. Next year new trails are in the works to eliminate some confusion on the route. Remember Alta bailed on us at the last […]

Everyone got Chicked at the WasatchSpeedGoat 50k 19

Yes, it is true! Petra McDowell had the Sharpest Hooves of the day! Full race report coming shortly. Way to go Speedgoats! Powder Shots photo’s are in! Petra crossing the tape! Helen Cospolich reaching for her $100 bill at the top of the tram! First male and female to the summit got the cash! Scott […]


WasatchSpeedGoat 50k- Carbon Footprint 7

Hello fellow SpeedGoats, Thanks everyone for signing up for the first ever WasatchSpeedGoat “Get High” 50k! This has been a daunting task getting such a killer race put together at the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon, we would like to request all runners please car pool and utilize the “park and ride ” at the […]

Wasatch SpeedGoat 50k final instructions 11

Final Race Instructions Hello fellow Goaties, I hope every one’s training went well! Please review the final instructions for the race, we will see you on the tram deck at 5:30 am for packet pick up ! This is a steep course with 5 climbs, be patient you want to feel good for those last […]

JUREK takes HARDROCK with a vengeance ! 19

TO NO SURPRISE, JUREK TAKES HARDROCK WITH A VENGEANCE!     After 4 long weeks of acclimatizing and training in Silverton, Co., Jurek takes the goat off the ridge, and breaks the record running 26:08!  Krissy Moehl also with two weeks of acclimatization, puts in her bid for Ultra performance of the year…so far, running 29:24!  The […]

Hardrock 100 is under way! 17

Live updates throughout the day and night on Meltzer and Jurek! Jurker is 4 minutes ahead of Meltzer at Cunningham Gulch Ricky Denesik and Jurek are 4 minutes ahead of Meltzer at Maggie Gulch Denesik and Meltzer pull into Pole Creek two minutes ahead of Jurek ! Jurker back in front w/ Denesik followed by […]

WasatchSpeedGoat 50k and Park City TV 1

Hello Fellow Speed Goats! Park City TV is going to film the race this year and make a one hour documentary which may focus on a specific runner. I am looking for a trail runner who has overcome adversity of some sort that has a worthy story to tell! Park City TV may then do […]

Hardrock 100 ~ SpeedGoat odds are in! 23

6 Previous winners will toe the line with Mr. Jurek! The Hardrock 100 is set up to be the most competitive ever! The Speedgoat Odds are in: 1. 4-1 Scott Jurek (Been acclimating for 4 weeks, the best at preparing for a big run when needed) 2. 5-1 Wahsatchspeedgoat (Tired from previous 3 -100 mile […]

Mt. Timpanogos – Utah 7

An old goat carcass. Mt. Timpanogos We did a monster trail run up Mt. Timpanogos on Sunday, this is our local Heber City mountain that sends you up a 7 mile climb with 5000 vert. Robert Redford has his little ski resort here called Sundance . I ran with Mark Scholl (Medical support for the […]

100 Mile racing tip~ WasatchSpeedGoats 14

What to do with empty gel packs during a 100 mile race? When I was running the Bighorn 100 this year I discovered the convenience of putting those empty gel packs under my water bottles inside my Nathan Pack! This works real slick, they are easy to pull out and dispose of at the aid […]