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WasatchSpeedGoat 50k~Registration closes 7/16/07 5

Meltzer just got the course finalized with Snowbird and Alta! Hang on for some big climbs throughout the two resorts, we will be trekking through the tunnel twice and crossing Mt. Baldy into Alta. Be prepared for a slow decent down Baldy Ridge this is a steep descent that will require a slow scramble down a cliff ban, we will have the route flagged with spotters from Black Diamond to assist you down the ridge. There is a total of 5 climbs and descents throughout the course, this race will take some time to complete do not panic and think you are running a slow time because everyone is going to post a slow time! There is a total of 5 aid stations you will pass during the race, the espresso bar will be in the tunnel ! The race starts and finishes on the Snowbird Tram deck, we will be there Friday night with maps and information on the course, final race instructions will be posted shortly. This course is made for the Montrail Vitesse, we highly recommend you run this race in the hardy Vitesse so you can dance through the rocks with confidence! Sharpen your hooves, we will see you in three weeks!!



Designed by Wynn Davis and Elwood!

The race is coming up quick, don’t miss the coolest 50k there is!


Hardrock 100 18

The grand daddy of all 100’s is coming up next month with the ultimate match up! Karl Meltzer has won 3 – 100 milers already this season with only a couple weeks to rest for the mighty Hardrock ! Rumor has it his competition is in Silverton a month early? Hang on for the battle in the San Juan’s, leave your thoughts on the high altitude scramble~

karl_karl_meltzer.jpg Hardrock 100 picture~
These guys meet next at the Ultra-Trail Tour du Mont-Blanc

Speed Goat Trail Running Shop ! 2

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The race is coming up quick, don’t miss the coolest 50k there is!

goat.jpggoat.jpggoat.jpgCLICK THE GOAT AND SIGN UP FOR THE WasatchSpeedGoat 50k NOW!

Hal Koerner wins Western States 100 7

12 to 1 odds takes Western States!

Big day at Western, Hal took off from the gun and never looked back! He totally burned off the competition all day, runners kept shuffling positions behind Hal, but no one was able to make a push that would threaten his lead! Looks Nicki Kimball may hold on for the women’s win, we will see shortly!! Baha! Three scrapes for Hal !

Speed Goat odds at Western States 100 8

Western States Live updates


Sim Jae Duk…5-2 Nikki Kimball…7-2

Brian Morrison…3-1 Kami Semick…4-1

Greg Crowther…4-1 Anne Lundblad…6-1

Lon Freeman…5-1 Bev Abbs…10-1

Eric Grossman…8-1 Annette Bednosky…10-1

Graham Cooper…8-1 Helen Cospolich…20-1

Eric Skaden…10-1

Hal Koerner…12-1

Phil Kochik…15-1

Jim Huffman…15-1

Ian Torrence…18-1

Jon Olsen…18-1

I believe the men’s winning time will be 16:39 and the women’s winning time will be 18:52. If I nail 5 of these places I get 10 scrapes for Ultrarunning Knowledge. Caoi, Karl

The race is coming up quick, don’t miss the coolest 50k there is!goat.jpggoat.jpggoat.jpgCLICK THE GOAT AND SIGN UP FOR THE WasatchSpeedGoat 50k NOW!

Meltzer sets course record at Bighorn 100 22

“A GENETIC MUTANT” is the latest quote from another fast Ultrarunner. How does it all come together every month? Who knows. The Competition was tough with Mike Wolfe hanging tough through 66 miles. It was a see-saw race up until then. Aid station time was the difference keeping the Wahsatch Speedgoat in the race. It all broke up when the 2400′ climb after Footbridge came into play. The lead opened to 20 minutes, then it was running scared to the finish…what a stressful sport! For those who haven’t run Bighorn, it is now time, the course rocks! The other Wasatchspeedgoat slips in there for the mug, way to go Mason! 10 scrapes for a successful weekend! Baaaahhhh

karl_winning_the_2006_hardrock_100.jpg Goat Trail Run Gear

Vitesse are in, the Speed Goat Trail Running Gear Shop has a boat load of Vitesse shoes in stock, all sizes!!

Meltzer and Mason rock Bighorn 3

Karl Meltzer was in a serious battle with Mike Wolfe for the win! Karl’s experience prevailed as he pulled away the last 35 miles for a winning time of 20:12:58 (course record). Both WasatchSpeedGoats collected hardware, second place trophy for my age group 40-49 and 13th overall ! Full race report tomorrow, ba!



Scott Mason and Dave Horton at the Bighorn 100 awards!

Bighorn 100 2

Karl and I are off to the Bighorn 100 in Sheridan, Wyoming. The mighty Bighorn has a record that needs re-set by one of those fast guys, sub 20 ? After re-cycling 7 toe nails I have a fresh set of scrapers for the 103.6 distance this weekend. Karl has come off back to back wins at Massanutten, Mcnaughton and is hoping to be fresh enough to pull out a good run this weekend. I have finished 3 races with the beef of the schedule coming up next with Bighorn, Leadville and the Bear 100, Karl is looking at the Bighorn, Mt. Blanc, Hardrock and Bear.



WasatchSpeedGoat 50k 4

SPEEDGOAT UPDATE: 44 days 9 hrs and 33 min 47 sec to the inaugural WasatchSpeedGoat 50k !!

Trailrunner Magazine top ten race you must do!
Karl Meltzer has been out there cruising around Snowbird with his GPS finalizing the coolest 50k course there is. Check this out, the first male and female speedgoat to the top of the first 3000 ft. climb gets a prize handed off by the Wasatchspeedgoats! So if your tough enough to be the first goat up the ridge you will receive a prize! This is just the beginning, we have the hand made (by Wynn Davis and Elwood) trophies for winners, age group winners and three other trophies that someone will win for just being there. The hotel rooms are ready to reserve please call (1-800-232-9540) and mention the Wasatchspeedgoat 50k, you will have the option to stay at Snowbird for 89.00 a night and Alta may offer a room rate along with a killer Sunday brunch on the deck at the High Rustler Lodge. The finish line should be quite festive as Snowbird has 1500 people there for a conference with live bands on the plaza deck finish line! I f you have never been up little Cottonwood Canyon you are going to see some spectacular terrain! This 50k will be the slowest 50k you have ever run so do not expect to do a PB at this race~USATF has decided to ban headphones from their sanctioned events, so we are sanctioning our own event- sharpen your hooves, crank up your tunes and dance through the coolest 50k you will ever do! Bahahaha! Two scrapes!


Sign up on-line for the WasatchSpeedGoat 50k rugged trail race through Snowbird and Alta Ski Resorts. The race takes place 7/21/07 at the Snowbird Tram deck, get ready to run through the tunnel~race app.

Hats for Hundreds? 13

Do you wear a hat running those long hot ultras ? Guys like Meltzer prefer to run with out the hot cap on their head as it holds the heat in and creates a lot of extra sweating or does it ? I prefer the hat for the reason you can turn it as you run through different angles of the sun, you can turn it backwards to shad your neck and turn it forward to shad your face as the sun moves through the day (don’t burn the solar panel WHSG). The hat can be helpful during those pounding rain storms as you can pull it down like Hal Koener to keep the rain of your face. Anyways leave your thoughts on Hats for Hundreds.


SpeedGoat Ties knot!

Congratulations to Karl Meltzer who married long time girlfriend Cheryl P. in May !

Everest Award article Denver Post