Daily Archives: April 30, 2007

Zane Grey race report 10

Well, what can I say, that was the hottest ultramarathon I have ever run! The Zane Grey changed directions and turned up the temp’s to test ones self management skills! The course was so technical a hiker couldn’t even get their rythym through the softball size rocks! Kudo’s to anyone who made it through that race, the new direction has 1500 less vertical but seemed more difficult then the other direction? Go figure~ It was a pleasure meeting fellow Speedgoats on the course like Steve Pero, Ryan and his salty buddy Sean, bahaha two scrapes! Did you like the goat roll? Thanks to Dave Hunt and Phil Lowery for the shuttle service~way to go Joan Parker!! My training partner who nailed third place for the women! two scrapes!

Camp site, twas the night before Zane Grey

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