Daily Archives: April 4, 2007

WasatchSpeedGoat racing tip 4

Runners spend way to much time digging through their drop bags at aid stations. You should be able to run a 50k without any drop bags as long as there is aid stations with the basic fluids and snacks. On a 50 miler you should only need one drop bag with some xtra gu or a food, as long as there are aid stations with the basics. These days it’s like having 7-11’s all the way thought he race, it is easy to get caught up in the drop bag frenzy ! Take a look at what you really used after a race a streamline that whole process. I was running with Charlie Vincent at the Moab’s Red Hot 50k and he nailed it ” I can’t keep up with these younger runners until the the aid stations and then I pass them.” It takes time to figure out your specific needs during an Ultra, but you will find out you need less then you think! Remember next race to run against down time, that will translate to a faster ultra.


Sign up now on-line for the Wasatchspeedgoat “Get High” 50k rugged trail race through Snowbird and Alta Ski Resorts. The race takes place 7/21/07 at the Snowbird Tram deck, get ready to run through the tunnel~race app