Daily Archives: April 1, 2007

Meltzer/Mason running with biking gloves 2

I was taught from day two to wear bike gloves in the rugged Wasatch Range, Meltzer clued me in after my first endo down Grandier Peak. I was racing Karl down a steep pitch when I caught a toe and launched 10 feet through the air only to plunge to the ground hand first. After trail rash on both hands I went out and bought a pair of $10 biking gloves that completely protected my hands during future endo’s. Another benefit is you can stick a pack of gu in the top of each glove when you load up for a big run or race. Once you get used to the gloves protection, you can’t run technical terrain with out them. Ask Paul from Montrail, we did a super technical night run up Little Cottonwood Canyon to the Pfeiferhorn, when we returned Paul had a flapper on the palm of his hand, ouch!


Wasatchspeedgoats-Montrail/Nathan Ultrarunning Team

Sign up now on-line for the Wasatchspeedgoat “Get High” 50k rugged trail race through Snowbird and Alta Ski Resorts. The race takes place 7/21/07 at the Snowbird Tram deck, get ready to run through the tunnel~race app