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Zane Grey race report 10

Well, what can I say, that was the hottest ultramarathon I have ever run! The Zane Grey changed directions and turned up the temp’s to test ones self management skills! The course was so technical a hiker couldn’t even get their rythym through the softball size rocks! Kudo’s to anyone who made it through that […]


SKAGGS wins ZANE GREY on a hot slow day! 6

PRELIMINARY RESULTS SHOW KYLE SKAGGS ON TOP! Young legs dominate the Zane Grey course as Kyle Skaggs hammers on a tough, hot day in Payson, Arizona. Temperatures were in the 80′s, and abundant sunshine burned all the runners in the infamous “Burn Zone”. Josh Brimhall to no surprise took second with the Rogue Runner (a.k.a. […]

WasatchSpeedGoat 50K map in the works 4

MAP DESCRIPTION:  Pdf file coming soon, but here’s a brief overview.  Start at the plaza deck and head downhill to Gad Valley, turn back towards the plaza on the bike singletrack.  Pass the start line and go up the Snowbird Singletrack and up the Cirque traverse, thru the tunnel then to the Peak, where the […]

Zane Grey is up for grabs ! 7

ZANE GREY PROMISES TO BE THE MOST COMPETITIVE 50 MILE TO DATE THIS YEAR! Torrence, Koerner, Brimhall, Skaggs, and Krupicka will toe the line for the first ever backwards Zane Grey 50. A record will be set as this course will reverse direction for the first time making it a downhill course. Well, sort of […]

Bull Run 07 2

LEIGH SCHMITT WINS BULL RUN RUN AGAIN! Leigh Schmittand 5 others all went under 7 hours at the Bull Run Run 50 Mile in Virginia this past weekend. Leigh won by a margin of 14 minutes running 6:24 over Glen Redpath and Robbie Olsen. Amy Sproston won a hot women’s race by only 5 minutes […]

Meltzer-100 mile record at McNaughton Park 19

Mercury Meltzer sets another course record at his first 100 mile win of the year ! Karl ran the 10 loops in 17:40 to improve Eric Clifton’s old record of 18:38. Karl had an hour lead after 7 laps and ran the last three laps with no pressure from the rest of the field. Despite […]

Montrail Vitesse at Moosejaw 6

For all you Vitesse fans Moosejaw has a boat load of our favorite trail shoe in stock. The cushion ride is available for the 2007 season. Back orders with Montrail has made it difficult for us trail runners to locate the Vitesse the first part of the season. The mighty Zane Grey is my next […]


Trail running in the U.S. 4

Trail running has become America’s top 5 recreation sport. In 1998 they recorded 7 million people hitting the trails, in 2005 they recorded 41 million trail runners, wow, what a drastic increase. When Meltzer and I stared running n the early 90′s we would hit the trails and barley see anyone running except legends like […]

Montrail Vitesse 9

WASATCH RUNNING CENTER COMES THROUGH IN THE CLUTCH AND GETS 10 SCRAPES FOR EFFICIENCY! On a random discovery, Glen Gerner at WCR found a pair of 9.5 Montrail Vitesse just in time for the McNaughton Park 100 slated for Saturday. I have been waiting for Vitesse for a long time because of back order issues. […]

Mad City 100k, US Championships 10

CROWTHER WINS ANOTHER BIG ONE! A relatively unknown to most…until Sunmart, Greg Crowther wiped out a stellar field to win the US Championship 100K at Mad City in 7hrs 14min. Scott Jurek put together another solid performance running 7:32. Kevin Setnes rounded out the top 3 and smoked the older boys running 7:50. Julie Udchacon […]

SpeedGoat Senior at the young age of 70 2

Happy Birthday to my Dad who turned 70 years young! I didn’t start running until I was 33 which I thought was late , he started at 65, wow! Right after retirement my Dad suffered a life threatening deal at 63 which he fought off with his inner strength and desire to live. During his […]



Endurance Athlete from another era 1

Monne Davis was using IV bags from hospital’s to carry her water during 100 mile horse races, this lady was ahead of her time! Here we are all set with hydration systems, electrolyte tablets, recovery products and all the modern convinces to assist us in endurance racing. Moone spent a lot of time managing her […]

WasatchSpeedGoat racing tip 4

Runners spend way to much time digging through their drop bags at aid stations. You should be able to run a 50k without any drop bags as long as there is aid stations with the basic fluids and snacks. On a 50 miler you should only need one drop bag with some xtra gu or […]


Trophy Maker Wynn Davis breaking the sound barrier 1

Fellow Ultra runner Wynn Davis will be a force to reckon with, he raced last Saturday and ripped a 3:25 50k on the Chicago Lake front. Sounds like he needs to step it up and run the Wasatchspeedgoat 50k with those fresh legs! one scrape! Sign up now on-line for the Wasatchspeedgoat “Get High” 50k […]

Meltzer/Mason running with biking gloves 2

I was taught from day two to wear bike gloves in the rugged Wasatch Range, Meltzer clued me in after my first endo down Grandier Peak. I was racing Karl down a steep pitch when I caught a toe and launched 10 feet through the air only to plunge to the ground hand first. After […]