Daily Archives: March 23, 2007

Crown King 50k race result

BRIMHALL WINS BY THE BRIM OF HIS HAT AT CROWN KING! Josh Brimhall continues his winning ways at the “Convection Oven” Crown King 50K. The competition was hotter than ever and may be the closest Ultra win of the year for any race. Only 14 seconds seperated Eric Skaggs and Josh at the finish. The overall winning time of 4:48 was nowhere near the record, but who cares, when 14 seconds decides it. Bob Africa finally did not get “wifed”, finishing 8 minutes ahead of his wife Darcy. Emily Baer, came down from the “High Altitude” of Silverton, Colorado to edge out Darcy at the end running 5:16 and change only 7 minutes in front. Crown King is one of the unique Ultras finishing 3000′ or so above the starting line. The real challenge is getting a ride back to Phoenix to get the car, that one hurts more than the run. Hope the beer at the finish was green! 3 scrapes for a great race!