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Zane Grey 50 – McNaughton Park 100 3

The next race is the rugged Zane Grey in Payson Arizona 4/28/07. I haven’t ran there for several years, the last time was right after a hernia operation. This year the race will reverse directions on the point to point course. The elevation gain is dropping by 1,600 feet with the course change, this should speed up times a little.
Karl Meltzer is off to McNaughton Park 100 in Indiana on 4/13/07. This is a new course for Meltzer, we will see if he can set the new standard. Eric Clifton holds the fastest time there of 18:38:07, Meltzer will be keeping his eye on that number through his splits. This sounds like a great course with lots of trails and wildlife.

Sign up now on-line for the Wasatchspeedgoat “Get High” 50k rugged trail race through Snowbird and Alta Ski Resorts. The race takes place 7/21/07 at the Snowbird Tram deck, get ready to run through the tunnel~race app

Montrail-downhill running 4

LEAN FORWARD AND PUNCH IT! A downhill running tip to make up time in your next Ultra. Many races I have run always have a downhill section where the majority of racers lose time. The real key to running downhill is like skiing. You must stand on the center of your ski. The same applies to running downhill. If you stay a little low to the ground and use slightly smaller steps, one will feel less tired and will not hammer the quad muscles as much. The real tip is to take the tangent line on all trails, up or down. Many runners follow the “bike route” where the smoothest line is. Take the straight line and pass the bikers! It takes practice, so get out there and run! Wahsatchspeedgoat! Karl Meltzer Baaahhhhh !

WasatchSpeedGoat “Get High” 50k Race Application
Race Day 7/21/07-The toughest 50k you will ever do!
Snowbird and the Wasatchspeedgoats team up for one sick trail race !


The SpeedGoat Lodge 3

Life is good at the SpeedGoat Lodge, we live 7200 feet above sea level in the Uinta Mountains. Our house is located at the west entrance, the only mountain’s in North America that runs east west instead of north south. I bought the house with the intention of improving my high altitude training. Thank goodness for my cool wife who can put up with living in a high altitude snow pack. Timberlakes is one of the largest HOA mountain living communities there is. My web page guru Gary lives just accross the jelly bean ridge!


WasatchSpeedGoat “Get High” 50k Race Application
Race Day 7/21/07-The toughest 50k you will ever do!

Snowbird and the Wasatchspeedgoats team up for one sick trail race !

Antelope Island 50 mile race report 8

What a perfect day to run with the Buffalo’s, Erik Storheim tore the legs off his nearest competitor who eventually vaporized and posted a time of 7:11 followed by Kelly Korevec and Christian Johnson. The women’s race was dominated by Birgitta Johnson who looked strong all day posting a time of 8:24 followed by second place finisher Susan Armstrong and fellow Wasatch Running Center runner Milada Copeland for third. I was just getting over a cold and hung in there for 11 place overall with a second place 40-49 age group award. What a great day to run around the stinky Great Salt Lake with Buffalo chips every where ! Buffalo Run also held a 25k and a 50k on the other side of the island, I missed those events.

WasatchSpeedGoat “Get High” 50k Race Application

Race Day 7/21/07-The toughest 50k you will ever do!

Snowbird and the Wasatchspeedgoats team up for one sick trail race !

We are back !!!

Looks like we put so much stuff on the page we had to go get some more Internet muscle !!
Full race report from Antelope Island coming later today!! Hats off to race director Jim Skaggs for putting out a triple play of races on the beautiful Antelope Island, 25K,50K and a 50 Miler !!

Crown King 50k race result

BRIMHALL WINS BY THE BRIM OF HIS HAT AT CROWN KING! Josh Brimhall continues his winning ways at the “Convection Oven” Crown King 50K. The competition was hotter than ever and may be the closest Ultra win of the year for any race. Only 14 seconds seperated Eric Skaggs and Josh at the finish. The overall winning time of 4:48 was nowhere near the record, but who cares, when 14 seconds decides it. Bob Africa finally did not get “wifed”, finishing 8 minutes ahead of his wife Darcy. Emily Baer, came down from the “High Altitude” of Silverton, Colorado to edge out Darcy at the end running 5:16 and change only 7 minutes in front. Crown King is one of the unique Ultras finishing 3000′ or so above the starting line. The real challenge is getting a ride back to Phoenix to get the car, that one hurts more than the run. Hope the beer at the finish was green! 3 scrapes for a great race!


Chuckanut 50k race results 2

NOTES FROM THE GOATS:KYLE SKAGGS CHUCKS UP ANOTHA AT THE CHUCKANUT 50K! Kyle Skaggs continues to fly under the radar to win another Ultra in a closely contested race coming from behind on the last leg to beat Matthew Simms at the tape by a scant 2:20, running 4:10.13. Hal Koerner rounded out the top five finishing in 4:20 with Josh Mulkey and Mike Wedemeyer just in front. Melanie Bos won the women’s race in a fast time of 4:58. The conditions were wet and muddy with driving rain the entire race. Uli Steidl’s record stands firm at 3:42! We don’t think Uli’s record will fall any year soon, He’s too fast!

Three scrapes for Kyle and Melanie!

WasatchSpeedGoat “Get High” 50k Race Application

WasatchSpeedGoat “Get High” 50k 1

Check out the Speedgoat Trophy created by fellow trail runner Wynn Davis from the mid west. Wynn is an art teacher and volunteered his time to create the ultimate award ? You think were obsessed with the Rocky Mountain Goats, this guy has his own herd of goats to run with. Who will be the lucky trail runner to win such an award ? There are plenty of surprises and trophy categories besides the winner, stay tuned for more fun ! Thanks to Jake the goat for donating his fur to the cause! Bahaha !


Two scrapes for Jake the Goat !!


2007 Entrants

WasatchSpeedGoat “Get High” 50k Race Application

7/21/07 at Snowbird and Alta UT.

Blister Management 2

I’ve got blisters on my blisters, isn’t that from a Beatles album? In the first days of ultrarunning your feet are tender and you can end up with some big blisters during those 100 mile races. I used to have mole skin, second skin and all kinds of remedies for those pesky blisters, and then I learned to run through them. You can feel the blister developing for several miles and then the hot searing pain of a busted blister begins, this is where it gets tough. The trick is to run faster and ignore the pain for 5 to 6 miles until something else hurts ! p.s. do not take your shoes off!! Bahahaha! one scrape~


Wasatchspeedgoat “Get High” 50k race application

newnathanlogo1.JPG Black Diamond

Copper Canyon, Old Pueblo 50, Way to Cool 50k 16

A FEW RACE NOTES FROM THE DESK OF THE GOATS. Scott Jurek returned to Copper Canyon to run with the indians and turned out a stellar performance winning the 47 mile adventure in a scant 6:32. Scott donated his winnings back to the locals, he wasn’t able to bring corn back to Seattle from Mexico. Hal Koerner came close to taking down Brandon Sybrowsky’s record at the Old Pueblo 50 mile running 7:15 and change making it the third fastest time along the mexican border. Lewis Taylor had a great run in the mud as did Beverly Anderson-Abbs to win the Way Too Cool 50K in 3:41 and 4:19 respectively. Next up will be Scott Mason running with the Buffalos on Antelope Island next weekend. Snort, Snort, two scrapes! Wahsatchspeedgoat!

« WasatchSpeedGoat “Get High” 50k Application

WasatchSpeedGoat “Get High” 50k Application 5

Did you ever run through a tunnel at 11,000 above sea level during a trail race? The Wasatch Speed Goats just got approval for the runners to cross through the Snowbird tunnel then drop into the Mineral Basin side. The new chair lift will carry your crew to the tunnel entrance to view both sides of the mountain. Applications will be available tomorrow morning, happy trails!

WasatchSpeedGoat “Get HIgh” 50k Race Application

Think Spring ~ Trail Running 6

I can’t wait to see the wild flowers, we have been running on the snow pack since November of last year. After feeling the warm temps at the Red hot 50k, let the melting begin. It is tough to run on snow for several months and then travel to Moab and dance through a giant rock that lasted 17 of the last 34 miles of a trail race. Toe Bang~ These Indian Paint Brushes (Flowers) in the picture is what the Wasatch Mountain Range looks like in July. Turn the clocks back this weekend ? The Presz signed a bill to save on energy, time to put away the Petzl head lamp.

This is a sample of what you will see at the Speedgoat “Get High” 50k!

Montrail the Dog 4

Yes there is a dog named Montrail, I found him lost and starving up Rose canyon in Utah 7 years ago. Montrail has become the most loyal training partner any one could ask for. Even though Montrail has backed off his mileage the last couple years, he can still bang out the toughest trail runs of all ! Montrail will be at the Wasatch 100 finish line to greet the runners this year! Two scrapes from Montrail!



The SpeedGoats “Get High” 50k is on ! 14

On July 21 2007, a new tradition begins, the Wasatchspeedgoats are putting on a high altitude 50k trail race that takes place all above 8100 feet. The course is designed by Karl Meltzer which includes 9,000 to 10,000 feet of vertical uphill running with massive downhills that will test the best of trail runners. The start and finish line will be at the Snowbird tram deck with hotels and summer activities to entertain your entire crew. Race fans will be able to ride the tram or the chair lift that takes you to the top of new Snowbird Tunnel so you can view your runner trekking through the massive Mineral Basin. We will have applications in place on the web page Monday March 12, 2007 or you can sign up at the Wasatch Running Center in Sandy, Utah.

Limit 200 runners

Aerial Tram Rides at Snowbird

Thanks to Alta / Snowbird for some of the best ski lift terrain service on the globe !