Daily Archives: February 5, 2007

Ultragen and Multi-V for recovery…

After completing the grueling HURT 100..only K, I was thrilled to discover that I was recovered completely only 9 days later, I have been consuming Ultragen from First Endurance after every run, also taking the Multi-V vitamin daily. The recovery process is incredible and one can feel the body rebuild itself every day. Although it was not my best run, it was certainly a good test of my fitness level in January and my recovery status after running 5 100’s in 11 weeks last fall. Ultrarunning is evolving, and products keep improving, First Endurance will make you faster and healthier without doing anything but consuming. Isn’t that what ultrarunnning is, consuming and not breaking down?

Three scrapes for Ultragen and Multi-V. Baaaaahhhhh!