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Wasatchspeedgoats 50k at Snowbird & Alta Ski Resort 13

Imagine running a karl Meltzer designed trail race in the steep Wasatch Mountain Range ! The Wasatchspeedgoats are in the process of attempting to establish a trail race approved by Alta and Snowbird Ski Resorts. Both resorts are extremely interested in having the pack of elite trail runners rolling through the rugged Mountains as soon as this summer. Further information coming! One scrape bahahaha!
It's a long way from the bayous of Louisiana, but Hurricane Katrina evacuees will get a taste of Utah's Wasatch Mountains on Friday as they ride Snowbird's aerial tramway as guests of the ski and summer resort. (photo: FTO/Marc Guido)

Looks like we are on for July 21, 2007 for the inaugural Wasatchspeedgoat 50k !!!!!!!! Get ready for some vertical ~~

Who’s Elwood?

Way to Cool 50k ~ Old Peublo 50 Miler 8

MORE THAN JUST BUFFALO RUNNIN’ This upcoming weekend is full of excitement with the Way Too Cool 50k in Cool, California and the Old Pueblo 50 Mile in Patagonia, Arizona. Both races are full and fast times are expected. With Cool it all depends on how cool the mud will be. In Arizona, runners will leave Kentucky Camp and start their run from the border patrol. Likely, border patrol won’t catch anyone! We will try and predict who will win at Cool on our next post in two days. It’s a secret who’s running at Old Pueblo, we won’t find out till the race is over…stay tuned. The Pow Pow keeps flying in Utah, but don’t go backcountry, its a deathtrap right now.,%20MacDonalds,%20Hutchinson.JPG


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Antelope Island 50 Miler

Run with the Buffalo’s at Utah’s Antelope Island ! Did you ever have 1000 pound Buffalo running next to you through an open prairie with no where to hide, no trees, no rocks just you and the Buffalo and a lot of open space. It is a very vulnerable feeling, even though the beast normally do not charge humans, I was not confident for my safety. Last year was the first year for the race which was a 50k and this year the 50 miler is a new option. The Buffalo run takes place March 24, 2007, with what else but buffalo stew at the finish ! Last week we ran with the jeeps in Moab, next is the Buffalo’s.


2007 Winter Outdoor Retailer Show 1

Outdoor Retailer, the leading outdoor industry trade show, closed a successful 2007 Winter Market with a record 17,973 total attendees, up 24% from 2006. The largest Winter Market to date attracted 5,602 buyers, up 14% from 2006, who toured the Salt Palace packed with innovative gear, apparel, accessories, footwear, educational events and hundreds of new exhibitors.

Red Hot 50k 1

What a great day to run around the dessert, Moab’s Red Hot 50k had a full field of stellar trail runners. The coarse was rolling fire roads for the first 13 miles and quickly turned into super technical rock surface running. The trail was well marked but difficult to find, this was a great section to have a partner to help with the route finding. It will take a while for the the toe bang to heal from this race!

WSG ~Happy Trails

Optygen ~ First Endurance

Maximize Optygen Use:

Optygen is unlike any other endurance product available. Optygen is a legal, safe and stimulant-free formula designed specifically to optimize performance for endurance athletes. This revolutionary formula is based on human clinical trials and the latest scientific research on increasing endurance. The two main adaptogens in Optygen were first used by Tibetan Sherpas to help them climb Mount Everest. Optygen utilizes these unique adaptogens because clinical research (on elite endurance athletes) has shown them to increase oxygen utilization, increase the body’s ability to adapt to high levels of physical stress, increase anaerobic threshold and reduce lactic acid. Used by the Wasatchspeedgoats along with Ultragen by First Endurance.

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Meltzer and Africa prevail at Red Hot 2

On a Red Hot day in Moab, Utah this past weekend, a stellar field showed up to chase a Speedgoat. A few runners were trapped on their adventure from Denver when 100mph winds closed I-70 and sent a few runners home. Meltzer and Hector Martinez (a 2:18 road marathon to his credit) played cat and mouse for the first 20 miles until the real hill up to Gold Bar Rim pushed Hector back. Karl took off on the more technical terrain and prevailed in 4:25. Torrid Torrence closed hard to finish second in 4:44 using his “local knowledge” to stay on the well marked, but hard to follow route from Gold Bar to Poison Spider. Africa threw in another of her stellar performances…textbook style finishing near 5 hours. Cheryl Pfeil, in classic form finished her longest run of 34 miles in socks only from mile 26 to 34 to take home the fresh pair of La Sportiva shoes. We’ll have full results posted as soon as we know. 3 scrapes for Karl, Cheryl and Darcy! baaaaaahhhhhhh!!!

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Red Hot 50k ~ Moab Utah 2

Even though it’s a long winter in Park City, UT. and all we do is ski, it’s time to think about trail running. Karl Meltzer and I are off to dance through the Moab Desert so we can enjoy dirt crunching under our feet. The Red Hot has some of the coolest trails on earth we call “Disneyland Single track”. It still amazes me you can ski the best powder there is then drive four hours to Moab and poach some of the coolest single track known to trail runners.. Hats off to planet Utah! 12,000 Products Up to 70% Off – Semi-Annual Sale Feb.15 – 28


Nutrition Research ~ First Endurance 1

Carbohydrates for Endurance
Reviewed and Updated by ERB member Neal Henderson, MS CSCS – Sport Science Manager at Boulder Center for Sports Medicine

Intro: Energy for endurance exercise is fueled primarily by fats and carbohydrates, with carbohydrate utilization increasing as the intensity of the exercise increases. Thus, carbohydrates are crucial to competitive endurance exercise performance. In addition to food based carbohydrates, there are many different energy supplements marketed for sport, which are available in a variety of forms. These carbohydrate supplements are available as a result of demand based upon experimental and research based evidence, but understanding when your body needs carbohydrate in which amount depends on three key areas: capacity, conversion and type. Capacity: At rest, the human body typically has enough carbohydrates to fuel 3 hrs of exercise at a rate of 10-12 kcal/minute (600-700 kcal/hour) which includes blood, muscle, and liver glycogen stores totaling 1,520 to 2,020kcal. The conversion of carbohydrates to energy is highly efficient compared to fats and protein. Thus, carbohydrates are a great fuel source, but our storage capacity, even with training, is generally insufficient to meet the demands of competitive endurance sports.

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Paul Dewitt smokes the Pemberton 50K! 2

In preliminary results from Arizona, Paul Dewitt averaged a 6:12 mile on the smooth and fast Pemberton 50k course finally breaking Torrid Torrence’s record by about 10 minutes. Results are not yet posted on the Web, but we’ll find out soon who he beat…stay tuned. We’ll see if Paul can keep up his amazing speed if he runs the Red Hot 50k this coming weekend in Moab. Stiff Neck will be out for a training run through disneyland. 3 scrapes for Paul! Baaaahhhhh !

WSG 100 Mile Training Tip

Did you ever got the yawns during the night section of a 100 mile run. It’s always puzzling when you begin to run with your mouth wide open yawning like you haven’t sleep for a day or so. The yawning seems to be a limited cycle, as if your body is trying to remind you that it is past your bed time? I have suffered through this cycle several times, if you ignore the sleepy reminders your body will eventually give up and you keep running. Last year the yawns hit late into Wasatch 100 and I had Power Gel with the caffeine for this reason, I downed two packs at once and within minutes the yawns vanished, wow it really works. When you pack your drop bags, make sure you have the Power Gel with caffeine for the yawny sections.


Moab’s Red Hot 50k 1

The RED HOT 50k is coming soon and a strongfield of runners will be floating thru the desert near Moab, Utah. All will be following Ian Torrence, a former Moab resident who knows the route better than anyone. Stiff Necked Karl Meltzer will be following but not looking behind, cuz’ he can’t. It’ll be a real test of how to run thru pain and stiffness,”I’ll probably forget about my aches and pains and just keep looking forward”. Cheryl Pfeil makes her attempt at her longest run ever on minimal training, but taught from a speedgoat, she may just beat him. “At least now I won’t keep turning around to see who’s behind me”…One scrape for a stiff neck, three scrapes for Cheryl! baaaahhhhhh!

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Toe Bang ~ Montrail Vitesse 6

Toe nail management is crucial to any trail runner who sprints down steep terrain. If you run 6 or 7 Ultra’s a year you will always end up with layers of D/T/Nails.. I have become such an expert on the removal process, when to remove, how many days I need to heal before the next race, it’s never a problem. Thanks to the Montrail Vitesse for being around for so long, the toe box on the Vitesse allows you to dance through the scree fields and bomb the steep terrain with confidence. I couldn’t imagine running 2000 miles a year with a million combined Verticle in any other shoe.

Wasatchspeedgoat- SM

Montrail Vitesse

How to escape Brighton Aid station in under 30 minutes, Wasatch 100 4

The first thing you do is stay out of that warm cozy building, have your pacer standing on the outside porch with your drop bag. Once you arrive have your crew walk you into the aid station to get weighed and turn around and get out. If you need hot soup or something, make sure the crew gets it for you and takes it outside. If you go in and get warm, you could get chilled when start that big climb out of Brighton. Don’t think of Brighton as such a milestone in the race, just pass through and go to Ant Knolls as your big aid station(mile 80.27). Why? Because there is nothing to do there but keep moving, then you will have less the 20 miles to finish with no option to drop. Brighton is to easy to get cozy (mile 75) or go to sleep, stay out of the building! one scrape-bad-bahahaha! Wasatch Wadddler*


Ultragen and Multi-V for recovery…

After completing the grueling HURT 100..only K, I was thrilled to discover that I was recovered completely only 9 days later, I have been consuming Ultragen from First Endurance after every run, also taking the Multi-V vitamin daily. The recovery process is incredible and one can feel the body rebuild itself every day. Although it was not my best run, it was certainly a good test of my fitness level in January and my recovery status after running 5 100’s in 11 weeks last fall. Ultrarunning is evolving, and products keep improving, First Endurance will make you faster and healthier without doing anything but consuming. Isn’t that what ultrarunnning is, consuming and not breaking down?

Three scrapes for Ultragen and Multi-V. Baaaaahhhhh!


Lottery day is over for the two toughest 100’s 1

Thanks to all the Trail Junkies for checking in on the Wasatch 100 results. I did not take down the entire list of runners in all fairness to the race director. Sounds like Steve and I will be pacing at the Wasatch but the rest of the runners who e-mailed to comments, your in! Hardrock lottery was also a heart breaker today, oh well what do you do? You go run Bighorn 100, Lake Tahoe 100(Kelly K.?), Leadville and Bear 100. That will divert most of my sadness for not running my backyard Wasatch race and the mighty Hardrock.

Wasatchspeedgoat-SM goat.jpg ONE SCRAPE-bad