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Keeping time at a 100 miler 2

When the Wasatchspeedgoats run a 100 mile trail race, they race the clock to win down time. Always try to keep your d/t under 60 minutes for 100 miler. WSG Training tip: keep moving and never sit down at an aid station. Bahaha!! Two scrapes!


WSG 100 Mile Training Tip 2

Never leave your drop bags with the crew! Imagine you are coming into an aid station to pick up your night time gear, your crew gets a flat tire and misses you at the aid station. Wow, what do you do now? I always rely on the aid station folks to have my bags, they have several hours lead time to get your stuff to the aid station even if they have an incident. My crew(wife and kids) always have a single bag to take to all the aid stations, this includes a variety of stuff like back up Petzl lights, batteries, GU, socks, first aid, xtra running belt in case one breaks and other back up items. This will insure you always have access to all types of gear all the time.


Montrail Shoes

Hardrock and Wasatch runner selections this weekend 5

For those of you who applied for the Hardrock 100 or the Wasatch 100, this is the weekend we find out our summer racing schedule. Once again the popularity of 100 mile trail running has forced yet another race to join the ranks of lottery selection (Wasatch 100). Unless your Karl Meltzer who gets in these races because he wins them, you will be on pins and needles like me waiting to see if you”get in”. I will be attending the Wasatch 100 selection at the Homestead Resort on Sat. 2/3/07, 1:30 p.m. If you have entered the Wasatch 100 and would like to know if you are one of the chosen runners, leave me your name and phone number under “leave a comment” and I will call you right after the selection is finished, good luck! Happy Trails!


Montrail Shoes

Outdoor Retailer Show 1

Off to the OR show, time to wallow through tons of new outdoor gear and wish you could have it all in your basement. The OR is located at the Salt Palace Convention Center in S.L.C. UT. This is the biggest show of it’s kind with over 775 exhibitors showing off their newest technologies and gear. After the show Paul from Montrail, Krissy from Nathan and some other industry peps are going to meet us for a run in the Wasatch.


Winter Trail Running in Utah 2

Yea that can be a tough task at times considering we get 500 to 700 inches of snow a year on some of our favorite terrain. Thanks to 13 world-class ski resorts you can hit the groomer’s after the they close. I look forward to checking out of my sales job at the ski resort and stepping on to the groomer’s to bang out a quick 8 mile run with 2500 vertical climb.


Grand Slammer Gary Knipling 4

Last winter 62 year old Gary Knipling from Virginia saw my name on the 2005 Massanutten 100 list, when Gary came to Utah skiing he tracked me down at Deer Valley Ski Resort. I decided to pick Gary up and go to Karl Meltzer’s house in Salt Lake, Karl and I wanted to take a run on snow packed trails and show Gary our mascot the Rocky Mountain Goat. Sure enough after a steady climb from Karl’s house with in one hour we were looking at the goats on the ridge. Ba ha ha! It turns out the modest Gary not only ran Massanutten 100 in Virginia, but he also showed up at the Wasatch 100 in Utah to complete the prestigious Grand Slam(4-100 milers in one season) with his son Keith. Congratulations to Gary, my 60+ ultrarunning hero! Oh ya, I had a shot of  Knob Creek Whiskey with Gary after we finished the Wasatch 100. Yuk!


Lundblad, Meltzer Named UltraRunning Magazine’s Runners of the Year 3

Asheville, North Carolina’s Anne Lundbald and Sandy , Utah ’s Karl Meltzer have been voted the 2006 UltraRunning Magazine’s North American runners of the year. It was the second consecutive year Lundblad was honored as the top female ultrarunner. She sped to a personal best of 7:47:18 in the IAU World Challenge 100 Km in Korea , good for sixth place in the world’s most competitive ultramarathon. It was the third straight year Lundblad led the U.S. women at the IAU 100 Km. Later in the year she won the Sunmart 50 Mile in Texas in 6:33:21, the fastest North American time at that distance in 2006, and second-best all time at Sunmart, behind only her own time from 2005.

Meltzer turned in perhaps the most prolific 100-mile season ever in North America , winning a total of six 100-mile races during the calendar year. Beginning with the HURT 100 Mile in Hawaii in January and ending with the Arizona ’s Javelina 100 Mile in November, Meltzer was a veritable tour de force, winning nearly wherever he went. The tougher the 100-mile, the more Meltzer relished the challenge. “When it is all said and done, I want to have won more 100-mile races than anyone ever has,” said Meltzer of his accomplishments and future goals.

1. Anne Lundblad, 40, NC (9) 160

2. Nikki Kimball, 35, MT (6) 154

3. Kami Semick, 40, OR 110

4. Beverly Anderson-Abbs, 42, CA 101

5. Connie Gardner, 42, OH 73

6. Darcy Africa, 31, CO 61

7. Krissy Moehl, 29, WA 59

8. Julie Udchacon, 36, AK 27

9. Carolyn Smith, 41, WI 20

10. Sue Johnston, 41, CA 1

1. Karl Meltzer, 38, UT (7) 154

2. Scott Jurek, 32, WA (7) 150

3. Jorge Pacheco, 39, CA (1) 98

4. Phil Kochik, 28, WA 71

5. Hal Koerner, 30, OR 56

6. Howard Nippert, 41, VA 53

7. Eric Grossman, 38, KY 51

8. Leigh Schmitt, 33, MA 40

9. Bob Sweeney, 39, NY 30

10. Graham Cooper, 36, CA 27

Josh Brimhall, 31, NV 27

ESTES and MOEHL don’t HURT at H.U.R.T. 100! 2

Matt Estes and Krissy Moehl smashed course records at the HURT 100 this past weekend. Benign course conditions made it even faster running 20:43 and 26:15. As Matt always does, ran a smart race and very even splits through the 5 laps, while Krissy ran controlled all the way in her first 100 without a pacer. Meltzer got bored after 100k and had to settle for the 100k record running 12:37. It was ultimately Matt’s day and Karl really had no chance of chasing Matt down once he got away. Matt’s performance will go down as one of the best in 2007, even though it is only January. Look for Matt to go for his 2nd Massannutten win in May!
Congrats to both!

Wahsatchspeedgoat…Matt gets 3 scrapes!

Meltzer’s 2006 record breaking season 1

Check out the notes from the greatest Ultrarunning season ever!

The Year 2006 started off with a bang. With the financial support I needed from Red Bull and talk of breaking 24 hours at the HURT 100, I had to go for it. The record was previously held by Mike Sweeney at 24:50. With little rain the entire week, the course was somewhat benign and proved to be the case running 22:16. Jim Kerby and Bev Abbs put up a fight early but couldn’t levitate as well over the mud finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively. Fellow Speedgoat, Scott Mason and I decided to get out of town and head to the American River Track Meet 50 mile in Auburn, CA. It was just that, a boring flat road race, 17th was all I could muster up running 7:23. From this point on, it was all about the 100 milers. Massannutten came next. I expected the race to be between myself and Matt Estes, the current record holder at 18:12. A Korean named Sim Jae Duk showed up as the mystery man, and he was. Sim and I battled all day up through 75 miles with Matt not far behind. Sim never let up and cranked the record running 17:40. I ran one of my best races running 17:58 also under the record. Matt finished third in another stellar performance at 18:27. Three weeks later a training run at the Squaw Peak 50 proved just that taking second to Allen Bellshaw. My favorite run the Hardrock 100 was run textbook style in 27:07, only 28 minutes off my record of 26:39. With a solid time at Hardrock I had to run Leadville to complete the Rocky Mountain Slam, so I headed to the mining Goliath of a town and finished 8th with the last 13 miles being a death march due to fried quads. It certainly made me think what was next to come was not possible. I proved myself wrong winning the Wasatch 100 in a a hard fought battle with local Jim Huffman in 20:18 only 35 minutes off my record of 19:43. Next, and to complete the Rocky Mountain Slam was the Bear 100, only 13 days after Wasatch. A snowstorm plowed into the course and changed the route, but in textbook fashion again just cruised to win in 20:35. I planned on ending my season here, but feeling so well in early October I decided to run one more at San Diego and see what could happen. Josh Brimhall and I ran tight early then I slowly pulled away at halfway (7:18) I could not believe the 50 mile split was that fast. I turned back around and hammered home running scared from Josh and smoking my previous record (17:24) running a super-fast 15:48. It was my 5th 100 mile win of 2006, thus breaking the all-time record for most 100 mile wins in a calendar year. At this point I thought it was over until a vacation with Cheryl’s family in Southern Utah the next week changed plans one more time. The Javelina Jundred was November 4th, again only two weeks after San Diego. I was in the neighborhood at the end of our RV adventure so I entered at the last minute. I figured I had nothing to lose. The course is somewhat flat so all I had to do was keep running. Joe Kulak mentioned to me if I break his course record of 15:47 he would send me a 6-pack of Philly’s finest Ale. I proved to be quite thirsty and prevailed winning with my fastest 100 ever finishing in 15:25. Six 100 mile wins in a calendar year should be untouchable for a while. I hope to finally win the Ultrarunner of the Year voting, and along with the USATF vote, it would be the first time in quite some time a runner could win both nominations. Baaaaaahhhhhh -Wahsatch Speedgoat

The Montrail Nitrus 10

Looks Like Montrail come out with another killer trail Shoe!!

“The NITRUS moves trail runners another step forward with a faster ride and better forefoot flexibility. The breathable and light-weight upper is reinforced with ultra-tough monofilament mesh for protection without bulk. A multi-density midsole and Terrahex shock absorption technology transitions smoothly from road to trail. Runners of all ability levels will enjoy the fast, stylish, and well-balanced ride.”


Tour Du Blanc 1

IS MELTZER THE ONLY US ATHLETE TO GET IN”TOUR DU MONT BLANC”? Meltzer sets his alarm for 1 a.m. January 8th in order to gain entry for this year’s Tour Du Mont Blanc 163k race in France. With knowledge last year of 7000 runners entering vying for a spot in the beautiful French Alps, Karl takes a nap, sets his alarm for 1 a.m. to insure a spot in a spectacular race that circumnavigates Mont Blanc. A race with 9000 meters of altitude gain…sounds right up his ally. All he has to do now is learn French. How do you say Speedgoat in French? Von son say, baaaahhhh! Two scrapes of the hoof!!! Wahsatch Speedgoat

USATF doesn’t approve of tunes in Ultrarunning ?

Politics, politics, politics. For all of you out there who recently received “Fast Forward Magazine” (the official mag of USATF) you noticed many great photos of this years best runners in the US. One photo was missing, Karl Meltzer submitted a photo as requested but would not go to print because he was wearing headphones. There are no rules in Ultrarunning about wearing headphones in competition stated in USATF rules. I guess the “old boys of running” just don’t get it. 100 mile races should allow headphones if one wishes to wear them. It passes time and makes the run more enjoyable. While dancing with fellow goats high in the mountains the sound of music is nicer than the sound of wind…most of the time. To each his own, right?

WahsatchSpeedgoat….baaaaahhhhhh!!! Two Scrapes of the hoof!


Mr. Goat

We would like to welcome Mr. Goat to our header, he was filmed in Toledo Bowl which is up Little Cottonwood Canyon. These animals are truly amazing to see when we run the upper ridges of the Wasatch Mountain Range. The Goats always look at us like “what are you two legged animals doing up here?” Running with the Rocky Mountain Goat’s inspired our trade mark name”Wasatchspeedgoat”.


Entry day for Hardrock and Wasatch 100.

Today is the day to send in your application for the Hardrock and Wasatch 100. These are the two toughest 100’s in the world and the toughest to get in, Hardrock only allowing 130 runners and Wasatch around 200. That is the max numbers of runners allowed according to the National Forest Service permits. Oh yea, the post office is closed today !