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Speedgoat 50k 2008 7

Here we go, it is time to sign up for the hardest 50k you will ever do! The Wasatch Speed Goats are ready to show case a new course that treks through Snowbird Ski Resort. Registration opens today, please follow the and sign up now!! Bahahaha~ Three Scrapes!!!

Wasatch Running Center

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Wasatch Speed Goat – SM


Meltzer joins Team

Check this out, here is a dozen or so young snowboarders and skiers hanging with the father goat of ultrarunning! has assembled a elite team of athletes to represent the giant on-line retailer. As expected karl is going to represent the trail running side of the spectrum to promote the best backcountry on-line store! We have partnered with to provide our readers a 10% discount of selected trail run gear so feel free to shop around!


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Wasatch Speed Goat – SM

Endurance Challenge 50 Mile Championship 1

li Steidl wins the Northface 50 Mile Challenge over the Matt Carpenter! Wow! With 10,000 dollars on the line Uli and Matt ran close the first 44 miles and Uli was able to burn Matt off the last 6 miles to win a thrilling race! I raced Pikes Peak two years ago and watched Matt beat Uli on the technical mountain race but the less technical California course played into Uli’s hand as he won the biggest paying Ultra of the year!

Uli Steidl’s race report



Wasatch Speed Goat

Snowbird and the Wasatchspeedgoat 50k

For those of you who enjoyed Snowbirds terrain for the trail race, imagine skiing this mountain ! Here is a special at Snowbird you can take advantage of if you want to ski some of the steepest terrain and lightest powder you can find anywhere! Stay tuned registration for the Wasatchspeedgoat 50k opens January 1st!

Ski equipment sales



Sunmart race results 5

Foreigners dominate Sunmart Race

Jaroslaw Janicki of Poland flew over the big pond to lead a large contingent of runners from another land. 6:07 and change was nowhere near Greg Crowthers superb time last year of 5:37. However, a deep foreign field put the first american (Akos Konya) back to 5th place,
next US runner was Mark Godale (9th). Konya’s bid for runner of the year gets another point in the standings.

Helena Crossan of Ireland won a hot womens race only 4 minutes ahead of Great Britain runner Adela Salt. Crossan ran 7:18. Third women was Jean Perez from the US in 7:29. Great race for the women.
Wouldn’t it be cool if someone from Europe would invite a bunch of us to run Mt. Blanc, and take care of travel?

Wahsatchspeedgoat – KM


Hardrock and Wasatch 100 applications 11

Here we go, it’s time to get out the check book and start mailing out race applications for your favorite race! As we just read Western States is the World championships for the lottery winners, not the sport! The Hardrock 100 has a new category for people like me who never get in, if you applied in previous years and were unsuccessful, you get some extra chances in the hat! Way to go Hardrock!

Wasatch 100 also has an extra ticket for those did not get in last year! It is good to see some adjustments on the lottery for those big races! I will be attending the lottery for the Wasatch 100 on February 2nd, if you would like a live update on your status leave a comment and I will be calling everyone during the lottery to tell you the good news!

Stay tuned for TRAIL GEAR REVIEW on the La Sportiva Fireblade, these shoes look sleek and fast compared to what I am used to running in!
Wasatch Speed Goat – SM


Western States called the “World Championships” 59

Special considerations are considered to those who…and I quote from the website…”greatly enhance the competitive aspect of the race”.

For all those fast guys that didn’t get in to what MUC calls the World Championship then what is it really?

It’s the end of a series of races to win a Schwag Bag, (my simple opinion). Yes it is the most competitive 100 in the US…no doubt, but only because it is one of the originals and has a great history. I certainly deserves to be listed as a great race, but not a “World Championship” if all runners who have a legitimate chance of running top 10 can’t run it. And where is the prize money for the “World Championship”?

Prize money is not a Schwag Bag!

This has certainly shifted my plans for 2008. I was hoping to run it once this year to challenge the over 40 record, as I will be “Over the Hill” in a few days…making Western a downhill race for me. This post might ban me from the race, and I don’t want that. We have to wonder where Ultrarunning is going with so-called Championships, with only a handful of the best runners allowed to race for it. Come on Forest Service, let the runners run! And thanks to he who inspired me to write this.


Karl Meltzer


Squaw Peak 50 1

Registration is open for the 2008 Squaw Peak 50 Miler ! This is one of the toughest 50 milers in the country next to Zane Grey and Lake City’s 50 miler. This will be my seventh run at the Squaw Peak and it never gets any easier. The course has about 20,000 combined vertical and has a super technical downhill from mile 40 at Windy pass down to mile 46.5 to the pavement. You can really loose a lot of time on this section of the course if you are not able to run the steep downhill, so save some legs for this section. If you want some beautiful views and like to cross avalanche snow fields this race is for you!


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Chat with top Ultrarunner Karl Meltzer 4

On Thursday, November 29th at 8:00 PM EST, Karl Meltzer, one of the country’s top ultramarathon athletes, will be speaking in the live chat room on my website, offering advice and answering your questions. The chat is free. All you have to do to join the discussion is log-in at and type in the password “teampr”.
Other than that I need to get back in the saddle and run off the 3 quarts of eggnog I consumed over Thanksgiving. I just finished my annual month of rest, unlike Karl I am human require a little healing time.

Turkey hangover sale at 1

Our partners at are putting out some soft shells and fleeces on sale at 20% off! These are some killer Christmas gifts and if you need some trail running gear go ahead and use the Speed Goat Coupon for 10% off trail running gear!

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Ultracentric 24hr 11

105’……….Lets do the math! Ultracentric 24hr Over the course of 24 hours Connie Gardiner could not muster up 53″ an hour to capture the US women’s 24 hour record. Man was that close! Nonetheless a stellar effort racking up 145.26 miles and taking home a whopping $4000 first prize*. Akos Konya stayed few inches per hour ahead, outdistancing Connie by less than a mile at 146.33. Good Stuff!

Next up, the North Face Challenge in San Fran! Thought $4000 was a solid winning prize? $10,000 is on the line for the winner here. Second takes home nadda (in terms of cash). I pick Carpenter to finish off his money winning season!


Wasatch Running Center

first-endurance-1.jpg blackdiamond_horiz_hires_.jpg


JFK race weekend, Mackey tears up the big hole! 9

Mac Daddy tears across the big hole!

Dave Mackey has recently re-written the Grand Canyon Doublecross recordbook flying across the ditch in 6:59 and change. Kyle Skaggs ran 7:37 last year to throw in another chapter, but Mackey just chiseled it in stone at the South Kaibab Trailhead. Running the classic route from S. Kaibab and back, the 41.6 mile route climbs over 11,000′ all on technical trail with the mighty mule train to even slow him down a bit!

JFK 50 this weekend

The race with many mystery men and women has the largest field ever with 1300 runners chasing Eric Clifton’s record. Keep an eye on it. Greg Crowther, with a win here could take home the ultimate Speedgoat Trophy with a stellar year behind him. Pete Breckenridge, Mark Lundblad, Mark Godale, and Kwijboo himself should contest for the win. Or could it be the ultimate Husband-Wife victory as Mark Lundblad and wife Anne have an outside chance of doing just that. It’ll be a speedy one. We’ll have results as soon as possible.

Leland Barker Squaw Peak 50 2007


Speed Goat cross training-Winter

Here is what you do in Utah for a upper body workout, high altitude snowboarding with an engine. This will keep the upper body working~
YouTube Preview Image

High Uinta’s behind the Speed Goat Lodge


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100 Mile races and stomach issues 10

The stomach seems to be one of the toughest challenges during a 100 mile run. Runners generally have stomach issues during the longer races, this takes practice to keep the proper balance of water and salt in the system. Runners tend to intake in to much sugar from those energy drinks and  eat to many different foods.

I was pacing John Maack from the Wasatch Running Center for the 2007 Wasatch 100, John called me after about 30 miles complaining about stomach, I thought I would never see him at mile 75 if he was already having problems. I told John to start drinking a lot of water to rinse his stomach of the acid build up. In addition I told him to take one e-cap every half hour to hour until he started to get some relief. John was concerned about food and I told him to eat one or two gu’s an hour with water. In addition I told John to limit what he eats and stick to the boiled potatoes and stay away from the acidly foods! John was full of concerns at this point of the race, he stuck with my recommendations and showed up at mile 75 to finish the race!
John contacted Endurance Planet for some further coaching on his stomach, check out the response on this video!


Any advice please leave a comment!

Wasatch Speed Goat


Utah Ultrarunning Camp ~ Speedgoat Country 9

Utah Ultrarunning Camp coming to Speedgoat Country July 9th-13th

Hosted by the Wasatch Speedgoat himself, 30 fortunate Ultrarunners will get into the brain of Karl Meltzer and learn a few secrets of how to perform at one’s own top level, especially at Ultra distances.

Alongside the PEAK academy (the clinical entity of the Dept. of Exercise and Sport Sciences at the University of Utah) topics of training principles, nutrition, psychology of racing, injury avoidance, minimal impact practices while on trails, and how to recover quickly, will be discussed.

We will run classic routes along the Wasatch Range, some tough and technical, some smooth and cushy. A run into the sunset and darkness will also be held to help runners learn how to cover ground quickly during the nighttime hours.

Learn how to levitate on rocky trails and perform at you’re best all in 4 days! All accomodations and most meals are covered for this special Ultra Running camp. At the end we will enjoy a stellar dinner and social with the WasatchSpeedGoats Karl Meltzer and Scott Mason. Signups will begin early next year in February for the 30 lucky individuals.

Learn to run like a goat!!!!!



New York Marathoners hide headphones under hat !

OK, folks. The most classic line I just heard on the NBC Today show. The CEO of the USATF was just interviewed on live television saying he listens to music while running. I turned on the TV to see if the NYC Marathon was coming on and low and behold the “Karl Rule” was brought up. The race Director was more interested in people having fun running the “ultimate distance”, than policing people wearing headphones, we like the RD. The women interviewing the CEO of the USATF said, “lots of runners will be wearing hats so they can hide the earphones”. Perhaps she has encouraged people to just break the rules. We can go on and on about this. Classic how the USATF contradicts themselves, eh? Crank it up people!!!!!!!!! 10 scrapes for tunes!!!!!!!

Our thoughts reach out to Ryan Shay’s family and friends!

Wahsatch speed goat Headphone article from the NY TIMES

Meb Keflezighi

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Enjoying his tunes!

Trail Running and Headphones 29

This subject continues to be an issue with the USATF and certain race directors. I had a guy e-mail us questions about headphones and why won’t the Napa Valley Marathon let him run with headphones? The Napa Valley Marathon is sanctioned by the USATF and they do not allow headphones. In fact my team mate and long time running partner Karl Meltzer was 2006 USATF trail runner of the year and they would not post his picture because he had headphones on. What is the awnser? Run the headphone cord under your shirt and use a single earbud and run like the wind! Do not worry about a cougar, they will get you with or with out the head phones!

Leave a comment with your thoughts on headphones and trail running, na-ya?


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Javelina 100 and US 25 Hour Championships 1

Javelina 100 Record hangs tough!

A brutal fast pace early led by the rabbit himself, Eric Clifton, proved to be a little to swift as a 25 minute cushion deflated into a winning time 25 minutes slower than the Speedgoat record. Jorge Pacheco wins with a time of 15:49. AJW played his cards perfectly early and let Clifton and Pacheco duke it out as he slowly reeled in Jorge to even it up after 5 laps. Jorge then put the hammer down and ran away from AJW extending his lead to 45 minutes by the race’s end.
Connie Gardner used her superior experience to oust last year’s champion Michelle Barton by nearly 2 hours. It was a tight race till it got dark, Gardner then dissappeared into the halloween darkness and ran away with ease. Gardner runs 19 and change, a solid time, but nowhere near Stephanie Ehret’s, “I chicked everyone” performance of 17:40 in 2004.

US 24 hours championship throws down $26,500 in prize money………but there’s a catch. In order to win the $4000 first prize, the winner must run 153 miles. Second place takes $1000 home if he can run 146 miles. Way too tough for a speedgoat. The repetitive miles begin on November 16th in Texas…any takers contact the website and good luck! Wahsatchspeedgoat

Trail Gear Review – First Endurance 1

First Endurance keeps us all moving race after race with the help of Ultragen, the ultimate recover product. Not only do they make a killer recovery product we highly recommend the Multi Vitamin V90 specifically designed for the endurance athlete. These two products alone help us run race after race after race all season long, ask Karl Meltzer who won (5) 100 milers already this season, “keeps you fresh as a daisy!” If you want some serious extra boost for carrying oxyegyn to the muscles, take a look at the optygen, this has been a popular supplement for the Tour De France guys as well!

Speed Goat Trail Running Tip 1

Karl Meltzer and Scott Mason share another trail running tip on uphill running. This tip can help with those 100 milers with a ton of climbing! Three scrapes~
YouTube Preview Image

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Speed Goat Trail Runner of the Year 10

Speedgoat of the Year Voting

The year 2007 has been awesome so far! Lots of stellar perfomances to look at, and many fast guys to vote for, to win the ultimate trophy donated by Wynn Davis…the goat master. I am going to nominate somewhere between 6-8 male and female runners, list all there accomplishments and let everyone vote on it. No more panels of voters, and $20 fees to get on the list, just us and all the accomplishments, it should be an interesting vote to say the least. No one has run away with it yet, and lots of races left. Races go till the end of December so all performances will be recognized until December 31st. We will start the list of statistics on December 1st and welcome anything we miss. And we know we might miss some, so please let us know if we do. This is not only for trail runners, it is for ALL ultrarunners, road performances will count just as much as trail races do. Even though we hate the road. It’s only fair, and this is what we are seeking.

Goat Goat Goat Who will win the mighty goat skull ?

Karl and I have decided to offer our own version of Trail Runner of the year. Who decides, the readers of You goaties will be voting to see who gets the mighty Speed Goat Skull. Wynn Davis , Goat Davis makes the killer trophies for the Wasatchspeedgoat 50k and hopes to win his own trophy next July 26, 2008 at Snowbird.

Voting will start January 1, 2008 the same day the Wasatch Speed Goat Ultra opens for entry at Snowbird!

Winner gets a free entry to the WSG 50k and collects the skull at the WSG 50k awards!


Meltzer at San Diego 100 5

OK, well I guess we all predicted a little lower than I ran. 17:46 was well over an hour slower than the slowest prediction. What can I say, it was good enough to win it for now. The course was deceptively harder than we thought. The highest GPS reading we got was 12,700 in climbing. Extremely minimal compared to most ultra 100s. Lots of soft sand, with a cupped trail making it hard to really run fast. The fire roads were the most technical parts, the 90 degree temp made it a little slower, with a breeze decieving us with hydration. Sound like whining……no way, just another day at the office, and I ‘m sure glad to be home on the couch right now. I will say the record is somewhat soft and very much breakable by at least an hour. Something to possibly shoot for in the future. Thanks for all the predictions! It is super cool to sit here now and read all this.
Javelina is a pancake, if you don’t run every step, it feels like standing still. There is about 1200″ vert per loop. Some up and downs in the middly make up for it. BAAAHHHHHHH! Wahsatchspeedgoat

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San Diego 100 trail race 29

Meltzer heads to the San Diego 100, karl jumped in his car to drive 13 hours to run 16 hours. Now that is a Ultra, 26 hours of driving and 16 hours of running ! Take a look at Meltzers last performance at San Diego and predict his time, the winner gets a Wasatchspeedgoat 50k race shirt. Leave your guess in the comments and we will see who wins!

What will be my time goat man says?


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Moosejaw gives up coupon 1

Our friends at Moosejaw decided to pass on some saving to our readers, this coupon is good until October 31, 2007. Check out the monster selection of outdoor gear these guys offer. Use the word Moose at check out!
10% Off Coupon at! Save 10% on all regular priced items and 5% off all sale priced items. Use code MOOSE at checkout. Coupon Code: MOOSE


Moosejaw is offering 20% of Patagonia right now!

Trail Gear Review – Black Diamond head lamps 8

This one two combo can help you navigate through a blizzard at night ! Yea, thats what the Bear 100 handed out this year, full cloud cover and dark conditions. When the sun first set, I used the Spot to start the long night run which last 12 hours in late September. I went with the 3 LED setting all night long, when it got super dark and snowy I started up the Icon, this center LED sent a super defined spot in front of me while the Spot Headlamp lighted up the general area. Even during the 12 hour night leg I never had to change batteries, try that in a blizzard after 20 hours of running, not!
Black Diamond Spot Headlamp

Black Diamond Spot Headlamp

The two light combo allowed me to run all night with no pacers in the snow and clouds, I couldn’t see the pink ribbons and there where very few glow sticks, but I just followed Meltzers foot prints all night long! Thanks for leaving those scrape marks ! Wahsatchspeedgoat.

Black Diamond Icon Headlamp

Black Diamond Icon Headlamp

You can buy Black Diamond Headlamps right now  (use code below):

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Fall Ultras 9

San Diego, Javelina, and Mt. Masochist coming soon

San Diego 100 October 20th
Just when we thought the season was over, why not throw in another 100 miler?

Javelina 100 October 27th
Andy Jones-Wilkins will go for a speedgoat record at Javelina and try to hold off Pacheco and Clifton, or will Pacheco and Clifton try to hold off AJW? Eric and Jorge tend to go out fast, we’ll see what happens. Into the washing machine you go!

Mt. Masochist 50 Mile November 3rd
Lon Freeman and Sean Andrish look to be the ones to beat in Virginia, like Eric and Jorge, will they beat each other up early? Or will the smartest runner win? A few others in the field are Jonathan Basham, Mystery man Keith Knipling, and Montrail’s Paul Curran.

The women’s field looks the most impressive as most men WILL get chicked. Kristin Moehl, Annette Bednosky, Bethany Patterson, Deb Livingston fresh off her chopper ride to Italy, Regan Petrie and Sarah Johnston will make it a great women’s race!


Meltzer’s interview with Endurance Planet 16

He’s one of the most laid-back guys you’re likely to meet but don’t let his demeanor fool you. Ultramarathoner Karl Meltzer has run more than 80 ultras and WON more than 40 of them! Today on Endurance Planet we hear from the easy going trail champion.

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    Bear 100 – Storm Version 7

    While Karl was the sleeping the rest of us pushed through the night in the snow and rain. I thought the cow stampede at the start was going to be the highlight of the day, no way. During the first climb Kelly and I could hear massive cows mooing us on knowing I had a Spotted Cow Ale waiting at the finish line (donated by Wynn Davis from the Midwest). ~ no kidding. Soon after we ran through the controlled forest fire , there was fire and smoke everywhere while the sun was rising. The terrain was spectacular as we cruised all day through the fall colors near Bear Lake.

    As I was running between mile 60 – 67 I spotted a small black bear on the trail in front of me, I shined all my headlamps and grunted out some sort of noise to keep the bear moving away, nice shot of adrenaline for when you’re tired. We ran all day with the threat of a storm and high winds, the snow finally showed up in the middle of the night. I didn’t have a pacer, I never ran the course and I think glow stick guy was MIA? This made the night run slow at times searching for a piece of pink tape or a footprint. (all part of the fun!) I only got lost once during the blizzard !

    Once the snows hit and the sun started rising it was quit a scene out there ! It was great seeing all the fellow goats out on the trails, Gene, Tim Seminoff , Cory Johnson and Larry Hall who are both running multiple 100’s, Olga who was pushing hard all through the night. Hat’s off to Christian Johnson who had more comebacks then Areosmith to finish just in front of me. Great run Rocky Mountain Slammer Ken Jensen and good the see Mr. Crockett on Leland’s ledges and Phil Lowery who showed up for sea level for another great finish!
    Super congrats to our team mate Malida Copeland from the Wasatch Running Center, she took home first prize for the women !


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    Bear 100 21

    The Bear gets slayed!

    After three attempts at the Bear 100, I have finally raised the bar a little. It helps to go with fresh legs. Cool temps, a 30MPH tailwind…that’s right, a tailwind, and dry conditions left the record of Hal Koerner to get chomped up and thrown away. Negative splits didn’t hurt either, 19:35-19:15. I think the older I get the longer it takes me to get warmed up.

    It may be the last running of the Bear on this particular course as a new one is slated for next year. The Rogue Valley Runner may have to return next year to set a new mark as my plans are a mystery. Leland Barker put on a stellar performance running second in 20:54, Jared Campbell was solid as always about an hour behind and David Goggins finished his 9th 100 of the year with one to go

    On the Women’s side, WasatchsRunningCenter standout Milada Copeland defended her Bear title in just over 27 hours. It was a crazy race, When I finished it was 68 degrees, the last 12 hours of the race were run in a snowstorm, pays to be quick at this one!

    Scott Jurek repeats at Spartathlon

    Is he Ultrarunner of the year yet? Of course with a road win overseas, he is a shoe-in to win it. Doesn’t matter how many hundreds you win….all about performances of the year. I willl now rest as Scott takes on the loop da loop at acrosstheyears24hour and determines if he can get dizzy…go get it Scott! Is there 166 miles in you?


    Notes from the Goats 18

    Jurek has his hands full at Spartathlon!

    Can Scott repeat? Was it a good idea to bail at 42 miles at Mt. Blanc? We’ll find out soon as Valmir Nunez, Jens Lukas, Markus Thalman (all previous winners) to the line in Greece for the ultimate pavement pounder of 255KM. The list is super -deep and of course us goats don’t know all the mystery men. A long line-up of Korean and Japanese runners are also sure to be in the running. Also from the US, 24 hour record holder Mark Godale will show up as well as Jenn Shelton to push the women’s side, we’ll stay tuned for this one.

    Nate McDowell wins in Moab and breaks Mr. Torrence’s record by 33 minutes!

    Nate is back on track putting another solid performance down in Moab at his specialty distance of 50 tough miles. Not surprise to me, The Moab course is probably one of the most scenic courses on earth, it might be better to run it slower and enjoy it…yah right!

    Bear 100 starts Friday!

    One more 100 miler for me and I’m done for a while. Speedgoat will go for a 4th 100 mile win of 2007 in Leland Barker’s backyard, the Bear River Range. The colors are stellar this year as always. The field, larger than ever before should make it a great day in Idaho. Tune into to check it out.


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    Transrockies update 4

    Skaggs boyz will have to run backwards if anyone will catch them now!

    Kyle and Erik Skaggs have the race in the baggz with over a 45 minute lead at the 5-day trans rockies stage race. It is just another week of 120 miles as they will coast in for the win on the easy climb into Aspen, Colorado. I think they should have to run backwards until someone catches them to make it interesting. Kyle will be putting himself at the front of the Ultrarunner of the Year voting, unless of course Mr. Jurek wins Spartathlon on the roads. Scott is in Greece right now getting ready for his 255Km pavement pounder. We will have the link to that soon, I dont know the language in Greece. Wahsatchspeedgoat

    Kyle Skaggs

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