Monthly Archives: December 2006

Happy New Year !

To much egg nog, good time to start cranking out the miles and shed off the holiday layer of insulation! Have a safe New Year’s Eve and wake up tomorrow and begin the 2007 training and racing season. My first race is the Moab Red Hot 50k 2/17/07 and Meltzer is off to the H.U.R.T. […]

Fellow Trail Runner rescued in Moab

The stunning rescue of Danelle Ballengee Her body shattered by a 60-foot fall, stranded in a remote redrock canyon with virtually no hope for help, one of the world’s premier athletes stared at death for 52 hours, and defied it. Karl and I have run several Trail Races Danelle has competed in, she is always […]

Montrail at Moosejaw

Need a winter trail running shoe? Try the Continental Divide, is like cruising with studded snow tires on your feet ! This shoes fit’s like a ski boot and dance’s like a slipper ! Leave a shoe review in comments, and we will post your experience. Karl Meltzer & Scott Mason – Montrail/Nathan Ultrarunning Team


Speedgoat of the year ! 1

Speedgoat of the Year Voting. The two wasatch speedgoats are soon putting together a small “board of goats” panel to let the fans vote for Goat of the Year. Stay tuned in January to cast your vote. We will list 5 of the years best runners with all their stats and let you decide. We […]

Meltzer at H.U.R.T. 100 1

HOW TO TRAIN FOR A MUDDY RACE IN HAWAII? Live at the bottom of Little Cottonwood Canyon and run in the slippery snow. It kind of works the same way as running in the mud. The HURT 100 is only 25 days away. The race has filled for the first time in existence and has […]

The Montrail Vitesse 1

Any one who has run long trail races knows about the Montrail Vitesse. This shoe has been around almost as long as we been trail running. We used to run in Nike trail running shoes in the early 1990′s and nothing has compared to the smooth, soft ride of the Vitesse. Shortly after running in […]

Race Schedules

Race schedules soon to be posted! In the old days you would just sign up for a race. Ultrarunning has become so popular the last 10 years you have to enter lotteries to get in the top 100 milers like Hardrock, Western, Wasatch. This requires hundreds of dollars sent to several races to see where […]

Trailrunners 2

Scott Mason and Karl Meltzer look forward to meeting, running and chatting with trailrunners from all over the world. We will be posting race results, gear reviews, Utah’s run of the month, training tips, and much more! Stay tuned for all the new developements of our new ultra trailrunning blog !